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Featured Story The Book of Vanishing Tales
The muses are gone. They sacrificed themselves to save Sandrella from cataclysm, and all that is left of them are drained, stone husks, and a ring of dust orbiting the world. Your wife was one of them.
But with them went all the dreams and the permanence of stories. And now, forty years later, it seems memory is next.
Though an old storyteller with little to your name, you must undertake a long journey to the Grove of the Muses, hoping to rekindle the flames that once burned inside you, before you can't remember them at all.

Uneasy Lies the Head

This morning, you were merely an 8th-tier potter.  Your house was small but sturdy, and your work at the wheel and kiln was moderately interesting. There was no need to regret the past -  you were thankful that you were not a 9th-tier factory worker or a 10th-tier sewer monitor. And as your thirtieth birthday approached, you'd finally made enough social credit to be put on the match-list for a spouse.

But then, when you were shirtless, sunburned, and sweaty from firing the latest batch of pots, they'd come for you. 2nd-tier officials from the upper city, who would never lower themselves by stepping into circle 8. They'd broken the endless routine, and ordered you to come with them to the city - and to take a bath to wash the filth off.


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There never was a Sci fi storygame speed challenge on 7/1/2020 9:59:52 PM

I like this idea. We can always claim that they were finished on July 1st in a different timeline/universe.

Commie Coke on 6/29/2020 2:13:43 AM

Didn't a lot of people lounge/recline to eat rather than sit in the ancient middle east? Well, at least the free men. The women and kids and servants had to sit, though eventually sitting was considered the more 'dignified' way to wat. I would think leaning on ones elbow or elbow in the table would be a useful prop, though. Maybe it implied one thought he was better than everyone else or something.


Escape The Dark Castle - Sign Up on 6/28/2020 12:50:20 AM

It's disturbing in an interesting way, and fit the mood of the supernatural dungeon abandon-all-hope maze. Probably more accurate than most fantasy artwork out there, too, in that the characters seem real (if slightly exaggerated in grime and grit) and not everyone is a 9-10 in hotness. They drew my eye, though I was too late to join in the shenanigans, so I read some of the adventures as they were going on and was amused.

First storygame published on 6/27/2020 8:30:34 PM

Some good characterization, and an interesting angle to simply have the initial interview be the main scene.

One thing I would point out, though, is that if literally the only thing someone tells you about the new virus is that it is a coronavirus, "common cold" is a great guess. Coronaviruses (mostly 229E, NL63, OC43, and NKU1 ) cause about 20% of colds, and the majority of coronaviruses cause colds. SARS is a particular strain of coronavirus that hit in 2002, caused about 800 deaths, and hasn't been seen since 2004.

It would actually be downright silly of him to guess it's like SARS with no information other than "Corona virus!" since any random coronavirus is far more likely to be a non-deadly cold-causing variety. In general, people don't jump to rare specifics vs. general likelihood. (It's like if someone asked you to guess a neighbor's favorite pet, you'd likely guess dogs or cats. But you probably wouldn't guess Abyssinian or Rottweiler without further clues.)

It's an easy fix, just have a character mention that this particular strain leads to sudden respiratory attacks/people have died before he suggests what it is like. Then the character has something to narrow it down and move his guess from what is common to what fits the profile. [Although there wouldn't be any reason for him to pick SARS over MERS without further clues.) Otherwise, you are asking the reader to use meta-information they know about Covid-19 vs. what the character would know about it.

malk's shitty stories on 6/25/2020 1:04:41 PM

This is genuinely creepy, and the description is great. 

Break! question on 6/23/2020 12:03:31 AM

Good points. O.K. then, no recycled contest stories.

Break! question on 6/22/2020 8:37:01 PM

Normally contest entries can't be re-used for a different contest, from what I've seen, even if you modify them. But since Mizal's is a speed write, I'm not personally opposed to you expanding it for this if Mizal allows it.

Break! (The Contest) on 6/22/2020 8:33:25 PM

? Not happy? I said you could if you wanted to.

Two suggested story tags on 6/20/2020 12:07:52 AM

In my mind I was thinking organized religion and the like or allegories to real world religious concepts. And Blade if the Hollow was essentially meant as a subtle takedown of common Calvinist arguments, not that most people would care/notice.

But spiritual would be a useful one as well, if it wouldn't be too confusing to have both.

Two suggested story tags on 6/19/2020 4:52:30 PM

Can we get a couple more story tags: "Supernatural" and "Religious?" I know there is Biblical but that doesn't really cover Religious themes in a fantasy setting or allegorical things, and I know at least one person was thrown by my Blade of the Hollow tale having a lot of Supernatural elements vs. traditional fantasy, so it would be good to have the tag to label it when I move it over here.