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Wizards n Mages

Your name is Attis. You're just a normal farm boy with big dreams! Of course, your a half-elf. Meaning that your dad being a human and your mother being an elf.. 

Everyone bullies you at your school and you HATE it! They always say that you are a freak for having one giant elf ear and one normal human ear, because of that, you hide your elf ear in the hair..... which you have a lot of....

You decided to enter a Wizard school.. Now it's not by any wizard, of course not! It's by the original wizard, Pankus. 

You go on quests and learn magic on the way, make friends, explore, etc... 

This game is almost entirely (if not, is entirely) story based!!

A powerful darkness takes over Asuth while you are in training. You know that you have to stop the darkness before it's destroys all of Asuth, your home land....



Hello Adventurer! Have you always wanted to learn magic and fight eBic beasts? Well here is your chance! Sign up now and you might be hand picked by the great wizards Pankus and Ulysses. And don't worry, Just because they're old it doesn't mean you have to be scared! Remember, don't tell mommy and daddy! Aha, just kidding. Did you actually think i was some creep? No of course not! Now sign up and we can pretend that never happened, and seriously, don't tell your parents....