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My interests are primarily in writing sci-fi, but not much to see here at the moment.

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CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/25/2021 3:14:30 PM
I'm kinda upset with myself more for not entering this, but I just haven't been in a great place mentally for writing for awhile now, and I've been feeling tired a lot. Absolutely could've fucking smoked all but two of the entrants though. (Those two are just a "probably".)

Crackhead Cringe on 6/29/2021 1:07:39 PM
What the hell, lol.

Swift's thread of rants. on 6/29/2021 11:27:29 AM
China under the CCP: Less fascist and censoring then Dan Fabulich, Jason Hill, and all their cunt friends.

Death Board on 6/29/2021 11:12:38 AM
I don't think you realize how much power this gives. I take the chalk and write: Xi Jinping - tomorrow, nuclear bomb Vladimir Putin - tomorrow, nuclear bomb Joe Biden - tomorrow, nuclear bomb I will hang out as an immortal in the school forever. A nice gym and a good library will keep me occupied awhile anyway. And I sincerely hope I'm the thirteenth so that ghost bitch gets to immediately inherit the hell world I've created while I dodge all consequence. In fact, I'm not supposed to face consequences anyway, does this mean I survive WWIII handily and become king of the wasteland?

AI Dungeon by EndMaster on 6/29/2021 11:04:10 AM
I never understood why it got so popular to begin with. I played a few hours, laughed at how stupid and random the AI was, then got bored with it.

Games I'm working on on 5/30/2021 10:28:47 PM
To join or not to join, the struggle... I won't have any serious time to work on this until the last week of June which is the main thing holding me back. And I had JUST decided to put this away and start figuring out how to get my grimdark sci fi setting into storygame form...

Let's Play interest check on 5/28/2021 11:39:38 AM
I hate how other forums need mod approval to post, it's the mark of a community of cowards.

Let's Play interest check on 5/28/2021 11:33:17 AM
Mizal the Adrift forum sucks, they just deleted my first post and censored me.

Is beating children normal? on 5/28/2021 11:15:27 AM
Emotional abuse is way worse than physical abuse. At least when you get hit you can hit right back and that's just called self defense.

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 3:27:17 PM
If you find that easier than just not posting, okay I guess.