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I'm a random 14 year old derp who enjoys drawing and writing. I know I'm not amazing~ (yet), but I hope to improve!

I drew this epic picture you see on my page btw.




My story "The Promise" and (the coming soon game) "Secret of the Labratory" are merely add-ons or prequels to the Shaded Satin Story. I most likely will not write the shaded satin story here, since you can read it and participate in it on deviant art (you'l need a dA account to participate in the Shaded Satin project though).

Link to Shaded Satin project here:

There are lots and lots of stories within the Shaded Satin project, as it is designed that each character will develope and create their own story as time progresses and the more you play.

If you are interested in any of the ShadedSatin story projects on this account, please go and read the actual story on deviant art instead.


The story is from an RPG game on deviant art, to be more specific, a roleplay group. I wrote it with my friend and we are very proud of it. I'm using this site to create games and stories for the members of the Shaded Satin Project to read.


While I'm here I will probably write my own personal stories here that have nothing to do with shaded satin.


The Promise

A fifteen year old girl living in the futuristic world, she wasn't as lucky as some of the people in this realm. She was born into the slums, forced to survive by any means.

Aliclair is a twenty-one year old man, wealthy and seeking company.


This story is a demo, since it is my first story on this site. Don't judge too harshly. Yes, I know it's short. I might add more pathways in the future. As of now its just a test.

This story is based off of a story I wrote with a friend on

(my account is ally-tan)

The characters are from a role-play group called ShadedSatin (story owned my Skyler and myself on dA)

If you choose to play this story, please read this or you might be confused about some of the terms used:

If you are too lazy to read them it is written in the beginning of the story and basic character information in the first few pages. There is information in the story taken from the original plotline and story these characters are from.

The story and characters are original, owned by Skyler-chan498 (on dA) and myself.

This game is a prequel to the original story presented in the original Shade Satin story/rpg.


You can read the original prequel here:


Please note the game will vary from this document, as this version is designed to have different pathways. There is a good ending, and a bad ending. 


This game is more story than actual game. You will have the option to play as either Aliclair or Kyoko. They have the same story, but they are written in different perspective. 

Kyoko has more story lines and more pathways. Aliclair's has one ending. I might add more endings to aliclair's story in the future, but not now.



Secret of the Labratory
Before you play: The story starts out slow paced, setting you up for the plot. There are certain things you have to go through before it will start to get interesting. The story does start to get interesting once you leave the group and explore the labs.

Like my last story, this is written about the roleplay game Shaded Satin. In the game you are playing yourself (your character). I'm making this for the members of Shaded Satin to play. I will post this game on the ShadedSatin blog.

This game can be played by anyone, but will best be understood by people who have played and are members of Shaded Satin.

Shaded Satin is a roleplay group on

Shaded Satin is a story set in the futuristic world where beings called Shades live. Shades have two races, Dark and Light.

For this story game, You have traveled to the Shadowdale, the realm of the darks, with a small group of school students who are investigating the disappearance of children in the City of Eternal Light, or the Light Realm. Your mission is to enter the labs, rescue Oliver a kidnapped child, and find out why children are disappearing, and then escape safely.

WARNING: SLOW PACED GAME This games moves slowly, don't try to play in one day.