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Cry the penguin on 1/13/2023 7:24:09 PM
Personally, Peng is one of my favorite names to throw around.

Cry the penguin on 1/12/2023 8:23:43 PM
You're just begging for it at this point, CPeng.

Cry the penguin on 1/12/2023 7:26:27 PM
Would you prefer to be called 'peng'?

Everything you ever wanted to know about CYS on 1/10/2023 8:17:10 PM
I'm sure everyone has left it on for a while - I did back when if first joined the site, for maybe around 1-2 days.

Black, Female or Gay? on 1/8/2023 4:30:12 PM
Straight Asian Male - Straight White Male

2023 resolutions on 1/8/2023 4:05:13 PM
I have to warn my extended family of this

EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2 on 1/3/2023 3:52:02 PM

EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2 on 1/3/2023 3:51:47 PM
Sign me up for 38.

2023 resolutions on 12/27/2022 9:28:15 AM
Mine did exactly that, 5 minutes and I was chased out of the bathroom with broomsticks(exaggeration).

2023 resolutions on 12/27/2022 9:26:16 AM
I don’t usually do resolutions because they make me feel bad when I break them, but this year I’ll make an exception: Recently, I’ve been plagued with an urge to write. You can see that there’s nothing in my profile yet, but I’m working on it. My resolution this year, then, will be to publish a decent story. Not next year, this year. Less tomorrows and more todays.