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Building an Empire

You can start out as a peasant or noble and you try to be a king (or stay king). you must deal with hostile countries, corrupt advisers, and famines.  This is my first story game and I put a lot of research into it. Please comment on my errors because even after proof-reading iT will probebly loo k likethis.

good luck and Don't Die! Mwahahahaha!

Falling Stars

Astroids are descending upon your planet. Will you rise up... or will you be crushed by a falling star?

Rain of Terror

While this isn't a 'Horror' story per se, it definatly has some scarier parts. This story is one about a detective trying to catch a serial killer who only strikes during rainy days. As an extra challenge, listen to this with a thunderstorm soundtrack! Good luck, and Don't become a victim as well!

Sorcerer Seas: The Mage of Poseidon

Pirates and magic combine in this adventure as you survive using wits and weapons to defeat your foes. Rob the rich ports or defeat other pirates as you ascend to power. Become the King of the Pirates, the Mayor of one of the rich ports or a Mage of legend, the choice is yours!

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Mean girls' locker room on 11/11/2018 12:28:01 AM

yeah, most muslims get really triggered when people talk about 9/11 because idiots love to say crap about muslims and terrorism and it gets pretty old. I personally don't take offence for most of it as long as you aren't deliberatly trying to causse a fight. however, everyones different and because we get so much bad press about stupid sh*t I can understand why he flipped. You probably did absolutely nothing wrong but  say muslims kill everyone. (not literally). Again, don't feel to bad, he was probaly having a bad day.