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I'll be working on my own works, although those won't be done for awhile, if ever. PM me if you want, or not.


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Fun Writing Activity on 7/16/2017 9:01:02 AM

My last day here. Blueberry pancakes.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/9/2017 8:59:00 PM

About two pages in. Basic outlining for the entire story is basically finished, but specific lining for each epilogues is still a WIP. I should probably be writing more.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/5/2017 8:50:50 AM

Would I be considered one of those nobodies?

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/3/2017 3:00:05 PM

Certainly. If I don't then I'll definitely deserve the shame.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/3/2017 1:29:21 PM

This is insightful. Looks like I won't have to go point hunting after all.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/3/2017 11:06:22 AM

I like to face reality, so that "if" represents the chances of failure. And I am not foolish enough to believe that I could not be beaten, which appears to be your stance. Of course, I could be wrong and you aren't foolish. Perhaps merely confident, but regardless I'll enjoy taking first place as an underdog. 

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/3/2017 11:00:39 AM

Ah, I knew I was missing some small detail. Well, like mizal said, it is too late. I guess I'll just have to win.

EDIT: Besides, if I'm truly worried about going into the negative, I'll go and rate a bunch of story games so a potential loss won't take me past zero.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 7/2/2017 11:42:48 PM

I'm still working on my outline, but before long I'll have a master piece in the works. Oh and if I finish this story to my liking, then I'll be taking 1st place.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 7/2/2017 11:38:43 PM

I'm probably gonna regret this. Put me down for 125 points. That throws me into the negative, so EndMaster if there are any rules I should know about...

New Contest Starting Soon on 6/29/2017 10:27:35 AM

Also, you have any idea as to when you'll be posting it tomorrow? Perhaps in the morning when you've been posting the countdown? Or maybe at night so you can have everyone wait as long as possible?