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I enjoy writing about Scotland and history in general, although my characters and settings are often of my own design. 

Sorry for taking years to finally get on track with my 3rd work :)


Culloden Moor

This is a serious story about Culloden Moor, April 16, 1746. Look it up. You are Carhart MacLean X and you lead a small force of about forty or more men. The MacLeans ended up unlucky enough to take a big beating. You are, of course, on Scotland's side against the English.

Haggis Dinner

You are Allen Fraser and it is 1732. You enemies Clan MacDonald has invited you and your tacksmen to a big feast. They offer peace, or that is what they say. There will be haggis, beef, mutton, scotch, whiskey, wine, and vegetables. It is a trap, it must be. You must do all you can to keep your men alive.


Some terms you might need:

Piper- Bagpiper

Ghillie- Scottish servant

Seanachaidh- Story teller, bard, chronicler

Lochaber axe -A kind of halberd

The Devil Wears Plaid

You are an English soldier serving in the Highlands. You are stationed in a small wooden fort in Morvern on the west coast of Scotland. You are continually clashing with the MacLeans who serve Prince Charlie, who has landed recently to restore the Stewart family to the throne. War is but a game, moves and counter moves, can you win the game?