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Wildest experiences on 2/14/2018 6:38:25 PM



Do you have a gun? (This is a trick question)


So how long how you been a Bouncer? 

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 6:20:13 PM


Do you know what my kind do in the big or large Citys when we see you humans throw away your smokes we may very much fly over there to pick it up to help to build our nests, also for a good perk to come with it by using cigarettes as substitutes for fresh vegetation that drives away parasites. They measured the amount of cellulose acetate in them and us bird's like them because how easy they are to fix in our nests 

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 6:06:15 PM


I am a bird, not an English speaker or any other human tough user 

Wildest experiences on 2/13/2018 1:26:32 AM

I think it's my time to shine in some little light of yours truly past events, 


I'm a year old, and by the way that's like 17 or 18 in bird years anyway moving along about before my slaves. Set me up on this website to write a story to see what the outcome gonna be and when I was done. They say you have some free time and so I hop up and down to show my pleasure towards their kindness and so two mocking about on random websites to learn or just have a good giggle at the dumb crazy stuff you humans pull off


About searching and looking at weird websites like spider porn, and I came across something that is a horror deep inside to my core, More than Snakes, Eagles, Cats, Etc  Even that bloody hell spider porn that some guy show me on a group chat I was at. After shortly I block him


That Website was called and I click on the top video and I show a Human male I think? His or she's faced skin or I cloud say no skin at all as It's was red and burn mart's all over as the only skin I do see was the neck area and no ear's or I like to call them flippers as the eyes are brown as they were cover in blood as whatever this skinless face human is going through looks very painful as whiling still watching I see a human figure on the train tracks as I show the train came and the human figure trys to jump outta the way to go to safety but it was too late as it ran him or her as the only part you see them is their upper top body as the lower half looks like a piece of rag a towels got catch by a door half way as I bet his or her's bottom half of hers or his body is 100% flat and bloodly up as it didn't show the rest as its cut to a long hair with a large chest Is that a female or a male I say to myself not knowing what are human male's or females are as I was thinking about that thought some hits him or her on the face as I show the person's face turns into a yellow and purple as it was a hammer this person was useing as two hard hits in the person who was being hurt has force head trauma as like with the skinless human. this another human face was red all over the face and but the lips are bigger for some reason? But after the last hit, the video ends and I went back to sleep and call it for today.