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B-day: Feb. 26

Gender: Girl


Zodiac: Pisces

Clan: RiverClan

Own Clan: SeaClan

Instrument: Bassoon/Piano


Mission Mindless

Top Secret File:

Warning - For your eyes only.

Welcome Agent. 
You are among a special elite group of secret agents here at the Secret 
Society of the States. You have been specially chosen for a dangerous 
mission. (Mainly because no one else was fit for it or stayed as far as
they could from this mission.) There are 14 ways this mission is predicted 
to end. You will make choices along the way that may lead you to sucess or 
doom. Be careful what you choose and click on the blue links to seal your 
fate based off the choices you want to make. Remember the ultimate goal, 
and be careful who you trust. This isn't like any other mission. 
Good luck Agent.

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