The Saints of Kaitoo: Book One

A sci-fi storygame by Bill_Ingersoll

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.


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Manuel dos Santos is a colonist living on KAI 222-d, an Earth-type planet more commonly called Kaitoo, orbiting a distant star. One of 39 travelers who endured many decades of cryosleep on the one-way journey to this new world, he now hunts the creatures known as "saints" — an arboreal animal that is the primary source of protein for the Sundenfall colony. With a population that has now tripled, with many "Gen Two" children reaching adulthood, the settlement is facing a crisis that has united young and old in a common cause.

Dos Santos is leading a scouting trip into a remote mountain range, but struggles with his secret desires toward a beautiful young woman who has joined his expedition—and who reminds him of his dead wife. As his encounters with her become more intense, he begins to question the nature of his existence on Kaitoo.


  • **DRAFT** These are the first eight chapters of a linear project, made available for anyone who would like to offer feedback. All constructive comments are appreciated.
  • Warning! There are a few passages with suggestive content. Intended for mature readers only.


© 2022 Bill Ingersoll

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