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I'm an old hand at storytelling but completely new to writing.

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Characters you're just obsessed with? on 4/19/2019 2:54:40 PM

Oh. I have plenty of those Mary Sue's. They're not so much myself but more of a character that are like me. That's usually because I know how I think and trying to form a personality that is nothing like me is beyond what I'm capable.

I have a character concept that I've thrown into various situations through various means that I keep returning to. The idea of someone made immortal has been interesting to me for a long time. Sometimes it's been by taking a brain scan of a man and putting that scan into a AI frame decades later. Sometimes in a fantasy setting it's been by turning a man into an immortal Elf where he is left to watch the rise and fall of civilization throughout the ages. The AI one has been fun. I get to put a  21st century man into a situation where he needs to translate unrecognizable languages to English and just put a translation file to the side, trying to take over the controls of a brain dead "automated" space vessel while trying to figure out the technology as he goes, becoming a space vessel and still having a humanoid form that walks it's halls, then there's the old trying to figure out how to deal with the passengers that "...won't stop f*****g inside of me!" in a reasonable way.

The other pair of characters I keep coming back to I've called Brian and Matt. Brian went on a camping trip with some buddies and got mauled by a rabid wolf. Brian it turns out is one of the handful of werewolves that are still around. Most people don't survive a genetic disease that changes your form suddenly and violently for three days in every 28. Brian gets picked up by the government and given a job to help deal with other monsters and making sure they stay in their reservations and acceptable positions. Matt is Brian's supervisor and is a Vampire. Not the fun kind of Vampire with super powers. He's actually just a regular human with a rare blood disease. Something that occurs naturally in most peoples blood doesn't occur in his. The symptoms of not having this is a sensitivity to light, yellowing of the skin, the skin becomes papery and fragile, the gums recede, and a loss of higher brain function. These symptoms can be reduced with the consumption of blood. So instead of getting proper medical treatment he was thrown into the job because he was classified as a monster. Matt has been at the Job for fifteen years now. I have fun throwing the pair into situations like, dealing with a gnome gang, sorting out a "Vampire Coven" that mostly consists of moody teenagers and one psycho, trolls leaving their reservation, trying to figure out if the secretary poltergeist is real or if it's just an ongoing prank by Matt. Things of that nature. 

Characters you're just obsessed with? on 4/19/2019 12:57:37 PM

I don't get to much Mary Sue-itis so much. I'll make it a while with one of those stories then stop and go "Wait... this is where I wouldn't be able to continue on the way by myself." Or "Yeah, I could make that shot, but I'd probably wrack myself trying to climb an angled ladder with my hands full."

Wholly fictional characters have been more fun for me. I have some of those that are reoccurring in my head often enough. I usually keep those characters in thier own worlds though.

Um...Hi! on 4/15/2019 8:24:37 PM

Okay. All of what Cricket said here is true, except Mayana isn't always a red herring.

After you go through the list Cricket just gave you and if you enjoyed both of those books I might recommend

If you didn't enjoy either of those there are plenty of other stories to choose from.

Um...Hi! on 4/15/2019 6:58:51 PM

Don't trust Cricket or Mayana. Be quiet and lurk for awhile to figure out how the community works. Just rating games helps.

request thread on 4/15/2019 5:49:54 PM

It's really just something you need to jump into to get the hang of. If the editor is intimidating enough to make you avoid writing, there is a simplified version you can opt for when you start a story.

If you want practice writing you can try to knock out a short story of a few paragraphs in the Creative Corner of the forum. Ask for input and someone will chip in.

request thread on 4/15/2019 5:07:05 PM

I've got something like three other stories I'm writting off and on, and the notes for a third one set to the side. I like the idea of writting cyberpunk but the best I'd be able to manage is most likely some sort of Shadow Run ripoff. Which I'm cool with, but there's almost no chance I'd be able to get that knocked out this year.

Make sure you capitalize what needs to be capitalized. You'll probably get banned if you don't show improvement.

request thread on 4/15/2019 4:46:32 PM

There is so much judgment that will happen here. We bond by mocking pretty much all there is to mock about eachother.

I'd clean up your spelling and grammar before posting on the forum as a heads up. There's a spellcheck built into the site and if you refuse to use it you can get banned on a admins whim.

Cyberpunk is incredibly difficult to write well. I'm probably not familiar with the specific alien isolation you're refering too. Unless you're making an obscure reference to Enemy mine. If you want these stories you'll probably need to write a few stories first. No one takes unpublished noobs like you and me seriously here. After you've written some yo might be able to challange someone else to write a particuler story and be taken seriously.

Corgi's Unofficial Contest: The Lords of the Land on 4/14/2019 12:54:21 AM

I see the Kingdom Come references right here at the start. Bold going with something that's been covered recently, could be wise going with something familiar depending on how you wrote it. I'll look forward to reading it.

Happy National EndMaster Day! on 4/12/2019 3:24:03 PM

A few years ago I found this site and EndMaster's Necromancer was the first story I read. I enjoyed it. I bounced around the site and read a few other stories before reading Eternal next. My first run through I got the Easter egg from Necromancer ending. I thought that was cool. I've read some of EndMaster's other stories but not all of them just yet. He's a good author and his writing is one of the reason I've stuck around the site. I also enjoy the dark lord joke that's been running for awhile now.

Best way to include combat? on 4/11/2019 6:16:39 PM

So from what I've seen you can go with the choose your own adventure styles. There is a right choice or a wrong choice, sometimes it's just a bit of a different flavor text but your character goes on with the story either short an arrow or with marred armor, or you can have a bit of a blend where there's a choice that will lose you the fight but will move the story along, with the opposite choice winning the fight but getting your character killed in a few more pages.

Another way you can do it is the old gamebook style. You'll need the advanced editor to do this. If you're going to go with a party based system I would recommend keeping the stats super simple. I haven't messed with these options yet, but from what I've seen it can get pretty complicated trying to make something like this.