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I am the man in the mist, the man OF the mist. I appear in times of great things, heralding either grand prosperity, or grave disaster. But do not fear my presence, for I am a magic man, and granter of wishes. As long as you don't mind owing me a favor, I can give you anything. Don't worry, I am incapable of harvesting souls, but am not above asking someone who can to do it for me X)

I am a young and imaginative writer, who loves to collaborate with other imaginative writers. Feel free to ask me to help with ideas or to brainstorm, or to write a story with me. Don't ask me for help with scripting variables or technical stuff, there are more qualified people out there than me. Hope to hear from you ;)

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The very short tale of Bara

This is a very, VERY short story game about a spirit called Bara. Whom you direct. In this short tale, Bara explores an old forest, trying to find another spirit. Only you can help her find it.

There exists a world between worlds, where all of the magical creatures have been imprisoned. No one knows much about this realm, for most that enter never return. Those who do escape tell tales of a maddening maze created to keep the creatures confused and trapped. In this world anything can happen, and you can end up anywhere with the turn of your head. Will you be able to escape the insane world of Vanvid?

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Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 10:04:51 PM

I'd have to agree with killa on this one. Asking the player their choices and asking to put in the digits of a password are functionally the same thing, just the password makes it harder for people to "cheat" since they don't know the password translates to.

Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 10:02:37 PM


Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 6:15:56 PM

Yes, but in my current set up, I'm making so that almost every choice will have an impact in later parts, so it would be easier to just redo all the choices

I guess, though, I could rewrite the story so that there are more choices with only a couple carrying over, if I found a good way to carry over a few choices, which is why I started this post.

Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 5:24:15 PM

From what I understand, your example would be to ask the player for a password for each choice being carried over, but I wanted to try and make a single password for all the choices. I think that's what killa_robot was referring to

Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 4:31:50 PM

I think you underestimate my lack of patience.

But if you would be willing, I wouldn't mind a tutorial.

The values are all binary, most of the time, keeps things simple, but I'd have to plan out the story more before I know what the choices that need to be carried over are. 

Episodic storygame idea on 2/26/2015 1:12:46 PM

As long as whoever play my games has fun reading them, it doesn't really matter to me. I was intending to have a page where you can skip to a further chapter with the 'default' choices. 

I'm not as good with scripting as I'd like to think, and I know I'm not patient enough to make a password thing, so I'll settle for what I was doing now. The people who are really into the story will take the time to re-do their choices, and the people who just want to see the new stuff will skip ahead.

Thanks for the suggestions and advice anyway though.

Episodic storygame idea on 2/24/2015 2:48:34 PM

I have this idea to create a game where I would publish chapter updates with new parts, and your choices change what happens in latter chapters. Like the Tell Tale Games, sort of. 

Currently I am planning on un-publishing the storygame and adding the new chapters when i have them finished, which would delete everyone's saves, so they'll have to start over. Hence I'm making it more story than game, so it doesn't take as long to get back to where you were if you remember your choices.

Now if I were to make every chapter update it's own game, I would need a way to transfer a person's choices from one story to the other. 

So what I am asking is, does anyone have ideas on how to remember a person's choices, either from one game to another, or after un-publishing and re-publishing the one game.


Multiple pages in Notepad on 1/14/2015 7:28:29 PM

here's some of my notepad

Vanvid Angels

Archangel: Jack Reicher

Lyle Faux (Masked Man)
Rachel Fredricks

Ralph Ciel
Cassie Ciel
Michael Sword

Louis Cipher
Adrian Elle
Protagonist: Gabriel Nyte

Other Guards:

The game follows Gabriel Nyte, and his one month employment with the angel.

Significant choices made by player (not necessarily in order):
Save a recruit: When the masked man enacted his plan to kill one of the recruits, he made sure only two could survive. After escaping his predicament, Gabriel is faced with the choice to either save Adrian Elle, or Louis Cipher. [Saved Adrian. Saved Louis]

Side with a general: After the establishment of the lesser council, they have a premature vote for the next Archangel. the votes for the other 4 lieutenants leaves a tie for Gabriel to resolve. He can either vote for Rachel Fredricks, or Lyle Faux. [Supported Rachel. Supported Lyle]

Saved Rachel: Due to the result of the premature vote, the masked man decides to cut his loses and kill the competition. He sets up a trap for Rachel Fredricks during a routine walkabout. Gabriel manages to be alerted of her trouble, and can attempt to rescue her. [Rescued Rachel. Rachel died. Rachel not attacked.]

Reaction to blighted angel: During Lyle's final test for the would-be lieutenants, he sends them into Castle Oblivion. The castle is infested with various monstrosities, the worst of which being a blighted angel; an angel forgotten in the castle and corrupted. When Gabriel finally faces off with the blighted angel, he has several manners to react in. [Killed Blighted Angel. Absolved Blighted Angel. Escaped Blighted Angel.]

Sector Feud: The sectors of Vampirica nd East Lychan were in constant bloody feud, for various reasons, not the least of which being the masked man egging them on. This feud eventually erupts into a battle at the border. Gabriel, being an angel, had many opportunities to choose a side in this fight. [Sided with Werewolves. Sided with Vampires. Prevented Battle. Mutual Destruction]

Helping Masked Man: There are two occasions where Gabriel is recruited by the masked man to aid him in destroying Vanvid. The first being his first night in Vanvid; where he asked Gabriel to aid him rally a rebellion, and then again after the masked man's first attack in the Pits and Circles; to ensure Gabriel's alliance, or convince him to join in the first place. [Joined Masked Man. Rejected Masked Man.][Remained Loyal. Quit Masked Man. Joined Masked Man. Rejected Mask Man again.]

Obtaining Evangelica: After the attack at Lowen Crossing, Gabriel is hospitalized in Archangel. Once he awakens, he has the opportunity to explore Archangel. There he can find the mythical statue of Evangelica, and learn of how to awaken the statue in the coming days. [Awoke Evangelica. Let Evangelica rest. Failed to wake Evangelica. Did not encounter Evangelica.]

Reaction to Ambush: Gabriel has prior knowledge of the ambush on day 27. He can decide to use the information to save everyone, or remain truly loyal to the masked man and do nothing [Save everyone. Save Michael. Save Cassie. Do nothing.]

Day 1: Tour of B50
Night 1: X

Day 2: Training, Meet crew
Night 2: Investigate hooded figure

Day 3: Training Exam
Night 3: X

Day 4: Mt. Legna., Tour Vanvid
Night 4: Encounter Masked Man
(All nights after this are null if you reject Masked Man)

Day 5: Angel Landing, Develop Louis
Night 5: Angel Landing, steal artifact archive

Day 6: Angel Landing, Develop Adrian
Night 6: X

Day 7: West Lychan, Favor recruit
Night 7: Angel Landing, steal siren stone

Day 8: West Lychan, React to attack
Night 8: X

Day 9: East Lychan, Introduce Feud
Night 9: Prolonged guard

Day 10: Vampirica, Continue Feud
Night 10: Prolonged guard

Day 11: Lychan/Vampirica Border, Escalating Protest (mess up with partner)
Night 11: Vampirica, Escort Agent

Day 12: Plain of Undead, Punishment Assignment
Night 12: X

Day 13: Angel Landing, Balrog Attack (either Louis or Adrian die)
Night 13: Angel Landing, steal golden nail

Day 14: The Hollows, Investigate Grievance
Night 14: Prolonged Guard

Day 15: The Hollows, Lost (West Lychan, riot)
Night 15: Still Lost (X)

Day 16: East/Vampirica Border, The Battle of Lowen Crossing
Night 16: Hospitalized

Day 17: Hospitalized
Night 17: Archangel, Explore

Day 18: Castle Oblivion, Recruit Exam
Night 18: Prolonged Guard

Day 19: Castle Oblivion, Blighted Angel
Night 19: Mt. Legna, Meeting with Masked Man

Day 20: City of the Cursed, Starting Assignment
Night 20: City of the Cursed, Clear paths

Day 21: The Pits, Investigate disappearances (later in day, Lyle re-establishes Lesser Council)
Night 21: Blighted Caverns, steal blood gem (can find Judas Coin)

Day 22: Bestiary, rampaging Minotaur
Night 22: Plain of Ghosts, locate wraith (can find Brutus Dagger)

Day 23: The Garden, vacation day
Night 23: X

Day 24: City of Curses, Hostage situation (Can be Rachel in peril) (situation will end in death)
Night 26: X

Day 25: Angel Landing, recovery assignment (possible to gain evidence of Lyle's evil)
Night 25: X (Further Investigate Masked Man> Skip to 31 if investigation turns up more)

Day 26: Nephilim, Break up Attack
Night 24: City of Curses, steal alchemical gold (can find Cross of Absolution)

Day 27: The Circles, Oracle missing
Night 27: Mt. Legna, warning of Ambush

Day 28: Blighted Cavern, Ambush
Night 28: Angel Landing, recuperating (If you did nothing or saved everyone during ambush, and Louis is alive, then he will confront you. If Adrian is alive, she will resign if you do nothing, and if you save everyone she praise you.)

Day 29: {if you did nothing at Ambush, or you attacked Louis} B50, Punishment. {If someone died at Ambush} Angel Landing, recovery assignment. {If no one died at Ambush} Blighted Cavern, Investigate Ambush
Night 29: B50, Investigate Lyle

Day 30: The Garden, 'vacation' day (you tell findings to Ralph, and he says he'll confront Lyle)
Night 30: Prolonged 'Guard'

Day 31: Archangel, Confront Lyle (Ralph turns up dead after you return from Gardens)

and that's just for 1 of my 3 games i have notes for

Scripts not working on 7/17/2014 10:45:34 AM

I solved the problem. It was just my stupidity. Thanks anyway

Scripts not working on 7/17/2014 10:35:10 AM

In my game I have it that the player trains their skills at one point. I had it so the skills take a certain amount of time to level and then gave them a certain amount of time to train. This is the script I have on a certain link

%PRS := %PER + 1
%PRS := %PER + 1
$DEST := @P27

Traintime is 0 to 12, the player has 12 hours to train (from noon to midnight). PRS takes three hours to train. No matter what i do, PRS won't increase past 1 (the variable is 0 to 2). Can someone please tell me what's going wrong?

also, the training starts on a separate page whose script is just

%PRS := %PRS + 1

but I still can only get PRS to 1 and not 2 even if I train another skill on the first page