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"I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hey I'm Gryphon!  The keenly observant among you will by now have realized that this is my profile page.

Some of my favorite works of fiction are:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Dirk Gently books, The Lord of the Rings and especially The Hobbit, The Martian and Hail Mary, Star Trek/90s sci-fi in general but especially Deep Space Nine, Monty Python, and many of Brandon Sanderson's works.

In addition to writing and reading interactive storygames, I also enjoy writing fiction, hiking and camping in the woods, composing music, and I have an interest in the sciences.


Works by me:

Secrets of the Crag:  A traditional open-map dungeon crawl adventure.

Diplomat:  A cave-of-time story surrounding humanity's entrance into the galaxy.

Ruins of Anzar:  An item-based puzzle game surrounding the ruins of an ancient city.

Capture the Flag:  A cave-of-time story about a middle school capture the flag game.

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Winner of the 2021 Culture Clash Contest! Having 3 Storygame(s) Featured Given by BerkaZerka on 03/20/2022 - Great Contributions Given by EndMaster on 03/13/2022 - For your all your contributions to the site Given by mizal on 03/15/2022 - For being a reviewing MACHINE putting everyone else to shame. And the storygames are nice too!


Capture the Flag

=For End Master's Manifest Destiny contest=

When Alexsis starts trying to steal your favorite seat in the school cafeteria, things get serious.  The pair of you decide to resolve this dispute in combat:  a game of capture the flag.  Can you beat your nemesis in a game of capture the flag, and reclaim what is rightfully yours?

This story is a short cave-of-time style game with seven possible victory endings.  Happy flag-hunting!

Featured Story Diplomat

As humanity begins to leave their corner of the galaxy for the first time, they encounter previously uncontacted alien races.  As one of earth's leading diplomats, you will play a key role in shaping the future of your species in this unfamiliar world.

A mostly cave-of-time style story with limited rebranching in a few places, and five victory endings.


Winner of End Master's Culture Clash Contest

Featured Story Ruins of Anzar

When a thunderbird attacks you while you search for the missing Professor Keirz, you crash-land on a plateau near the legendary ruins of a ruined Anzaran city.  You must make use of the resources around you to repair your damaged flyer, find your missing friend, and unlock the secrets of the ancient Anzaran temple.

An open-map item-based puzzle game with one good victory ending, and one great victory ending.  Good luck exploring the ancient Anzaran plateau!

For End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest

Featured Story Secrets of the Crag


Discover the dungeon's secrets, fight deadly monsters, learn magical spells, and more in this traditional dungeon crawl adventure!  Can you survive the dangers of the legendary Crag?


An open-map dungeon exploration game using player stats and items, with eleven victory epilogues, as indicated by the first two digits of your score.

Thanks to Nightwatch for the fantastic cover art!

Articles Written

A Guide to Character Creation for Storygames
A general guide to character creation, and tips tailored specifically for characterization in an interactive format.

Coding Item-Based Battle Sequences
Use this system to code flexible battle sequences using items, link options, and player stats.

Creating an Equipping System
How to create a system that will keep track of which item a player has equipped into a specific slot, such as having a "sword" in a "weapon" slot.

Recent Posts

Hi im new on 5/24/2022 6:48:31 PM

Welcome (back) to the site!  The trick to staying motivated to write is going to different for each individual person, but here's some things I do that might work for you.  EDIT:  Uh, sorry, this got kind of long, probably more info than you were asking for.

1) Pick a topic that genuinely excites you.  Pick a story where you're excited about each and every character, even the minor ones, and where you're invested in each scene and plotline, even the slow-moving or background bits.  It can be tough to work a coherent idea together in this way, but it usually pays off since you never feel like you're just dragging yourself through boring scenes to get it completed.

2) Start with small projects.  After abandoning my 15th 5-book fantasy epic project, I finally realized I was going to have to make realistic goals.  Start off with a project you think of as short, or even unambitious.  Then, focus on seeing it through to completion.  Once you know you can see a project through to it's end, you'll be more skilled when tackling larger ones.

3) Make an outline.  Some people prefer to write by the seat of their pants, and doing so is great when you're hit with the inspiration to do so.  I found that it led to a lot of abandoned projects however, as once I exhauseted the initial premise idea I had no idea where to go.  Knowing the start, middle, and ending of your story can help you write at times when you're not feeling inspired.

4) Track your progress.  I find that keeping track of how many words I write each day keeps me motivated.  Setting a baseline minimum of writing-per-day can also help.  1 sentence a day is a good low-commitment goal for times when you're busy.  500-1000 words is a good medium productivity minimum.  2000 a day is fairly high for a minimum amount.

5) Join a contest.  External drive can be a great way to motivate yourself to finish something, especially if it's a project you're afraid of losing interest in.  This is a bit risky though, so only do it if you know you're good with deadlines.  

Drawings From Night on 5/20/2022 10:32:53 AM

Damn, that looks amazing!  Fantastic, thanks a ton for doing this!  I'll see if I can upload it.

EDIT:  Do you know if there's a way to get it onto the title page without compressing too much?  I tried uploading it to the site pictures, but even after using an online image compressor it was too big.  I could compress it more, but I'd hate to sacrifice the image quality

Link restrictions with scripting on 4/28/2022 12:14:46 PM

Really?  Weird, when I did it you could still see a bullet point next to where the link was.  Might just be a glitch specific to the test game I was using

Link restrictions with scripting on 4/28/2022 12:11:36 PM

Hmm.  Yeah, it does make it unclickable, at least, even if it looks kind of clunky.  This might be useful, thanks!

Link restrictions with scripting on 4/28/2022 11:50:24 AM

It would be a big time-saver if anyone knew a way to restrict links using scripting commands rather than the tool the advanced editor provides.  

Something like "IF %VARIABLE = 1 THEN $LINK1 := UNCLICKABLE". (Obviously that's not a real scripting code, but something like that.)

This would save me a lot of time since I use scripting rather than the editor for pretty much everything and it would let me copy-paste the command in rather than going through the hassle of scrolling through the variable list every time and adjusting the parameters.  It's doable, it just eats up a lot of time.

Variable value visible only on specific pages? on 4/23/2022 3:41:05 PM

You can make a variable visible on a specific page by using on-page commands or pagetext commands.  Either "Variable:  %%VARIABLE%%" on the page iteslf, or $PAGETEXT := $PAGETEXT + "Variable:  " + %VARIABLE in the page script would work.  You'd then do this on each page you wanted the variable to be visible.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/23/2022 2:17:36 PM

@Darius_Conwright @Ogre11 @DBNB @BenCrucifix @Yummyfood

Secrets of the Crag is now published!  

Any chance you could quickly drop a rating on the game to hopefully get it up to 10 ratings more quickly?

Massive thanks again to you all for all the help with playtesting and bug hunting, couldn't have done it without you guys!

Ruins of Anzar Walkthrough on 4/23/2022 1:31:00 PM

Somewhat late, but as requested by @Darius_Conwright, here is a parlor room thread complete walkthrough for the game Ruins of Anzar.  If you've never played before, I recommend trying to solve the puzzles on your own first, and coming here when you get stuck.


PART ONE:  The crash

-Take the KNIFE.

-Go to the well, and take the WATER BUCKET.

-Go to the stone table and inspect the tree.  Use your KNIFE.  Take the STEEL ARROW TIP.

-Go to the statue and inspect the statue’s right hand.  Use the WATER BUCKET.  Take the EMPTY BUCKET and BLUNT HATCHET HEAD.

-Inspect the base of the statue and take the LENS.

-Go to the fishing spot and inspect the wood’s edge.  Take the HIGH-QUALITY STICK.


-Go to the flyer by the river and inspect the flyer.  Use your KNIFE.  Take the SMALL CANVAS and LARGE CANVAS.

-Go to the flyer by the river and use your KNIFE.  Take the VINES.

-Go to the flyer crash and use the VINES.  Take the SHORT ROPE, GLUE, and MAP.

-Use the UNSEALED HATCHET, on any page.  Use the GLUE.  Take the BLUNT HATCHET.

-Go to the stone table and use the BLUNT HATCHET.  Take the HATCHET.

-Go to the flyer by the river and use the HATCHET.  Cross the river, and take the JOURNAL and FISHING ROD.

-Go to the falls and inspect the tall grass.  Take the FLINT.

-Use the FLINT, on any page.  Use the STEEL ARROW TIP.  Take the FLINT AND STEEL.

-Go to the statue and follow the direction the statue is pointing.


PART TWO:  The village

-Go into the surviving stone building to the south and take the HOOK AND CHAIN.

-Go into the surviving stone building to the north and inspect the counter.  Take the WAX LUMP.

-Go to the old temple steps and inspect the rubble.  Take the HIGH-QUALITY STICK.

-Go to the watchtower field and inspect the sundial.  Use your KNIFE.  Take the NEEDLE AND THREAD.

-Use the HIGH-QUALITY STICK, on any page.  Use the SMALL CANVAS.  Take the STICK AND CLOTH.

-Go to the stepping stones and use the STICK AND CLOTH.  Take the TARRED STICK AND CLOTH.

-Use the TARRED STICK AND CLOTH, on any page.  Use the FLINT AND STEEL.  Take the TORCH.

-Go to the fishing bank and use the FISHING ROD.  Take the FISH.

-Go to the lookout tree and use the SHORT ROPE.  Use the FISH.  Take the WELL HANDLE.

-Go to the well and inspect the well.  Use the HOOK AND CHAIN.  Take the SHOVEL.

-Go to the well and pull up a bucket of water.  Take the WATER BUCKET.

-Go to the firepit and use the FLINT AND STEEL.

-Go to the firepit and put something in the fire.  Use the WAX LUMP.

-Go to the firepit and put out the fire.  Take the GREEN KEY.

-Go to the pond and use the fishing rod.  Take the RED KEY.

-Go to the temple entrance and use the SHOVEL.  Take the STONE DISC.

-Go to the surviving stone building near the temple.  Use the STONE DISC.  Take the BLUE KEY.

-Go to the watchtower and use the keys to enter the tower.

-Inspect the scroll, and solve the code using the key in Keirz’s JOURNAL.

-Go to the old temple steps and use the LENS.  Angle the light through the top of hte archway.  Shine it through from directly above.  Pry up the indicated tile.  Inspect the passage.  Use the TORCH, and go to the temple interior.


PART THREE:  The temple

-Go to the pit and inspect Keirz’ pack.  Take the GLOVES.

-Go to the pond and search through the surrounding bracken.  Use the GLOVES.  Take the BRONZE KEY.

-Go to the temple interior and inspect the door.  Use the BRONZE KEY.

-Go to the antechamber and inspect the cabinet.  Use the HATCHET.  Take the PICK and MAGNET.

-Go to the antechamber and inspect the shelves.  Take the TAP.

-Go to the pit and use the PICK.  Take the CLIMBING GEAR.

-Go to the cliff and use the CLIMBING GEAR.  Take the LONG ROPE AND CLIMBING GEAR.

-Go to the waterfall cave and take the HAMMER.

-Go to the pit and use the CLIMBING GEAR.


PART FOUR:  The tunnels

-Go to the underground lake and inspect the pictographs.  Take a sketch copying the pictographs.  Take the PICTOGRAPH SKETCH.

-Go to the underground lake and inspect the lake.  Use your FISHING ROD.  Take the LEAD KEY.

-Go to the collapsed tunnel and speak to Keirz.  Take the STONE KEY.  Take the CROWBAR.

-Go to the waterfall cave and inspect the back of the cave.  Use the CROWBAR.  Take the COPPER KEY.

-Go to the temple entrance (exterior) and inspect the entrance wall.  Use the HAMMER.  Take the CIRCULAR TOKEN.

-Go to the surviving stone building to the north and use the LEAD KEY.  Take the GLASS VIAL.

-Go to the watchtower and inspect the trapdoor in the floor.  Use the CROWBAR.  Take the SQUARE TOKEN.

-Go to the temple interior and inspect the wall designs in the back of the room.  Take the TRIANGULAR TOKEN.  Use all three tokens.  Take the BRASS KEY.

-Go to the stepping stones and use the PICTOGRAPH SKETCH.

-Go to the hut in the swamp and use the MAGNET.  Take the IRON KEY.

-Go to the great tree and use the TAP.  Use the GLASS VIAL.  Take the VIAL OF SAP.

-Go to the collapsed tunnel and open the vault with Keirz.  Return to the collapsed tunnel.

-Go to the flyer crash and use the LARGE CANVAS.  Use the NEEDLE AND THREAD.  Use the VIAL OF SAP.  Take the FLYER.

-Go to the collapsed tunnel and leave with your flyer.


Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 4:11:57 PM

Not sure what the problem was, but hopefully what I did fixed it.

Bribery Opportunity & Beta-reader Request on 4/22/2022 3:52:04 PM

You've completed step one already, so once you have the item that gives you just need to use it a few times.