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Saving Fredrickstead

If you've never tried to kill a vampire one-on-one, you should know that it is very difficult to do. Their obscene speed, inordinate power, and hunger to rival an angry tiger would level anyone without proper preparation and training. Now imagine a whole coven of vampires, wanting nothing but dinner and destruction, targeting the village you've known and loved your entire life.

That village is Fredrickstead, a smaller town in the hold of Janmarch. Here, a battle unseen by the village in decades is about to take place. The control of the people within this community, as well as the fate of the entire hold, is in your control. Can you keep your friends and family safe? Or will you watch everything burn?

Will you pick Augustus, a mercenary who just decided to retire his life on the road? Maybe you'll pick Torsten the innkeeper, attempting to defend the place his family has lived for five generations. Perhaps Natalia, a member of the Janmarch guard assigned to protect the civilians of Fredrickstead by any means necessary. Or Sonja, the mysterious woman who picked this quiet village for her experiments. Lastly, the cowardly mayor Claus, who believes that this conflict can be solved without bloodshed.

Collect items, join your neighbors, and push this menace back to the gates of the underworld where they came.

Or don't. You could literally do nothing and die. That is always a choice here. It's gonna be very anticlimactic, but it's there. But you gotta be really sure you wanna do it. Like, REALLY sure.