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Casual Gamer. I enjoy making games, CYO or not. I mainly work with batch (CMD Prompt) games atm, but I hope to later learn different more fun types to create games. Website and Gaming Review Blog below.

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Not gonna be on for a while. Internet's out

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Ballad of the Dead

DISCLAIMER -- You are placed, in chronological order, in the middle of the story, then go backwards to how it started. You will later on, also play as different characters. You will learn more of the story as time drags on. (Mentioned in-game for lazies.) This is my first story, and will be a zombies story, because I like zombie games :P

Navy SEALs 1

I am going to try to make this game a little funny, but there is no gaurantee ;) There will most likely be another later on. Alright, story time. You have rode out to Iraq to eliminate a major terrorist there, Dhiyab Maruf Hammud Izzat, or Dhi Izz( Die Is ) for short. This is you and your other seven buddies final mission before retirement. And it pays well. DISCLAIMER -- I know nothing about war and SEALs and such, so don't get on to me about that :P

"Marines don't die. They just go to hell and regroup." - Red Dawn Remake

Truman's Fears

This is a .bat game I made, that I am going to put onto here, and it is currently not done.

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Portal on 5/19/2013 4:07:23 PM

I don't know how someone might do this, but someone should make Portal. That would be awesome :D

Moustache or Mustache? O.o on 5/19/2013 3:23:23 PM

*charges up mass destruction ray that destroys atomic particles*


*fires at mustache*

(Nothing happens)

Afflicted on 5/19/2013 3:21:13 PM

Alright. Calling my FBI buddies. Prepare for the storm. WE'RE GETTING THOSE 'STACHES OUTTA THERE!