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6 years ago

I know we all had a time where we could not make a good storygame. I'm in that stage and after creating my first storygame,  A day at your Vacation, (And I know it's bad) I don't know how to actually make a good storygame. Can anybody help me?


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6 years ago


Get this shite out of the Lounge. 

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6 years ago

Before talking about anything storygame-related, let us go over something first. This type of thread belongs in the "Newbie Central" forum. Not here.

Creating a storygame isn't as hard as it seems. Its basically like writing a regular story, except, of course, it is interactive.

Before Writing:

-Read good examples of storygames here

-Understand how to make a storygame

-Have experience with writing (preferable)

During Writing:

-Enrich writing


-Ask for help if you need it

After writing:

-Accept help

-Accept critique 

-Accept your failure or success. Always try again.

For more information, check out the "Help & Info" section on sidebar.

Welcome to and have a nice day.

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6 years ago

This should be in newbie central.

@madglee @berkazerka

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6 years ago

I thought writing workshop might be a more fitting place. Thanks for the heads up, guys.

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6 years ago

Looks like Fazz beat me to it. Take his advice.

In addition, read as much as you can, both storygames and books. When reading storygames, see what appeals to you, whether it's the multi-branch path, the interactivity, the inventory system, etc. Find out what makes a good storygame to you and what you want to make and learn how. Reading is also good while developing your writing skills, which also is something you should do to make a good storygame, mostly if you're writing a story-based storygame.