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I'm an old hand at storytelling but completely new to writing.

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"I'm not worth talking about. Shoo!" -DerPrussen


Dragoon's Charge

This is a story about a gut shot Dragoon's charge into the enemy.

This story is for Mizal's "Lone Hero" Competition.

Boarding Action

The colonization of the solar system is underway. With that regular lanes of travel and communication need to be kept open.

This is where you come in. You are Marine second class Garfield. Your job is to board Disabled and destroyed Pirate vessels so engeneers can clear away the hulks before they become a threat to non-planetary life.

Corgi's Quest

Be the knight! Save the kingdom! Or really just deal with petty squabbles and underwhelming threats (if you're smart about it) to your little plot of land.

Deal with court politics, squelch bandits, fight beasts, and get around to doing something about those pesky goblinoids.

In Cave and Trench

A kobold's fight.

Surviving the wastes

Ten Blocks

The zombie apocalypse has kicked off! It's time to pick up your chainsaw and get to work... except you know that's a very bad idea. You have a fair collection of knives around your home, but you are also smart enough to realize how martially capable you are, which isn't very.
Maybe you'll just wait things out a little bit longer until you feel it's safe enough to make it farther than your front porch

Title of Story Pending

Description of story pending.

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New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/19/2019 9:52:25 PM

There's no real subject in this one. It's just whatever you feel you did the best with, that was published in 2019.

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/19/2019 9:08:15 PM

Just pay attention to the news here. This is like the fourth contest this year. We still have one going.

RIP lordkarstark on 8/19/2019 8:52:39 PM

I will miss knowing which CYSer is most likely going to die in a soccer related death. Uh... I mean, Shut up!

hello on 8/19/2019 7:17:42 PM

Welcome to the site. You just got here at the end of two contests. Reviewing is something that helps the community. If you're a writer, awesome.

Read Necromancer before you read Death's Song, if you're into Fantasy. Marooned on Giri Minor is a solid read if you like sci-fi or old school adventure games. Dead Man Walking is the way to go if you want a adventurous horror story.

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/18/2019 1:00:55 AM

I would imagine that submitting an entry would be good enough at this point, but oh well. I'm joining the contest.

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/17/2019 1:40:10 PM

Guess I forget to ask to be included in the contest, although I thought I had. 

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/17/2019 1:39:16 PM's-charge

Here's my submission for the contest.

The Crazy Psychic Chick's Dream on 8/17/2019 11:05:47 AM

So most of the repeating dreams I've dealt with are fighters dreams. Keep punching the same dude and nothing happens, but every punch from him is like it comes from a ten pound hammer. Or no one is dropping no matter how many bullets you put in them. This stuff is usually the base of the brain telling the dreamer that they're nervous about their skills. For the shooter, put some time on the range and it'll go away. For the fist fight, put some time in a punching bag and brush up on that talent.

From your dream it sounds like you're worried about war. The crescent and star shows up in a lot of old Islamic nation flags. Don't worry about that stuff. There's always a war coming or happening. Be prepared to the extent that you can be and make sure you're doing good by your god.

Noob here, I'm here to warn you on 8/12/2019 10:15:18 AM

Welcome to the site. As far as reading goes I would for you, recommend starting with Imagination, because you were just told to. Read Necromancer before Death's Song. It's a good start on EndMasters tamer stories

A Stack of Cats is good if you want to play a puzzle game.

Marooned on Giri Minor is solid if you want to play something sci-fi. It's also got a sequel if you like it.


Enlighten me on 8/12/2019 9:57:26 AM

Posting that here is your best bet. Give Imagination a review after reading it extensively because mizal told you to. Do whatever mizal tells you to do. Then next time someone looks at your points on your profile make sure that there's more than just dueling that's added points to it.