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My hope is that these eventually become obsolete.

CYSCE (CYS Chrome Extension)

CYSFFE (CYS Firefox Extension)

CYSFiddle (page script testing environment)

CYSugar (syntactic sugar for CYS Script)

But, uh, totally go ahead and use them in the meantime.

art by Arkenrall

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De Milite Inprudenti

Do you know what happens to knights who dare oppose me? They’re soundly beaten, torn to shreds, reduced to mere ashes, utterly and completely obliterated. No one can defeat the great and mighty (and—dare I say—quite handsome) Knarr'ator. I’m the best, most awesomest dragon there ever is, was, and will be. And yet here you stand, just a character in my story, challenging me like the fool you are. If you think you stand a chance against me, you’ve got another think coming.

But by all means, go ahead and try.

Slaying Song

It seems you’ve found yourself within
The troublesome affair
Of trekking through the timberland
To slay the dragon there.

They claim it a ferocious fiend;
However will you fare?

My entry for the December 2016 Ballad Contest.

Illustration: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen by Ludwig Richter

___ ______ ____!

___ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ _______. _____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _____ ____ _ ____ _________ ____ ___ _____. _ ____ ______ ____ _ ___ __ _______, ___ ___'_ ___ ___ ___ ____ __ ___ ______ ______ _____! ___ __? _____? __, _____ ____.. _____ ____, ____ ____ ___ ____!



They're shy.

De Labyrintho Draconis

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, iudico mucius praesent eu vim. Cu has indoctum maiestatis referrentur. Vix eu omnes explicari, unum tacimates has et. Mei cu recteque hendrerit, an esse voluptua nam.

Te per impedit percipit consetetur, mel cu quaeque convenire. Liber utinam probatus cu eam. Id vulputate voluptatum sed. Mentitum adipisci postulant no mel. Esse omnis quaestio et eos.

Vides meam barbam, et amas eam!

Image by Acrid.

Dragon; Hide

Ngozi ya Joka?

Joka lijifichea?

Joka! Sisi jificheni!?

This is doubtlessly terrible Kiswahili.

I Wanna be a Musky Fusky
No, I wanna be a musky fusky!


Dvořák? Check.

Dragon? ...Check.

Kobold? Chick.

> >

Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test

Recent Posts

another draw thread by a non artist on 11/9/2022 4:54:17 PM

Obligatory sona request

Change Default Font Size Depending On Variable on 10/8/2022 4:46:40 PM

Yeah, it all boils down to that not quite being the way variables are interpolated. All you need to do is split the string there and splice the variable in. Just change that line to:

font-size: " + %FONT + ";

Centering an image? on 8/21/2022 8:36:47 PM

Speaking purely in terms of the CSS background property…

If you want your background not to repeat, add "no-repeat".

If you want your background be positioned in the center, add "center center".

If you want your background to scale to fit the available area, add "/ contain"; if you want it to scale to fill the area, add "/ cover". (If you're setting a scale, you have to include a position, followed by a slash, followed by the scale.)


Centered only
Scaled to fit
Scaled to fill

O'wl draw you! on 11/28/2021 6:04:14 PM

My sona, to the surprise of no one. (Furred time's the charm?)

Advanced Name and Variable on 8/28/2021 12:29:51 AM

Yes, script tags do not need to be in the document head to work. In fact, it's pretty common to put scripts in the bottom of the body to improve the page load time. You just need to be sure that the script isn't being referenced by anything before it's loaded in.

Advanced Name and Variable on 8/27/2021 11:23:16 PM

With custom names, each letter is stored in its own variable, so for each name you're testing for you'll have to make a long conditional. For "Bob", for instance, the code would look like this:

IF %N0 = 66 AND %N1 = 111 AND %N2 = 98 AND %N3 = 0 THEN %TNAME := 2

Each letter is represented as a number (its UTF-16 codepoint), and this is case sensitive. That fourth check (%N3 = 0) is to make sure it's exactly "Bob" and doesn't just start with "Bob". You can use this CodePen to generate the conditionals quickly.

style="width: 100%;" scrolling="no" title="Name Conditional Generator" src="" loading="lazy" allowtransparency="true" allowfullscreen="true" height="320" frameborder="no"> See the Pen Name Conditional Generator by Brad in Dvorak (@BradinDvorak) on CodePen.

Wizzy is dead on 7/15/2021 1:37:20 AM

I will ask, but don't worry. I'll make sure to wait a bit this time before ruining it for everyone.

another drawing requests thread on 6/16/2021 9:12:25 AM

Oh, maybe this totally random bird thing guy I found on the internet and definitely have never seen before now?

Darius' drawing board. YOU SAY I DRAW on 6/5/2021 8:53:52 AM

My sona

AI Dungeon by EndMaster on 6/5/2021 8:53:19 AM

I can think of a couple reasons why this would be.

Censorship. Especially now that OpenAI is monetizing GPT-3, they want to make sure it's not producing content that reflects badly on them. They also want to prevent people who don't have access to their APIs from using GPT-3-powered apps to gain indirect access. Ultimately, they trained GPTs on a big chunk of raw internet, so unchecked, yeah, they're going to get some less-than-desireable content. Whatever method they use to weed that stuff out, it's another layer that can end up diluting the output.

Limits. GPT-2 works within a limit of 1,024 "tokens" (sort of equates to words) maximum for both input and output. (And it's possible the servers are limiting that further to save on costs.) The more it has to remember, the less it can output and vice versa, and the longer a session goes on, the less consistent it becomes. Addition of stats could be overloading it as well; if the network has been retrained to keep more stats in mind, that's more for it work with, thus making things harder to make sense of.

Generation settings. It can be a balancing act to get the settings just right. For instance, increasing "temperature" increases randomness, which makes the output less repetetive, but it also increases the chance of producing nonsense. If responses have been getting weirder, maybe the temperature has been increased.