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The Wormtongue Journals: Book Two - Faustian Dawn

19 years ago
You asked for it, the fans have been heard! Starting on 22MAR03, I am working on the sequal and final damnation of Dr. Richtor Kain's quest for the secret of K.D. Positive and also the secret of Wormtongue. It's going to be longer than the first, and it will have more art. I will possibally send in my occult art for the game. I will also add a personal ritual to the game, making it more interesting and unique... :) Just so you will all know, I got the Ritual on the Book One from the "Satanic Bible" by Doctor Anton LaVey.

I hope you will be speachless with anticipation:

Jeremy Harden
CEO and Founder of AdvcomIF

"Take a tip from Dracula, shun the light, live by night and listen to beautiful music..."

Doctor Anton LaVey

re:The Wormtongue Journals: Book Two - Faustian Da

19 years ago
Very excited to hear about the new game! Hope for the best. YOu may want to consider just adding onto your old game and making it one long game, but of course the option is open to you. (if it is one long game, it will probably stay on the top 5 a bit longer - since the whole game exists independently). Ahh but i eagerly await the second book no matter what you decide.
(if you make it one big game, convert the game to an advanced game and you can start book two on a new chapter. If you have difficulties understanding the advanced editor (which i think is easier than the easy editor) let me know by email and i'll work you through your problems. Just a suggestion of course)
thank you sooo much for sticking around