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Beef with Soy: preliminary writing battle on 11/28/2021 7:11:06 PM
Let’s go, another duel! @Soy_No_More you better get going…

End Master’s Culture Clash Contest on 11/28/2021 2:27:37 PM
LOCKED (good luck)

Bondo and Tman have a debate on 11/27/2021 5:32:50 PM
@Gryphon That’s pointing to cricket. But considering daji’s recent actions, perhaps it’s a diversion.

Bondo and Tman have a debate on 11/27/2021 5:07:42 PM

CYS current events memes on 11/27/2021 3:30:51 PM
Site’s never been the livelier.

Daji Mystery Thread on 11/26/2021 2:05:11 PM
While true queen of kek points to cricket(who hasn’t been posting in a bit, mind), the word usage of ‘true’ really throws me off. It’s already made pretty clear that Cricket uses kek profusely, and it’s unnecessary to really use true. Perhaps it’s a competitor? Then again, recently Cricket did switch discord accounts, which is quite similar to what we have here. Hm.

Hatter's Sketchbook II on 11/26/2021 2:01:15 PM
Love your art, MHD! This one’s especially wholesome ^-^

it's high noon on 11/25/2021 7:15:04 PM
Hey~ How’s that bet now?

Winner of Duel #2 on 11/25/2021 7:13:09 PM
Good luck anyway, I’m chee- Wait, I bet on lux. Oh well.

Winner of Duel #2 on 11/25/2021 7:03:21 PM
Congrats on your elevated status!