The Fables of Namesake

A sci-fi storygame by Abgeofriends

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.

mythical scene state 2 by LightSource on DeviantArt


Earth, a beautiful place. One where we can create what we see in our visions, a planet that used to sustain life naturally. Sixty years ago our people started their journey in terraforming what we call the new earth…

We had always hoped that Mars would never have to be used for sustaining human and animal life. But thirty years later the earth hit some troubles. The air was not clean for anyone or anything to breathe. 

“Hi my name is rose valentina, my family passed and now I live alone in a house which me and my cat thrive in. I don’t know what else to do in my house or my life but I heard that a big hurricane is coming and hitting my location”

Can you survive these series of events? Or will Rose and her cat, Shark kick the can? 

In your journal you will write about an alternate universe in which a marriage must happen between a man and a princess. 


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