The Ranking System

by madglee

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Now that you know what EXP points are and how you earn them, let me explain the ranking system. assigns "ranks" based on a user's EXP points. Here is a simple chart to show you every rank that you can earn and the points each requires:



Guest   0 Points
Reader   50 Points
Contributor   100 Points
Wordsmith   200 Points
Dramatist   500 Points
Novelist   1000 Points
Apprentice Scrivener   1500 Points
Journeyman Scrivener   2000 Points
Expert Scrivener   2500 Points
Master Scrivener   3000 Points
Grandmaster of the Written Word   4000 Points

As you accumulate EXP points, you will gain ranks. These titles are not just for bragging rights (not to say they can't be used for that!), but also help to distinguish members and their contributions to the community. In general, the more significant your contribution, the higher your rank!

All right, fine.  They are just for bragging rights.

Now, a word about each rank and how the hierarchy was devised.

Guest: Someone who comes onto the site and doesn't register. By not registering, you are not contributing, and can't gain ranks!  If you are a guest, we are shaking our head at you and preparing to cringe at what you post.  Prove us incorrect.

Reader: Someone who has registered and has made some minor contributions, like reading and commenting on a few stories. Creating a game will more quickly move you towards the next rank.

Contributor: Someone who plays an active role in the community.

Wordsmith: A wordsmith is more than a contributor. This rank indicates the person has a "way with words," and has probably created one or more stories, commented on others' work, and/or made some accepted suggestions for the site.

Dramatist: Past having a "way with words," this person understands how to expertly incorporate plot, characters, grammar, punctuation and syntax into their story.

Novelist: Probably could write a novel. Indicative of the significant patience involved in writing stories and contributing.

The Scriveners: The profession of Scrivener, or Scribe, originated in Egypt and was highly respected for many centuries. Scribes were educated and could read and write! At high levels, they were even allowed to write on papyrus instead of the clay pots and tablets used by the novices. The levels of Scrivener are broken down as in all ancient guilds: apprentice, journeyman, expert, and finally master. Any member with one of these titles has immensely contributed to

Grandmaster of the Written Word: Often sought after, this rank is the highest of them all. A grandmaster is recognized, in every calling of life, be it monk or writer, as having achieved the highest level possible in their respective art.

Hopefully, you now understand the ranking system. I look forward to seeing all of you on the site creating, reading, and commenting!

A caveat: Currently, if you spend enough points, you can drop a rank. Remember this if you duel a lot. While you could ostensibly gain ranks in this way, you could also lose them! Because of these facts, it is possible a person could have a rank not indicative of their contribution to the community.