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I love anime, manga, and fanfiction. (I'm no otaku, though!)

Anime I like: Tokyo ghoul, Attack on Titan, Parasyte the Maxim, Another, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Yuri on Ice, Hikaru no go, Death Note, etc.

Personal opinions that apply to most anime:

1.) The anime isn't interesting without action and some gore!

2.) Slice of Life anime sucks.

Cartoons I absolutely despise: Simpsons, Steven Universe (especially the latter) (grr!)

Hobbies: drawing, writing, reading, swimming, playing flute

...Let's see, what else is there...?


Eh, I'll figure it out later. 


Mage of Thornwich

In Talsmor, the school of magic, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to study various subjects, master your element, compete in tournaments, and make new friends.

Since the moment you were born, you were raised to be human. It is only near the end of your youth that the telltale signs of magic begin to show. Mysterious scorch marks on the face of the boy you just beat up. Whispering voices from the shadows that sound almost magical. And, (what the hell) a new quest and exp. log that follows you around everywhere.

Betrayed by your own parents, you are turned over to the MACRO (Magic Authorities Control and Restraint Order) under the classification of uncontrolled magical individuals. After judgment, you are given the choice between execution or attending the magic school Talsmor.

And just a couple days later, with a packed suitcase and a nearly empty wallet, you are shipped off to the academy along with a long list of unnecessary and unfair restraints intended just for you (no thanks needed).

Win the Grand Tournament, forge allies and enemies, brew potions, join a club and defeat monsters, complete quests with your team, or join the dark side. 

But beware of the evil that lurks in the shadows...

Talsmor's fate rests on your hands, to destroy or save. What will you do?


(minor swearing) (PG13+ recommended) (some gore)

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