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Read my story, In 3, for some sci-fi!
Alternatively, try my foray into Grimdark Fantasy: The Red Church.

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In 3
An ambassador to a distant civilization, you return home just in time to find the Sol system on the brink of destruction. Rally your fellow humans, if you can. You've been gone a long time, but they haven't changed, at all.
Entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 2. Heavily inspired by Liu Cixin's Rememberance of the Earth's Past trilogy, as well as Wandering Earth. Republish (9/13/2023): - Proofreading and minor editing - Added new branch taking place in other planets and colonies

The Red Church
"In your dreams, you see the crimson spires rise from the fog menacingly... a voice, whispering 'come back' over, and over again."

Author's Notes

Entry for Endmaster's Prompt Contest 3, 2024
Prompt: A story about making a deal with a demon/devil.

Placeholder. If you are really curious, you may read the first two pages that I've written, and not a word more.

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Inspiration has finally struck. Count me in for 500, if anyone's keeping track.