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Hi me is new

8 months ago

Hey i'm new and I recently posted a story about a water droplet that doesn't end, you go back to the beginning. Please check it out!


Hi me is new

8 months ago

Cough, cough, your story is still unpublished or got unpublished. Well, next time try to actually put effort into your story games, and put an end game link! 

Anyways, here's my message I will paste to this individual, I don't want to meddle with you anymore.

Hello and welcome to Cystia! Good luck on your writing and future endeavors. Here, have a few inspirational stories!

If you have any questions about this site, feel free to PM me, or any other member for help. This might be obvious, but never give out personal information, or your password to anyone on this site. It would also be a good idea to take a glance at the Help & Info section of the forums, particularly in the awesome articles made by other site members! These is a good starter article, as it displays numerous helpful information at this site, and can be counted as an archive.

Before you go on submerge yourself further in the reading or writing world, you must read this article that shows proper forum etiquette. I highly advise you do this to avoid potential fights. Remember, do not feed the troll!

Lastly, have this beautiful face to 'inspire' you.

Thomas The Train

Hi me is new

8 months ago

Hello and welcome to the valorous kingdom of CYS!

I recommend reading Will's How Not To Write and The Land of Bad Writing since they may help you with any future storygames you may write. In addition, here’s a story that is a good example of what not to do. Moral of the story: listen to constructive criticism.

I also recommend taking a surf through all the articles in the Help & Info section, two in particular being a helpful list made by StrykerL and an excellent article on proper forum posting, if you haven’t seen it yet that is. One resource in particular worth mentioning is a very good resource for designing a storygame.

Among the things you're more than welcome to participate in:

writing prompts

a contest

a collaborative story setting

poetry prompts.

I wish you luck in any creative writing endeavors you embark on! There's also a ton of good content on this website, so I hope you find the time to read any of the featured storygames.

And remember: above all else, live your life off the wall, and never feed the troll!

...Oh, there’s also this.

Hi me is new

8 months ago

I clicked the link without reading the your description and ended up doing it for 20 whole minutes. It was a cute story that'd be nice to teach kids about rain and stuff, buuuut you should probably hae an ending in there just to so you can a rating and some comments. Otherwise it's like no one ever played it.