Horror House

Player Rating3.93/8

"#464 overall, #44 for 2013"
based on 124 ratings since 05/16/2013
played 2,288 times (finished 172)

Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length2/8

"So short yo' momma thought it was a recipe"

Maturity Level5/8

"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.



Tyler accepts a dare to stay one night in the old abandoned house down the street. Through out his stay in the house he must survive the horrors of the house. If he fails he may suffer death or worse.

Player Comments

I survived! I think... Well, this was certainly quite a creepy game, and that is of course meant as a compliment in this case. The writing was quite engaging and served it's purpose in making the reader choose their choices carefully, not sure which one would lead to quite the unsavory path for the protagonist.

I must say that I immensely enjoyed this game.
-- TharaApples on 10/4/2016 12:36:00 AM with a score of 0
A decent house of horrors although I wish I had some way to fight back against the monsters so it would feel more fair. The writing was good though and I enjoyed the pictures, though it would be nice if there were a few more. The sudden endings, the inexplicability of the monsters (is there a mad scientist in the basement making them) and my helplessness against them were the only downsides for me, overall fairly good though.
-- Will11 on 11/12/2014 5:09:07 AM with a score of 0
I think that you are really capable of a better story. The problem is that about the time we are about to get immersed into the story you end it abruptly. Let the suspense build. We should wander around the house for a few pages, or whatever the user chooses to do, with only subtle oddities and serving as additional foreshadowing. When the horror begins let us wallow in it for a bit before you conclude. Give us a few more pages of options as we try desperately to survive. You want us to say something like, "I should have seen that coming!" or "What! wow, what was that?" For the first don't be too predictable and for the second don't be to crazy. Choose a few horrible things to be in the house and be consistent; otherwise it becomes random and we can't get into the story. I look forward to seeing more work from you.
-- ugilick on 6/4/2013 10:44:07 PM with a score of 0
-- littletimmy on 4/17/2019 5:45:47 PM with a score of 0
Umm.. that's it?


Human bones, sleep in the kitchen, and the other guy dies or something. And then you leave? Hmm. Thought there would be more to this story game.
-- Bob on 2/16/2019 7:19:30 PM with a score of 0
well that was dumb, i died within 2 minutes..... like why did John kill me? wwhat could hae happened to him that was so bad in that little bit of time?
-- bornatmidnight on 11/18/2018 1:51:14 PM with a score of 0
Good- Apart from, too short. Should be more of an adventure.
-- Toby on 3/31/2018 3:04:06 PM with a score of 0
I lost every time
-- geb1799 on 1/30/2018 9:13:57 AM with a score of 0
The adventure was realistic and scary, loved it. Maybe we could collaborate sometime.
-- FryMan on 11/7/2017 2:12:56 PM with a score of 0
Damn, that was creepy. There isn't a truly happy ending, is there?
More details and perhaps a longer length would have made the game better. Still, seems to be an okay game in the horror category, so 4/8.
-- crazygurl on 6/14/2017 11:55:56 PM with a score of 0
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