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Animal POV Prompt

one month ago
Here is my animal POV prompt.

A buck and his mate walked upon the lush forest grass, looking around and admiring their surroundings. They occasionally bent down to take a bite, just to ensure that food was never an issue. This went on for quite a while, both deer simply walking and enjoying each other’s company. They had already mated, and the doe would soon be giving birth. Although the buck would soon be moving on to other females, he had enjoyed his time spent with this mate. And so it continued. Just as the doe bent down to take a bite of grass, a loud crack rang out. Blood burst from a hole her side, and she collapsed onto the ground, bleating and crying out in pain. Confused and terrified for his life, the buck took one look behind him and set off at a sprint. He ran away from his dying mate, away from the loud sounds, away from the danger. He ran for a few minutes more, just to ensure he was as far away from the danger as possible. The buck then arrived in a small clearing and slowed to a stop. Still scared -but more confident now that he was far away-, he bent down and began to chew on some grass. His mate had just been killed, and with her the fawn. This was bad news for the rest of the herd. It had been short on offspring this mating season and they were all depending on the few that had been concepted. Males would have to step up the mating for next season. This all passed through the buck’s head as he ate grass and walked around.

Suddenly another crack rang out and a tree near the buck’s head began to smoke. The buck jumped back in fear and began to sprint away, heading into the thick woods. He thought that he had been safe. He had ran so far, distanced himself so greatly from the death. How could it have caught up with him? As he ran, he heard another crack ring out and a bird dropped from the sky, blood staining its wings and chest. The buck began to panic more, focusing less on the environment around him and more on just getting away from this place. What had started as a peaceful day with his mate had quickly become a spiraling fog of death. More cracks rang out and more birds fell from the sky. The buck bleated in fear and ran so hard that his legs began to buckle under the pressure. He ran and ran and ran, willing himself away from the death, the horrible cracking sounds. Just as before, the buck finally reached a spot where he felt safe, where he believed that he was too far away for the cracking to hurt him. He calmed down, and began to walk around again. The buck looked around his environment and noticed a strange formation of sticks. He walked over to it to inspect it. As he got close, something grabbed his antler, trapping him into that location. In that one second, the buck went from calm to ballistic. He began to bleat loudly and thump his legs, doing anything to gain the attention of any nearby creatures. The buck shook and pulled his antler, attempting to unstick it from the trap, but that was useless as well.

After some time, the buck gave up and fell to the ground, defeated and exhausted. He knew that he was most likely going to die here, but just didn’t care enough anymore to do anything about it. The buck closed its eyes, falling into a deep sleep, and staying unconscious for hours. He was finally awoken by the footsteps of a nearby animal. He looked around and saw it: a human. It was covered in a a substance to allow it to camouflage with the forest, and was slowly walking towards the buck. In slight resistance, the buck thrashed out his legs towards the human, but they were met with a hot stab of pain, followed by blood flow. The human came close enough so that the buck could see its pupils, and reached down towards the buck’s neck. Another stab of pain burst out, and the buck felt blood flowing once more. But this time instead of panicking, the buck began to feel… peaceful. He leaned backwards and looked at the leaves, hoping that the rest of the herd was okay.

As the buck expired, the hunter unhooked his antler from the trap and picked up the corpse. Now carrying a heavy load, he walked slowly out of the thick forest and towards his truck. Reaching the truck, the hunter opened the back and threw the buck’s body into it, along with the doe and miscellaneous birds. Another successful day of hunting! His family would have plenty of food for weeks to come.

Animal POV Prompt

one month ago
Lol. Okay so from this I gather you've never been hunting and have never met anyone who has or even skimmed a wiki page, because noooone of it works like this even remotely. But nice to see at least one of you non-Deadkin people are back in action with the prompts.

Animal POV Prompt

one month ago
Those statements were all correct (I will admit that). This was not a good story in the slightest, but I wanted to get something out. Something is better than nothing.

Animal POV Prompt

one month ago

A lion sat on the rock of glory. He had killed all his competition. At long last he would control the land. Pride filled his stomach, as his eyes gazed over his newly gained territory. He was now in power. 

No longer would he have to listen to his brother. That fool thought that every animal should be treated fairly. What a joke. The strong exist to pray on the weak. That's how its always been. If his brother can't accept that then he is nothing but a deadbrained fool. He deserved to die.

In the middle of his thinking his right hand man, Fang, warned of a hyena invasion. He sighed at the thought. They were not a regular occurence, only about one every two moons, but when they did happen they were a major nuisance. 

When the lion exited his lair he saw that his territory was filled with the hyenas. His lions were dealing with them nicely though. Soon it would be over and he could return to more important things. It was almost boring. There was no competition to be had. 

The lions had been in charge sense this range was formed. The first rulers were harsh and cruel to those beneath them, as it should be. Then they started getting softer on the lower races. No more of that is to be had though. Now is the time for change. I did not manger that the lower races outnumbered them 20 to 1. They had the fire power.

Two weeks later something strange happened. The hyenas attacked again. It was unlike them to put two attacks back to back like this. Though this one was smaller, it was still troublesome. The fact that they had been attacking within such close proximity of each other, suggested something had changed. Though he could not make out what.

Not only was that strange, the lesser races had been less cooperative as well. More and more were caught trying to leave. Did they know something the lions did not? Was the commander Fang a traitor? No that could not be it. Fang has always been loyal. He is living a very good life. He had to find out, but how? 

The next day he imposed a new tax. He said it was the result of strange behavior from them, and the attempts to escape. Now twice as many of them would have to be offered up as food for each race. This cause a major uproar, and even a riot! Though it was put out very quickly. 

With the Hyena attacks growing more and more frequent, and more riots happening the king was growing paranoid. Sure his army of lions could hold them off with relative ease. Though why was this happening, and what would the future hold. Sure his army was getting stronger on account of the extra food, but the riots and attacks were not ceasing. What was he to do in this situation. He had to call in Fang.

With Fang in his lair, they tried to form a plan. The lions could not take anymore tributes, because if they did that it could lead to then eating them faster then they could reproduce. If they attacked the hyenas then there was a good change the troupes would be eliminated. If he sent his whole army the riots would destroy him. He had no options it seemed. He would just have to wait it out and see what happens. Not ideal, but what else could he do. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

His fears were well founded however. A few days later a massive army of hyenas appeared. Not only that but around 80 percent of the lesser races joined them. They were planning an attack. While the lions were fearsome they were no matter for the joined forces. 

They fought them for three days. During this time the lions made barely any headway at all. The lions indead were much stronger. This along with the massive influx of food should have been enough for their victory. But when you have an army as massive as theirs, you are virtually indestructible. No matter how hard they fought the lions were losing badly.

As more and more of his land was being overtaken, the king was growing evermore fearful. Was he wrong to be so harsh on them? Was it him who had caused this downfall? It could not be, for he was right. Though justice mattered not for they were winning, and this battle was coming to a close. His general Fang was dead, and most of the lions had surrendered, or died. All hope for his victory was gone. As the hyenas entered his lair he cursed, and wished this would goodbye.

Animal POV Prompt

one month ago
Hmm. I'm not sure if lions work like this, but I suppose you did research it extensively after all so what do I know. Glad you're back in the game with these anyhow, if Karstark had managed to write an animal story before you did I'd been planning to kick you from the Discord. Good thing for you he's lazy.

Animal POV Prompt

27 days ago
I am going to give a framed copy of this to the local Fleet Farm.