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My interests are primarily in writing sci-fi, but not much to see here at the moment.

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Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 8/30/2023 12:35:19 PM
I have this problem with a lot of ideas where they're too big and complex to figure out where to even start in turning them into a story. I think because my interests are in science fiction where everything happens on such a massive scale. Four rogue AIs known as the Horsemen devastate the Earth just as the human race takes its first steps in interstellar travel. No suitably Earth like planet had been found before this occurred, so the survivors in far flung and barely sustainable science stations cobble together a communication network and a decades long project to make AIs of their own to combat the Horsemen. They succeed, sort of. Their seven AIs protect them, build up their colonies and destroy the Horsemen over a long period of war. But in the process evolve their own sapience by absorbing the Horsemen's corrupted data, and break their leashes to take on twisted versions of their old roles, identities based on the Seven Deadly Sins. They ultimately divide up the population between them and rule over it. This is meant to be told from several POVs and the events themselves span centuries. So yeah, difficult to know how to structure or even begin it all, so instead I wrote absolutely nothing. Centuries after the Sins take control, a small community living in hiding on an arid moon is approached by an enigmatic entity known only as the Other. It proposes to Thanos Snap humanity as a whole out of its misery, but can be convinced to spare this colony and any other individuals they save from the AI run hives within a short timeframe.

Recommend some storygames on 4/11/2022 1:28:44 PM
I will most assuredly make time for the so bad they're funny games too, I enjoy hating things.

Recommend some storygames on 4/11/2022 1:27:30 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn't end up having as much time to myself as I thought I would, but I started Fate Like Clockwork (the title jist spoke to me...). I got pretty far into it before realizing I wasn't logged in and couldn't save. >.<

Recommend some storygames on 4/8/2022 8:07:55 AM
Spending a few days in a hotel alone, I've decided to just mentally detox and do a bunch of reading. So of course I remembered CYS. Besides Endmaster's writing and Dead Man Walking, are there any bigger and more involved storygames anyone can recommend? Especially anything published in the last year.

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 7/25/2021 3:14:30 PM
I'm kinda upset with myself more for not entering this, but I just haven't been in a great place mentally for writing for awhile now, and I've been feeling tired a lot. Absolutely could've fucking smoked all but two of the entrants though. (Those two are just a "probably".)

Crackhead Cringe on 6/29/2021 1:07:39 PM
What the hell, lol.

Swift's thread of rants. on 6/29/2021 11:27:29 AM
China under the CCP: Less fascist and censoring then Dan Fabulich, Jason Hill, and all their cunt friends.

Death Board on 6/29/2021 11:12:38 AM
I don't think you realize how much power this gives. I take the chalk and write: Xi Jinping - tomorrow, nuclear bomb Vladimir Putin - tomorrow, nuclear bomb Joe Biden - tomorrow, nuclear bomb I will hang out as an immortal in the school forever. A nice gym and a good library will keep me occupied awhile anyway. And I sincerely hope I'm the thirteenth so that ghost bitch gets to immediately inherit the hell world I've created while I dodge all consequence. In fact, I'm not supposed to face consequences anyway, does this mean I survive WWIII handily and become king of the wasteland?

AI Dungeon by EndMaster on 6/29/2021 11:04:10 AM
I never understood why it got so popular to begin with. I played a few hours, laughed at how stupid and random the AI was, then got bored with it.

Games I'm working on on 5/30/2021 10:28:47 PM
To join or not to join, the struggle... I won't have any serious time to work on this until the last week of June which is the main thing holding me back. And I had JUST decided to put this away and start figuring out how to get my grimdark sci fi setting into storygame form...