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Not really a lot to go on with the description of this story, is there? I mean, I guess you could really be setting some expectations with “WEIRD” at the description, but I’m thinking a little more effort there could really set the story up. After all, there are hundreds of stories here on the site. The more information provided in the description section here, the better chance readers will read the story because they know what’s coming. Then again, I did read it, and that’s with just “WEIRD” as the description. Still…

I’m not a huge fan of animal perspective stories, though they can be done well. In this case, the reader is the animal, which is also a bit more difficult. The story does start out a bit jarring with a few sentence fragments – it might be more effective with complete sentences there. The initial setting is interesting and a little confusing as well. It starts out in front of a garage. In my mind, the garage is next to the house, facing the street, so your car can drive on the road. However, the next sentence moved the garage to the backyard…and I’m trapped. Is there a fence? I’m not sure. I can understand a garage in the backyard, but the next sentence says I’m in the yard on the side of the house. Am I in the yard? In the garage? In the back or side? It makes for a confusing start and makes it difficult for me to picture the story in my head.

There are also a few errors in word choice, tense, and spacing, which makes the story more difficult to read. For my first choice, I chose to go around to the front of the house. This, of course, conflicts with the idea that I’m trapped in the garage, back yard, or side yard (I don’t know which one). I think this all could be resolved with a much more clear description of the house and yard from the start. It could even be a view from above or something that really clearly lets me know there’s a house, a yard, a fence, a garage, trees, and anything else that is my domain. After all, it sounds like I’ve been wandering around it for a long time, so I could see many ways to illustrate that the dog knows the entire yard like the back of his hand so the reader can get a clear picture of being trapped (if that is indeed the goal).

Then there is the story – or complete lack of one. What is supposed to be happening here? The reader just has to wait a certain amount of time and then new actions are available to them? Why? What is the significance of the time blocks? The story really doesn’t make much sense. It felt more like this story was an experiment to learn how to use variables and items in the game more than an actual story.

-- Ogre11 on 6/5/2019 12:01:53 PM with a score of 0
-- IceBurstYT on 8/6/2019 1:34:49 PM with a score of 0
Holy shit, this sucks.

All right, if by some chance you're desperate and you're looking for a game to play, and you like dogs and you think this might ne interesting:

You basically have three options that you have to do over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and...

Some retard thought this would be interesting. But really the most interesting aspect I saw was this bit of broken code: "TIME has no colon."

Deep, man, deep.

TIME... has no colon. Thankfully, time doesn't need to take a shit.

But speaking of time... when you see the time variable reaching 100, you should be using one of the four items you've collected: standing on your hind legs, the garage key, the safe key, and then the knife. Basically you just click around getting that variable up to 100, get the item, and then basically keep going until you the golden retriever grab a knife and stab your owner.

OK, I love dogs. I have a pit bull that will kiss anyone to death if you let her. The thought of a dog tied up 24/7 with nowhere to go is profoundly disturbing.

But remember:

TIME has no colon.

Neither does my wristwatch, come to think of it...
-- Bill_Ingersoll on 6/8/2019 1:28:38 AM with a score of 0
This game is fucking garbage.

I cheated to get to the End Game link by the way because it is in no way worth anybody's time to do so much tedious, pointless clicking.
-- mizal on 6/7/2019 12:41:10 PM with a score of 0
A few points to make...

1.Nearly every living human being has a Golden Retriever? That’s news to me.
2.Anybody else have to do a double-take because they thought the dog’s name was Hitler?
3.No dog on the face of the planet would choose freedom over food.
4.Why do I have to waste so much time wandering aimlessly between three places before I can look up at that bloody bird?
5.Birds don’t bite. They peck.
6. There seems to be a lot of aimlessly wandering around, doing the same things over and over again, trying to trigger certain events.
7.… Holy crap, that took a sudden dark turn! O.O

I guess it was a relatively fun little waste of time, but I kind of get the impression that you couldn't made a much better game if you'd put a bit more effort into it.
-- Avery_Moore on 5/12/2019 7:24:20 PM with a score of 0
I love this concept
-- OLivers2 on 3/1/2019 11:00:42 AM with a score of 0
This game was super linear, way too easy, and made no sense. Most of the game was spent clicking random buttons simply to wait for the correct time, which was annoying. You can tell little time was spent on this game.
-- hbroc3 on 5/29/2018 7:28:00 PM with a score of 0
Interesting concept, boring application.
-- llImperatorll on 1/9/2018 6:42:20 AM with a score of 0

You stab your master, then dash for the door. Once there, you jump up on your hind legs, open it, then run outside...


TIME is 100.

Seriously? Who keeps a knife in a safe unless they think it is safe? What? And man's best friend need to betray to escape? Makes sense???
-- TestingJest on 12/5/2017 2:59:06 AM with a score of 0
Took a while to work it out. It requires a lot of waiting around for things to happen - which can be immersive in the right setting. This wasn't it, however. You pretty much have to wait for options to be available whilst everything loops around you.
-- Saika on 8/15/2017 6:34:43 AM with a score of 0
Pretty good, short, but at times its hard to figure out what to do, maybe add an indication, something so the player knows what to do
-- joggy135 on 1/9/2017 9:24:00 AM with a score of 0
I'm not sure how I feel about killing my master, but I did like the interesting plot twist of the knife in the safe.
-- koolkat2023 on 12/21/2016 1:58:36 PM with a score of 0
What in the world? O_o
-- CurseOfTime on 3/4/2016 8:39:22 PM with a score of 0
man's best friend.....
-- corgi213 on 11/8/2015 10:36:46 PM with a score of 0
Needs more...MURDER!! but in all seriousnes you did good
-- Shadow_Strider on 7/19/2015 6:30:37 PM with a score of 0
I didn't see a point in it all.
-- Penworth on 6/17/2015 7:27:52 AM with a score of 0
Go Assassin Dog! Interesting use of items and variables there but I feel you might have more free time on your hands than I do :)
-- Will11 on 5/27/2015 1:15:08 AM with a score of 0
OMG!!! I didn't wanna stab my master :<
-- kawaii_kitty on 5/4/2015 10:11:32 PM with a score of 0
I liked the use of all the items in the game.
-- warriorcats64 on 2/10/2015 10:20:07 PM with a score of 0
how very........ different
-- VinVin on 12/24/2014 12:56:10 AM with a score of 0
This is fucking awful.
-- Malkalack on 10/17/2014 7:51:53 PM with a score of 0
weird is the only thing that comes to mind.
-- blizzard12 on 8/17/2014 3:38:51 PM with a score of 0
D'awhh! For a game about a dog that starts killing people for no apparent reason, that was kind of cute ^_^
-- Briar_Rose on 2/5/2014 9:28:57 AM with a score of 0
I can see detail in the puzzle making. Props on that. However, next time maybe spend a little more detail on story. Just having a killer dog seems pointless. But still better than many of the games ive played today.
-- Fleshnblood_78 on 1/29/2014 7:58:22 PM with a score of 0
A little clumsy in application, but really not all that bad. I like the feel of 'pacing back and forth' as the dog - sort of waiting for things to happen. Though there probably needs to be a bit more description or explanation or even options (like dig a hole or something) during those times, so that the reader doesn't feel like he's not getting anywhere or is wondering if the game is broken.
-- BerkaZerka on 1/23/2014 12:31:37 PM with a score of 0
Plot's strange, though the grammar and scripting is certainly exceptional. In comparison to many other storygames pertaining to scripting, this is rather short and...objectiveless.
-- Swiftstryker on 1/23/2014 2:36:38 AM with a score of 0
That was... Bizarre 0.o
Otherwise, it had decent grammar, and good use of items. Unsure what the Time Feature served, and it was kinda random... 4/8
[Spoilers ahead]
Also I'm kinda confused on how you were able to use the knife when you're... Well, a dog. The game stated clearly your disability to walk, but you can use a knife? (Dogs' thumbs can't bend to hold something like our's can :P). So, realising I had to stab my master took a while haha.
[Spoiler End]
-- Tanstaafl on 1/23/2014 12:55:29 AM with a score of 0
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