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Should CYS become a business? on 12/25/2022 4:54:08 PM
I really think the only sane CoGites are ex CoGites lol. Jason takes everybody's money and then pulls his pants down in public and shits in their mouths, it's honestly hilarious how many of them hate him but at the same time just can't get enough.

Should CYS become a business? on 12/25/2022 4:47:27 PM
I know I'm pretty firmly in the "useless lurker" part of the population, but I do wander in pretty frequently precisely because I love the community here and the sense of fun that comes from finding something completely strange and unexpected in the new stories or the random search. For whatever my opinion is worth though I will say that all the "proven" publishing options out there suck, and with plenty of examples of what the monetization mindset hive mind does to creativity and that "sense of fun", I think people here are right to fear it. But alexp (who I confess I never even knew existed until now, but it makes sense that someone has been paying the bills) does seem to be listening to the community and I'm convinced that if any community can find a new way to do it without losing its soul, it's CYS. I think there's a reason writing for money or even the possibility of it turns people WEIRD though, and that's because it attracts a certain "type" of person. Speaking as someone who makes a buck and a half above minimum wage in the fast food industry, if I needed more money I wouldn't do something as inefficient a try to sell my writing on CoG or anywhere else, I'd just pick up more shifts. That would still pay me more in less time than publishing IF online (both in the short and long term) leaving me free to write for fun or do anything else I want. Right now I mostly work on a world building project and frequently run games in the setting for my friends. It takes up as much time as a full time job. No one could ever fairly compensate me for the time I've put in over the last three years, and doing it as a "job" would ruin it for me. But the "write for money" field is HEAVILY dominated by stay at home moms with elaborate sex fantasies as mizal pointed out, or else people who are too mentally ill to function in a normal society, the way CoG is with all its anxious and angry and suicidal r/antiwork types. I honestly don't know whether normal people who are curious whether they can make a few bucks on the side can ever hold the steering wheel of a business when in competition with so many desperate lunatics who have endless free time and don't mind being so poorly compensated for it. (Or are too stupid to do basic math to realize that that's the situation.)

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 3:11:26 PM
How thrice-blest Our lot, that, in this space of human life. Our ears have heard the Holy Law proclaimed. He that has seen the Light, no darkness dwells Within his soul. Who shall describe the peace Of that pure land where this true Light doth dwell And the clouds, I just noticed One of them looks like a duck, hahaa holy shit That's amazing. --some Japanese monk

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 12:13:18 PM
I feel...twice as smart?

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 12:12:47 PM
I feel so much smarter after reading this.

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 12:11:51 PM
I feel so much smarter after reading this.

My Favs and My Saves on 11/19/2022 12:03:56 PM
This is probably too elaborate when there's bugs to fix, but I have always wished it was possible for users to store a favorites list that others could view from their profile. Maybe even a statistic on the storygame pages showing how many people have favorited them? Not a necessary thing but just a nice extra detail that authors might appreciate. Which led me to think that the number of people who are in the process of playing a game and interested enough to have created a save even if they hadn't rated it yet would also be an interesting stat to track. And as a related there some reason game saves have to be accessed from a completely separate page and not from the game itself? We can't get a Load button somewhere, either on the display page or within the game itself?

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 11:11:41 AM
That seems really elaborate, I was thinking they were probably just autistic.

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 9:39:44 AM
Other statistics: Helpful Connoisseur wrote over 3500 words in here. Flux wrote nearly 5000. Petros walked the middle ground with roughly 2500. The other big posters were hetero malk and Sentinel Penguin, but I prefer not to pry too deeply into the mysteries of the mods. But it's clear that Fluxion was the biggest faggot, and Helpful the biggest fool. And I also want to mention that while I did not read most of the posts, while scrolling I came across Fluxion saying that people who did not want to engage with this garbage thread were living a "bovine existence". He's so cool, and smart.

Reddit Bro Fellatio Hole on 11/19/2022 9:32:50 AM
I really don't see how God can be "evil", I am pretty sure if a being that powerful REALLY had it out for humanity, we would know about it. Instead it's more like God benevolently created a beautiful and lush world for all his creations to enjoy, and then humans ate the fruit, started clearcutting forests and building urban eyesores and throwing plastic in the ocean and whining about him on the internet. I'd be drowning those uppity little fucks too. I know my two cents will just become molten globs of copper on this sewage plant fire, but here's a few statistics anyway that I was made curious enough to look up just now: There are 2.5 billion Christians 2 billion Muslims Over a billion Hindus Half a billion Buddhists 125 million Mormons And a much smaller but still significant number of Jews and Taoists, and countless other minor religions. (I was getting very contradictory numbers on Taoists, and I was surprised there were so few practicers of Judaism. But then it seems they do not deliberately spread their religion, and obviously a whole lot of them got wiped out not too long ago. But funnily, their stance is that the God of Abraham is perfectly cool with non Jews as long as they don't make edgy posts against him and follow a few basic rules you'd find in any civilized society.) But the thing all these faiths have in common is the notion that humanity needs to reconnect with the source of creation. The biggest obvious difference is that Abraham religions appeal to the lazy: the idea that God cares about you personally and is seeking you out to help you do this so you don't have to forsake the world and meditate on a mountain top for 80 years to find him. All this against, half a billion athiests? It seems like the natural human behavior is to believe in the divine in some form or another.