The Right Way

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.

Hello! This is my first story game on this site, and as such, will not be too large a project. This story game is the 'stage setter' for a series of story games I may or may not work on. 

This story is very short, as mentioned above, and does not have many options.

Hope you enjoy!

Note: The 'victory' endings are the ones that end with a mention to you 'following the 'RIGHT WAY'.'


The Kingdom of Uvela:

The Kingdom of Uvela has been at peace for the last Thirty Years, ever since the Western Invaders were repelled by the might of the Uvelan people. The Northern King is dead, and his lords are squabbling amonst themselves for any scrap of land they can get. The Uvelan's have begun to send pioneers to the Eastern frontier, attempting to tame the tall pine tree's of the Eastern wilderness.

This is the story of a typical patrol on one of the many beat down dirt paths leading from one of the frontier forts through the woods. 

Player Comments

This game was pretty promising, but feels incomplete and leaves the reader a little unsatisfied. I know you say in the description that this is a stage setter for later storygames, but it would be nice if the story lasted longer and didn't kill the protagonist no matter which path you choose. I just can't help but feel like it's an unfinished storygame.

That said, it was well written (albeit with some errors), had good characterisation and it felt like it could have been a pretty interesting story and world with some more detail and fleshing out.
-- 31TeV on 9/24/2014 6:57:15 AM
TRASH. Always ends quick.
-- 32Tev on 5/23/2018 6:43:24 PM
It's okay.....I guess
-- Joe Fresh on 5/23/2018 6:38:25 PM
no thxs
-- dfgh on 5/18/2018 10:31:55 AM
It was pure hype. But it wasn't that bad still...
-- Sabesan on 5/8/2018 6:40:59 PM
It's interesting that your goal isn't "winning" in the traditional sense. There could be a little bit more meat to the decisions, however.
-- Lockirby2 on 5/3/2018 11:06:02 PM
i love it
-- Jakethebro on 2/14/2018 12:51:42 PM
Not bad, it could be longer with more choices, however.
-- Shadowgirl_101 on 4/8/2016 2:34:23 PM
Good story, but unfinished.
-- Jimmysutton on 3/17/2016 9:54:54 AM
-- Rebecca on 9/10/2015 11:31:25 PM
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