A Jung Hero's Adventure

Player Rating5.06/8

"#215 overall, #11 for 2001"
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Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

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"A well spent lunch break"

Maturity Level4/8

"need to be accompanied by an adult"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.
The game is my attempt to explain Jung's archetypes in a story. I hope it may be good enough for others to use as a study guide or to learn about Jungs theories themselves.
At the end of every chapter of the game notes will be given to explain ideas and pieces of the story. The notes may better help for you to understand the story. (Will be adding picture and editing story in the near future)

Player Comments

This game, with all its clever themes and references, pulling from deeply complex concepts, does not quite achieve its aim. The game seems to rely on the reader already being at least passingly familiar with Jung. When a character is representing a psychological concept, it is stated as such in the game notes, with no explanation of the meaning or importance of those concepts.

If a reader is already highly familiar with said psychological concept, then he or she likely doesn't need to be told that that's what is being represented. However, someone who won't recognize it, needs more detail in order for the lesson to become substantial. This occurs frequently. So I ask, who is the intended audience for this story?

Instead of just being told what certain characters represent, it would be a masterstroke if through the course of narrative and well written dialogue readers were presented with opportunities to come to those understandings, or gain a feeling for what they might mean, by their own cognition. At that point the game notes could attach the designated name to the concept, and explain its significance.

In an effort to only outline Jung's concepts, the story and pacing are rushed and turns of narrative are abrupt. Most foreshadowing is either totally absent or entirely overt, character's were largely undeveloped, and editing was disastrous.

The atmosphere was really well done. The world's lore was clearly carefully thought out, and even skillfully fleshed out over the course of this storygame. That is the very reason why I wish so much that the writing of this story had been given more time. I want more time in the school. There was so much opportunity to look into how such interactions in that environment plays out, not just in the general broad brush, but concerning social interaction and for the individual.

More could have been done considering the implications of home life. More could have been explained as to how the Health Department works. We could have seen relatives and family friends. What do social gatherings look like?

I wish I had real consequential choices to make during the course of the story. This "entertainment" was fine...but I wanted a little more "suffering," you know?
-- ugilick on 5/18/2018 3:56:48 PM with a score of 530
A very intriguing method of exploring Jung's theories within the oddly appropriate trapings of a Bladerunner-esque dystopian future reality.

Admittedly, from a glancing perspective at least, it appears that this piece could have done with a tighter focus on the titular Jungian concepts, with much of the story seeming to veer off into purely sci-fi territory.

However, as one starts to realize that most of the characters are representative of one Jungian archetype or another, & that their actions in the story and our responses serve to illustrate in a practical fashion the inter-relation of archetypes and the means by which they can be understood & overcome, one begins to appreciate the level of comprehension the author possesses with regards to Jungian theory.

To the author: Have you considered working with an editor to iron out any grammatical oversights? A work of this calibre is certainly deserving of some straightforward proof-reading, & there's no sense in you getting bogged down in details when you have important lessons to impart : )
-- Ravanosh on 3/5/2013 4:34:09 AM with a score of 530
Probably my favorite story so far, definitely brings me enlightenment! I had a look at a bit more background on Jung's theories!

Loved the philosophical meanings behind your story too, reminds me definitely of "Animal Farm", and "A Handmaid's Tale" (Margaret Atwood). Yeah, it's quite horrible to see an intended Utopia such as this actually being a Dystopia. The labelling of the "Cretins" also reminds me of eugenics.

Just a few downsides: you could try to shorten or leave spaces between paragraphs, as it quickly becomes tiring to read.
-- 9_Ice_Sabres on 8/2/2009 12:05:33 PM with a score of 530
A relic of an older time with an interesting plot, but extremely linear with a frustrating lack of End Game links.
-- hetero_malk on 3/17/2021 10:44:28 AM with a score of 40
very good, i loved how it was an analogy the whhole way through without being very hard to understand and still telling an amazing story
-- Nerd26 on 10/22/2019 9:01:14 AM with a score of 530
This game is an incredible frustration for me. The plot and setting is fascinating but the writing itself is a complete mess, very rough and rushed. It's one of the older games on the site and I suppose standards about proofreading and such were different then. I don't think a story like this could ever be featured today. It really is a shame this is unlikely to ever be cleaned up.
-- mizal on 1/13/2017 9:05:19 PM with a score of 530
I got the good ending! My skills are impeccable.
-- Balt on 9/29/2016 2:02:41 AM with a score of 30
Grammatical error bits were easy to pass over, but it was told rather quickly on parts of the story.... maybe flesh out some of it so it doesn't feel as if it moves abruptly at points.

Enjoyable and intriguing and disturbing environment! Well done on imagination!
-- Kyu on 7/12/2016 3:44:54 PM with a score of 540
i would rather do these type of stories then actual homework
-- desiree ross on 4/18/2016 10:28:46 AM with a score of 0
I liked the idea of this story, but I still feel as if it could still be fleshed out more instead of just killing you by making the wrong choice... if it could flesh out like Endmaster's stories (they branch out like a motherfucker), it would have received a better rating from me...
-- CurseOfTime on 3/26/2016 5:43:03 PM with a score of 530
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