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Aftertale: Infection Disastrous

- This is the story-driven game, where your choices have consequences in latter future event.

- New diseases are plentiful outside of your house. Choosing to leave your house meets many consequences.

- You will meet many people who you can put your trust to. Beware that anyone can betray you.

- There are 5 stats: The Stat of Wit, The Stat of Heroism, The Stat of Communication, The Stat of Persistent, and The Stat of Trauma. Your instincts would point to a better option, if your stats were high enough. Beware that the only time when your instinct is false to follow is when your Stat of Trauma is high.

- Future events can be uncertain. You have your Prediction Ability available in your inventory. Keep in mind that the Predictions made are 50% true.

Survive the Unknown: The Desert

Adam, Erin, Barbara, Kevin, Tom, and Cleo.

These six peoples' fates are determined by your choices and your clicks of hand. In the desert, they must find ways to survive facing dangers that they do not know what is to come. A hint for you is to always analyze what the consequences can be and to also make choices that fit the characters' personality.

If you want to have the full effect on the story, I suggest you do not click on the previous button. Don't worry. Some seemingly bad choices can give you great benefits.

Adam wants to be the boxer. He is nineteen years old, yet he is still stuck in grade 11 because of his parents' fault for not raising him properly, or at least that's what he thinks. His father abused him and so he is mentally unstable. His girlfriend is Erin.

Erin is a sixteen-years-old lifesaver in the Champagne Beach for the part-time job because her dream is to be the professional swimmer. She has a healthy family, for her half-sister is Barbara, one of the protagonists. She is dating with Adam, but in the journey, she starts to have a little secret depending on your choice.

Barbara is four years younger than Erin. She is strong, fierce, and wild. Everyone really likes this adorable girl. She is adopted; she was born in Saudi Arabia. She especially dislikes Tom in the group for bullying her best friend, Kevin.

Kevin does not have an easy childhood and easy life, for he was bullied several times in school, mostly by Adam and Tom. Kevin makes peace with Adam, even though there are still some tensions between them, but Tom still verbally bullies him. He is the same age as Barbara. He is the smartest guy in the group, and so he wants to be a physicist.

If you are in the group and you see Tom, then you will know that Tom is a natural-born leader. His best friend is Adam. He is strong and kind, but he is a little dumb for his age. His passion is to be a famous musician for he has a talent and gift for playing the piano.

Lastly, Cleo is a good people-person. She is able to deduct a person's personality quickly. Her weakness is that she is too good at lying, making her the least trustworthy person, even though she solemnly swears many times to Erin that she doesn't lie. Her dream is to be a psychiatrist, and she will not let anyone tramples on that ambition of hers.

The Stallions: Prologue

This is the tale of the country full of greatness that everyone works so hard to build up to. But it isn't. This city is very much in trouble and is in need of your help and your decisive mind. Please help them! I promise it'll be a ride.

This is a very long tale that I am working for, so I want to make a prologue to see you guys' comments. If it's good, say good things about me. If it's bad, then just say mean things to me. I just want comments.