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Just a mustache-y person.

If you came for some massive manifesto on my life, then you surely must be thinking about some other profile.

Oh yeah, I also make horrible animal stories and just horrible stories in general. Proceed with caution.

Oh, and I like wolves. And dogs. And stuff.

Oh, and...well, just steer clear of me if you don't want to become a tumor.

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January New Frontier Contest on 1/18/2017 7:50:43 PM
One can only hope.
January New Frontier Contest on 1/18/2017 7:23:27 PM
Well, it seems as if things are starting to pick up for me. I finished one page.
Hello I'm back! on 1/18/2017 6:47:00 PM
loke fore tiepoh
January New Frontier Contest on 1/17/2017 6:42:11 AM
Not much has been completed. I lost interest in one topic and put my focus into another survival-themed one. Hopefully I've the time and muse to actually get something done.
Hello I'm back! on 1/11/2017 6:54:23 PM
Who? Er...welcome back. A lot of things have changed, so be sure to stop by the News & Updates forum. And don't go looking for the Forum Games section, we set that place on fire mere days ago to make room for the Creative Corner.
Greetings from me on 1/11/2017 2:44:50 PM
Marauders are uneducated swine. Enjoy.
Lucky Cheater on 1/10/2017 9:33:42 PM
Congratulations Briar!
Historical Fiction on 1/10/2017 7:22:07 PM
That's great. You could always ask your teacher about this topic, like I previously stated.
Fuck, well someone had to do it on 1/10/2017 6:55:18 PM
Couldn't we just have two orders of sporks and strawberry pudding?
Historical Fiction on 1/10/2017 6:25:54 PM
Like Mizal said, you need to hit the books before you attempt to write about this. Steer clear of Wikipedia, too, since it is in no way a legitimate source for any piece of work based off of an actual event you're going to create and publish, unless you're writing about the site itself. If your school's history teachers happen to teach about the French Revolution, or if you know someone who's currently studying it, trying asking them some questions as well.