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I was inspired to write this story after taking a Gothic literature class in college. We were offered extra credit to write a Gothic story, but I never got it doen in time for the credit, which was OK because I still got an A. Sorry that there are dead ends, I spent a morning try to locate them all and tie them up, but there were a couple I couldn't find to close up.

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331 Oakmount Drive
Another day, another house to clean... but something is definitely wrong with this house.....

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Play my game! on 8/24/2003 10:50:58 AM
It's called "331 Oakmount Drive". It's a horror-survival adventure, in the Mystery/Puzzle section. I had it on my website before, but I found this place and decided to put it here too. It was a hit at my sister's office. There's lots of choices and it can get pretty creepy. Thanks!