Player Comments on Color Your Own Adventure (webcomic)

This was really cute and I'm very interested to see where the plot is going. Well done!
-- hmcgrew on 4/2/2020 11:46:04 AM with a score of 0
Oh wow I can't wait for the second season!! Doing it in webcomic form is really interesting.
-- DeadWillow248 on 3/5/2020 3:07:00 AM with a score of 0
Also, The pages were blocked on my screen so I didn't know what was going on so I couldn't understand what was going on and just pressed the questions to earn badges.:(
-- Patandjenfan33333 on 12/1/2019 9:34:25 AM with a score of 0
Cool, I got 4 badges.
-- Patandjenfan33333 on 12/1/2019 9:31:08 AM with a score of 0
Cool but could have bing longer to make it more enjoyable.:\
-- Patandjenfan33333 on 12/1/2019 9:26:40 AM with a score of 0
I like the simplicity in the artwork since it doesn't distract me from following the story choices. It was an interesting (and ambitious) decision to try a CYOA webcomic but I think it works the way you presented it here. Sometimes, authors have weirdly-worded dialogue/action choices with consequences that make you wonder "that's what they meant?" But the fact that we can visually see the characters' expressions and demeanor gets rid of any ambiguity. Also, art is just a nice break from walls of text sometimes.

The main character reminds me of Princess Bubblegum from 'Adventure Time,' style-wise, and the LGBT tag of the Bubbline ship. I'm looking forward to how the story expands in the future.

As for criticism, I agree with some of the things Bill said in an earlier review--such as the story having more of an impact if it were released in larger installments (unlike the short weekly/bi-weekly releases for webcomic artists). One of the current routes is very short compared to one that loops, which would be okay if there was more to read afterwards but...

Anyway, thanks for sharing! I'll have to check out the webcomic one day.
-- Neviril on 11/28/2019 12:03:57 AM with a score of 0
I really love the art style! It took me a little while to understand how the pages worked, but I think it's a pretty cool way to do it. I think, in the future though, it would be better to wait until you had all seasons finished and throw them together into one game. I don't think there's much point to having them all as separate games, and it breaks the flow of the story - especially since, if I understood it right, you'd have to remember what badges you had to start the next story.
-- GatekeeperRose on 11/2/2019 6:02:34 PM with a score of 0
I think it's got too low of an average rating. The drawings are beautiful, and the plot is quite interesting. There are also a lot of different choices to make and ways to replay through each scenario. I genuinely was interested in learning more about what is happening. I think that once it is fully completed, it will make for a very nice game. (Although the author might want to consider putting all the seasons into one game, once they are completed).
-- Reader82 on 11/2/2019 2:42:43 PM with a score of 0
I don't know what was happening and it was all wierd, i sugest you improve it a lot or just stop doing storys
-- WillyWinky on 10/15/2019 1:07:29 PM with a score of 0
The drawings are nice and cute and the humour is funny. The story itself is very common by I suppose is part of the satirical goal. I would add more hateful thoughts in the character and a desire of screw up black adove everything else.
-- poison_mara on 10/13/2019 7:19:11 PM with a score of 0
Aaaaaaaahhhhh this one's so good! Really like the cute, expressive aesthetic and the way choices are illustratedand the cute. Genuinely intrigued by the predicament of White. Can't wait for season 2!
-- Ozoni on 10/9/2019 2:08:14 AM with a score of 0
Loved it! Absolutely love, love, love, love, loved it! The artwork is beautiful and adorable and the story is REALLY interesting.

There's a lot of aspects of this game I find very clever (I particularly like the unobtainable path where, if you start from the bottom and follow the line to figure out where it came from, it just loops back to itself. That was a nice little trick.)

I suppose the only problem with this game is that the whole "Go to W1A", "Go to W1B" thing doesn't really suit the game format very well, but since this was originally a webcomic, I suppose it can't really be helped.

Either way, it's really refreshing to see something so original and I'm very much looking forward to the next installment. <3
-- Avery_Moore on 10/8/2019 4:09:59 PM with a score of 0
Very cool! I would gladly rate it much higher if it offered a complete story.
-- BerkaZerka on 10/8/2019 12:03:34 PM with a score of 0
OK, so this most certainly wasn't what I was expecting when I clicked on a story that supposedly only had 50 written words!

It's difficult for me to provide a solid review as this installment is essentially just an introductory chapter (even though you're calling it a "season"). So yeah, the artwork is awesome, and the premise seems intriguing, but it ends just as soon as we finish saying "once upon a time," so to speak.

I clicked on the link to your website, and I lingered long enough to see that you do have further chapters already available. Therefore my only suggestions are these:

1 - Instead of delivering your story on a piecemeal basis, you will probably make a bigger impact dropping it all at once. Even an installment in a larger storyline should have its own self-contained arc, but this here is very much a "start of the beginning." I get to meet a couple interesting characters, learn a few of the rules of how this world works, and then it's over. A single, complete story of this caliber would be cool; a series of micro-installments, not so much.

2 - Each page begins with a tag telling me which previous pages precede the current one. This might be helpful in other formats, but the CYS story editor pretty much automates this process for you, making those tags redundant. What really matters are those options at the bottom of the page. I think ideally there would be clickable links right in your drawings, rather than scrolling down to select "w2g" or whatever. I'll leave it to others to determine whether that's even feasible.

I'll be curious to see where this story goes.
-- Bill_Ingersoll on 10/7/2019 9:22:46 PM with a score of 0
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