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It's time to launch myself into greatness here.

Step 1: get myself on the Sage's leaderboard.

Step 2: Get out of the SHAME PIT

Step 3: Write or something????


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Soulless on 3/13/2024 7:44:36 PM
How's it coming? Looking forward to another Endmasterpiece.

Racing game??? on 3/13/2024 7:26:26 PM
I joined this site to make a game about raising and racing alien lizards. Didn't get too far with it but maybe someday. The system I had in mind was a series of randomly arranged challenges across three regions, with each of them adding a certain amount to a time variable depending on your choices. Opponents would have a final score randomly chosen within a range based on a few things, and of course the winner would be the one with the lowest score. I really should get back to the idea because the way I envisioned it would be replayable even to me with no sure outcomes.

Reading Eternal unironically made me depressed on 1/9/2024 8:22:10 PM
The Eternal didn't "fall into" anything the way you make it sound my guy, he endured brutal non stop training and brainwashing from birth for the purpose of making him a tool for others. You should read more yes, but also take a shower and go to the gym and try making eye contact with another human being at least once a week. Jesus.

Any storybooks here with stats on 12/17/2023 2:35:18 PM
You might like the Terra Proxima games. They don't have stats exactly but the one I played so far was designed like an old (printed) gamebook with skills, hp, luck, and ammo that the player tracked by hand. It was short but would take some time to win if you were playing honestly, and the retro concept was an interesting one. I wouldn't mind seeing more like it.

Ryder being a pretentious retarded faggot again on 11/23/2023 2:10:15 PM
I think there's some good lessons on character crafting to be found here. The OP, without using a lot of words, has managed to present himself as a truely funny but also deeply unlikeable and disturbing individual who is unable to restrain his mental illness, it spills out from behind the cracks of every sentence like a swarm of baby spiders from his mother's privates. Much like a demon possessed cleaver wielding clown, were he to approach my family in the flesh I would not hesitate a moment to protect them with lethal force. 8/8 for characters, 2/8 for plot. I give the guy a 4 overall.

Giant All Purpose IF Review Thread on 11/23/2023 2:02:26 PM
I looked this up and the UI and art style is pretty nice. Something about the title itself irritates me though, it's truly too hard to be poppy and modern which is at odds with a text based game about a centuries old legend with nice muted water color art. I'm not saying something generic like "Legends of Sherwood" would've been a great thing, but at least people would know what the game was about.

Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 11/23/2023 1:59:01 PM
We are attending a shrimp boil with my uncle's family. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the Thanksgiving sides anyway, and we get all those at Christmas when we journey to my grandma's house. Twice a year is just too much.

The Damned and the SHAMED on 11/8/2023 7:40:35 PM
I surrender. I've identified a real problem with getting excited about story ideas and then not following through past the first chunk or two of writing I do on them. I like to think I'll still finish this one since I was proud of the mystery I came up with and the way of discovering it, but it won't be for the contest.

THUNDERDOME on 10/28/2023 1:32:38 PM
Fair, I think I'd rather duel WizzyCat or Darkspawn for a real challenge anyway.

The Damned and the SHAMED on 10/28/2023 1:30:06 PM