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Games I'm working on

7 months ago
(This is more for my own purposes, but any thoughts and questions are welcome.)

1) Neon Rose
I'm still adding to my notes on it, but this was my first concept for a game here and it may be too large and complex . Set aside for now in favor of smaller projects.

2) Post-Invasion Blues.
Aliens came, they toppled the old power structures and hunt amid the city's ruins. Life's about the same as it always was for you.

3) Making of a Hero
An Adrift game where you are the mysterious benefactor of a child from an orphanage. Make decisions about their upbringing, fund their training and starting equipment, and get reports back every year as to how they're doing out there.

4) Galaxy of Torment: Lovebytes
This is a small game set in a larger universe. I'm not sure yet if I'll make it for Adrift or for CYS. What I'd like to do is release a big CYS game with links to the Adrift companion pieces available at certain endings, but I don't want to plan for anything too elaborate yet.

In this setting, the remnants of humanity are in hiding among the stars, hounded by seven AIs themed after the seven deadly sins. This game will be about Lust, and in might do another small one about Wrath, just because well these seem like the most fun.

The big game is still in the early planning stages. When I do anything with this setting, the AI are always an established threat in the background, and not something I usually have characters deal with directly, if that makes any sense. So I have to think about how to handle that and resolve everything.

I'll update this thread as progress or setbacks occur.

Games I'm working on

7 months ago
As a bonus, here's the first page of my Cyberpunk game:

Click! The hinged lid of the pod snaps shut overhead, leaving you in darkness for a moment as the computer whirrs to life.

"Good morning, Jonas. You are now accessing the Wright Investigative Technologies employee network," Patti's pleasant voice intoned,"Where we use our WITS to always do things the Wright way!"

You mumble an affirmative, settling into the cushioned interior and using the wireless connection to your Thoughtwave(tm) brain chip to pull up the day's new files.

"By the way," the AI adds, "My data indicates that today is your 28th birthday and your ten year anniversary with us, Jonas! That's ten years of doing things the Wright way!"

A cheesy burst of trumpeting music plays, and there are explosions of fireworks and confetti in your mind's eye along with a notification that a voucher for a free cup of coffee and cinnamon bun at a popular cafe chain has been added to your account.

"Ten years huh? Well thanks Patti, here's to another ten more," you say. The truth is you can't even imagine doing anything else. Your mother signed you up with Wright to pay for your upbringing before you even left the cradle, and after studying at a Wright owned school you were implanted with your Thoughtwave(tm) brain chip and began to train in the test environment at 16, finally taking on full employment at 18.

You know you've been very fortunate. Not everyone has their life comfortably set up for them this way. Or so you've been told's not like you really interact with many people outside the company or even leave the compound often.

Maybe you will this evening though, to get that free cinnamon bun. It's your birthday after all, why not live a little?

But first, there's work to do. You access the first file.

In short order you've handled cases for ten, twenty, and then thirty-five clients. You always get the simple ones out of the way first, the ones that are mostly just standard background checks. While Wright can do many sorts of investigations, the company specializes in clearing domestic help, sex workers, and other potential employees for the well-off.

The next file is an interesting one. Emmie Thorne. In a moment you're staring at the girl's attractive face: red lips, green eyes, short, chocolate brown hair. Panning the image downward, your eyes follow the flowering rose vine tattooed on her neck as it slips down into her cleavage.

Miss Thorne is officially applying as a low level secretary, but at a glance it's clear her past is little...salacious.

1) Standard background check
2) DEEP and THOROUGH check

Games I'm working on

7 months ago
This is a great start. I think it's the first real example of your writing I've read, not counting the mass shooter manifesto.

I hope you're able to finish this someday, but I believe me I understand that projects sometimes can just get away from a person.

The other ideas are all intriguing too, it's nice that Adrift caught your attention that much.

Whether something is a good storygame or not pretty much just comes down to execution, and as far as writing goes you'll obviously do fine.

Games I'm working on

7 months ago
Please have more respect for women... treating them as just as great a potential security that as a man. DEEP search, leave nothing uncovered!

Games I'm working on

6 months ago
To join or not to join, the struggle...

I won't have any serious time to work on this until the last week of June which is the main thing holding me back. And I had JUST decided to put this away and start figuring out how to get my grimdark sci fi setting into storygame form...