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Hey, I'm Ace. To do list: Escape triple shame Done: 7/5/22 Complete 25 well thought out reviews Progress: 15 Write a story with a rating above 5 Here is where I keep track of the stories I've reviewed. If I reviewed your story and you're curious as to the rating I gave it it's on there. Reviews


A City Lost

This is a story about an artificer making his way through the world. Making choices who shape who he is and who he will become. With even his motives shifting based on his choices.

Authors Note:

This is an entry for EndMaster's prompt contest.

The prompt was, "This story’s protagonist is an artificer, magical blacksmith, or creator of magical weapons. You can translate this prompt to a sci-fi equivalent if you want."

I managed to make this story into a complete product with all the content I wanted in the time given, but I didn't have time to polish the prose much. Please leave any feedback you have. And just for fun make sure to include which of the nine epilogues you got or your favorite if you read multiple.

Bound by Light

This story is about a paladin who is on a quest to investigate an unkown evil out west, joined by a lighthearted mercanary.

Authors note: This story was made in a few days for Corgi's Lords of the land 2 contest. Not really proud of it, but it is what it is. Please leave any feedback you have in the reviews because while I know time could've improved the prose, the plot seems to be lacking something that I'm not sure of.

Crime PG story

Placeholder for story about PG


The Candy Man
paper slingers but with kids selling candy in boarding school

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All these noob stories on 3/3/2023 5:46:02 PM
Some of those stories were really too good to be school stories. I mean damn, there were multiple 10k+ stories. I've had 5 page term papers for college classes and 5 pages is like 1300 words. That's like writing a 50 page story for your middle school english class.