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Mage of Thornwich

In Talsmor, the school of wizardry, you learn to master your element, compete in tournaments, and make new friends. The school sounds pleasurable enough to attend, and true to it's word, you are thoroughly enjoying yourself on your first days at the academy.

The school is a happy place, but in the shadows, there are shackles restraining you. You are not granted the same freedom as others are, and you must guard your secret carefully. After an act of betrayal and deception, you live worn down, weak, restrained. When you discovered the secrets that one day, you began to deeply hate the school of Talsmor and everyone and everything related to it. After all, they must all be eliminated. Because what they have committed against you all those years ago is unforgivable. Because it is your mission. Because the thirst for revenge is all too powerful...or because they ignored you last week during play time. Well, whatever...you just want to destroy the school, okay?

...Moving on, will you dutifully carry out the plan to burn Talsmor to the ground? Or fall in love? Will you grow attached to the school, your comrades and friends, and change your ways, protecting the school instead? You must choose where your loyalties lie...before it's too late.

Win the Grand Tournament, make allies and enemies, create potions, join a club, defeat monsters, become a thief, complete quests with your team, or join the dark side.

Talsmor's fate rests on your hands, to destroy or save. What will you do?

The choice is yours.

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