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My name is Samyers and I am awesome. Nuff said. I have no idea what to put here so I'll probably just leave it like this for now. 

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Hi I am new :) on 5/21/2018 9:23:15 PM

I'm sorry to say I have not read any good dog stories so far.

Island story on 5/20/2018 6:23:51 PM

That makes scence. I'll try that (and actually that does answer my question)

Island story on 5/20/2018 1:20:41 PM

Arrow is a superhero show. And thanks for the advice.

Island story on 5/20/2018 1:08:04 PM

So I'm making a storygame about being trapped on an Island. Should I go Gilligan stile or more like Arrow, or a cross between the two? (I mean not necessarily what should I do but rather what would you rather play)

Leaving Earth - Part II on 5/2/2018 2:47:06 PM

I still think Charizard should have won

Leaving Earth - Part II on 5/1/2018 3:15:54 PM

That's your reasoning?

Hi I'm new here. on 4/30/2018 8:49:24 AM

Note taken

Leaving Earth - Part II on 4/29/2018 10:02:49 PM

lmao! I loved that show.

Leaving Earth - Part II on 4/29/2018 9:25:46 PM

That's from 2011. a bit late for "just in"

Leaving Earth - Part II on 4/29/2018 8:23:04 PM

If it's survival of the fittest I say Detroit would be the place to go.