Player Comments on The Secret of Daphne

I loved the game. Hunting for all of the items was a lot of fun, while the nightmares were simply disgusting. I literally felt like puking during some of the sequnces.
While there were some errors grammatically (and a small bug with the code) I never felt hindered by them, and I was swept into the story, often thinking that the whole thing was happening to me. (and I'm one of those people who find it hard to become the protagonist when she's female)
The item usage was good, and it really hid a bunch of stuff. While the salvation ending was great, I actually enjoyed exile more for some odd reason. That shows that the story is enjoyable for any group, and the good endings are definitely worth playing again. (And the bad endings are certainly worth playing through.) The rating I gave it is 8/8.
-- Aman on 9/30/2012 1:08:32 AM with a score of 1000
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the pages ended up in a sort of jumbled order at times, you went back and forth with past/present tense once or twice, and some links seemed to be restricted for no reason, but overall I thought it was a great storygame.

I gave it a 8/8, and got the best score (finding all the evidence and getting the best ending). Though, I think I'll go back and get a bad ending or two, since others seem to be saying they were pretty gruesome.

I also laughed harder than I should have when you scream obscenities at your 4 year old sister.
-- Killa_Robot on 9/28/2012 9:47:30 PM with a score of 1000
This story serves up a nice slice of the creeps! It's well written with an engaging story and a decent amount of items and secrets to keep you snooping through the entire time. It also incorporates a very creative timetable of events that runs in the background - and will run right over you if you don't keep up! I look forward to even more great stories from simplesabley in the future =)
-- BerkaZerka on 9/28/2012 5:23:47 PM with a score of 1000
It's pretty good.


For those who're stuck and didn't gather enough evidence, try reading the diary at significant events and locations.

Try visiting and investigating every location. The church location has two encounters, once directly after school, and once on your own.

Also, you can use inventory items with each other. Try using "Investigate" on your inventory items, and try using inventory items with each other.

If you're stuck on a quiz with a series of numbers, try using "Investigate" in all 3 of the town library's sections.

If you're still stuck on the numbers, maybe it's related to a name.


Though I wonder why a mute still has a perfect speaking voice after decades of not talking.
-- carlgustav9 on 6/8/2019 5:44:46 AM with a score of 1000
Too good
-- The_L on 5/27/2019 12:32:28 AM with a score of 0
Your imagination is wild lmao
-- SpicyMonki on 5/9/2019 2:41:54 AM with a score of 0
Idk what this was but ok
-- Hydra on 4/18/2019 3:24:37 PM with a score of 50
This was great! The characters were relatable, the discriptive language was beautifully written, and the mystery was compelling. Besides a few cliches, I loved it! Definately playing again
-- no account yet :( on 2/24/2019 9:21:50 PM with a score of 0
Great Story, and excellent use of suspense, gore and foreshadowing to build the plot. Got all of the good endings including Truth which seems bugged as it jumps straight into the Salvation ending.
-- Artineo on 2/21/2019 12:53:17 PM with a score of 25
Greetings from Roberta Williams...
-- Geordie on 2/15/2019 7:36:17 AM with a score of 0
A fantastic game, I enjoyed the intrigue and in cooperation of items into the story progression. The descriptions were gross and horrifying, congratulations on a great game.
-- WORM on 12/30/2018 12:45:01 PM with a score of 50
-- MikuStew on 11/8/2018 4:13:34 PM with a score of 0
Twas good.
-- Muqtasid on 10/19/2018 11:27:07 PM with a score of 0
So good! I can't figure out the numbers, though
-- Beth on 8/13/2018 8:35:46 AM with a score of 0
What a ride! I just finished with the (Murderer) ending (I think that was the name...?) but I didn't get all of it so I'm going to go back for more! The investigating aspect of the game was so intriguing, it's so easy to just leave important pieces behind. The writing is descriptive (especially with the nightmares) and really makes you feel like you're in the creepy small town. I definitely enjoyed this! Thank you :)
-- moonsicle on 7/10/2018 12:15:04 AM with a score of 50
Which ending was better? The exile or the salvation? Exile seemed like the best, but salvation was confusing...
-- HelloThere895 on 6/28/2018 11:41:07 PM with a score of 1000
Horray! I won!
-- HelloThere895 on 6/28/2018 11:11:06 PM with a score of 0
I loved it, but those numbers are driving me insane!
-- blackswann__ on 5/6/2018 6:57:06 PM with a score of 50
just when i thought it was getting interesting I died! I think maybe explain what else we could have found out "but too bad you didn't find that out, because you died" kind of thing.
-- me on 4/30/2018 11:59:41 AM with a score of 0
Got possibly the bittersweet ending, was a blast.
-- Shiny on 3/27/2018 10:53:56 PM with a score of 50
Wow, that was creepy. I'm still curious though
-- JT on 2/25/2018 4:30:54 AM with a score of 50
Very good game. Nice creepiness and it was fun.
-- Anonymous on 2/14/2018 10:53:31 AM with a score of 25
Inreeible but too short for my taste.
-- Nazhfa on 2/4/2018 2:59:26 PM with a score of 0
I became obsessed with your story. Those numbers haunt me in my sleep. But now I've solved it. You can't imagine my joy. Relief beyond description! At last, I can take in food. That heavy stone in ny stomach has vanished. Please write more. What does it feel like to be tortured by a demon? Please give us a story from the perspective of Cynthia. I feel as if I have recently been to hell and almost didn't become out.
-- Sonea on 12/5/2017 9:39:48 AM with a score of 50
That was amazing. Intense, terrifying, wonderfully written, and high replay value. Can't recommend it enough.
-- CaljinLeran on 11/15/2017 3:24:13 PM with a score of 0
Congratulations you have found one of Daphne's secrets and survived to talk about it.

But, it seems there are pieces missing from the puzzle.

What are the numbers.

What is the mysterious It Cynthia speaks of?

And who is the They she also mentions?

And if Kyle Jenkins wasn't alone, who else is to blame for the crimes against Cynthia?

Scaarrrryyy wooooooooo
-- TestingJest on 10/28/2017 4:18:43 AM with a score of 50
OMG this is so freaky
-- Hera on 10/15/2017 2:06:27 PM with a score of 50
I played this 3 or 4 times to try and get the best ending. I've got to say, this is a really great story. It really keeps your attention and is very vivid so you can really "see" what you're describing. It was just all in all a great story
-- nm13757 on 9/7/2017 9:10:44 PM with a score of 1000
Finally finished the story for a second time, and I think I got a lot more out of it this time around. I believe I got all the endings including the ones with Kyle Jenkins. Like many others, I prefer the exile ending to the salvation ending because it's the only one where the truth is revealed to the public and where Lydia receives redemption.
-- Victim on 7/10/2017 5:19:58 AM with a score of 1000
Great game.
-- crazygurl on 6/23/2017 5:35:52 PM with a score of 50
Hell yeah, best ending on the first playthrough.

Definitely a rewarding feeling, and a good balance of suspense/confrontation.
-- tubnutz on 6/11/2017 7:44:23 AM with a score of 0
Not as bad as Blood on the Handle.
-- Storytime™ on 3/29/2017 5:09:40 PM with a score of 0
WOW. This was fantabulous! It really made me think, and it was an amazing story. There were a couple of grammatical errors, but otherwise it was amazing. I gave it a 10/10. :D
-- them horror expert on 3/27/2017 7:58:22 PM with a score of 0
Nicely done, drew me in and gave me a few chills. Thanks for the time taken writing this.
-- Jim on 3/21/2017 9:17:28 PM with a score of 50
Wow, that was an amazing and freaky story, very well written.
-- ReadingforEver on 3/17/2017 9:13:29 AM with a score of 0
This was amazing! Great story and it was full of different twists. It was also pretty creepy which I loved and it reminded me of a few movies and stories that I saw and read. As for the work you probably put into for the story. It was great, the grammar seemed great, the story was well thought out, and it seemed like you put a lot of work into it. Keep up the good work and I hope to see another story from you that way I can check it out.
-- hblovecraft on 2/9/2017 3:34:01 PM with a score of 0
I loved how the game rewarded you for exploring. The plot is interesting, items are used perfectly, and the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly. The "dream" sequences were disgusting, and I loved it.
-- TheStarter on 1/13/2017 9:48:04 PM with a score of 50
I already knew the answer to all the questions but the book said I didn't?
-- GigaKnight on 12/19/2016 2:16:44 PM with a score of 50
Now, let me start by saying: BEST AND HARDEST STORY EVER.

I could not figure out the ending with the secret code, because I probably missed something earlier in the book. Luckily, to get the good ending, you don't need the secret code.
-- Ethananous512 on 11/9/2016 2:43:51 AM with a score of 0
A challenge at its best! The numbers were a bit tricky (I admit to looking at the comments for that!) One of the top cyoa games I think. Not really all that linear and the timeskip option was interesting (and tempting at points). A solid 8/10 but probably closer to 9 for how interesting it was.
-- MadRabbit on 10/3/2016 11:55:45 AM with a score of 50
Lovely story. About to replay a few parts to see if i can get some more endings. Nice job!
-- maenixon on 5/20/2016 11:31:06 AM with a score of 0
This was great! Had a lot of grammatical mistakes, and there were a few weird slides where the paragraphs repeated themselves. Other than that, the game is pretty difficult, and very interesting.
-- TheStarter on 4/23/2016 10:09:54 AM with a score of 0
Best Game EVER!!!!!!!!!
OMG, it was SOOO AMAZING! I will definitely play this storygame again and again until i find everything. my thanks to the author for making such a fabulous story!
-- Karateprincezzz on 4/23/2016 8:12:05 AM with a score of 50
O my gosh this thing needs to become a book it is fucking awesome kutos to the person who made it
-- ???? on 4/16/2016 11:25:08 AM with a score of 50
That was really good. It was written well, and it captivated me, and held my interest through the whole thing.
-- butterclaw on 3/31/2016 12:36:28 AM with a score of 50
When I started reading the story I almost made the mistake of dismissing it as silly because of the petulant and sulky tone of the protagonist and the often informal execution of the descriptions. I am glad I did not, however, because I soon realized that this was not, after all, a sign of the author’s immaturity; on the contrary it was the execution of a well-developed sense of voice and character identity, something which is difficult to master, and makes the difference between interesting and uninteresting characters. Simplesabley knows that they’re doing. Their style is also especially suited for this medium as it brings the reader closer to the narrator. I soon found myself highly engaged with the protagonist and with the story. One passage which I though demonstrated this acuity was early on with the sight of the horses, and the contrast between the siblings’ reactions.
While I appreciated the effort put into the extreme detail of the pop-culture references and girls’ clothing descriptions, I do not think they added much to the experience of the story.
There were some grammatical and spelling errors which could have been remedied with more thorough proofreading, but for the most part the presentation and editing was very accurate. The graphics were tastefully applied, and I was especially impressed with the newspaper and the photograph of the actual girl.
The scares are really damn good. They escalate at a measured pace which keeps the reader interested without giving away the goods too early. When the scary scenes do come, they masterfully capture a very visceral terror and disgust.
I was especially impressed with the planning and precision with which the story was executed. The narrative stands on its own, but the puzzles and interaction made for a really engaging and enjoyable story experience. I also admit I was stumped a couple of times. The puzzles were just the right difficulty, I thought.
All told, I dig it. The prose is raw, confident, and unapologetic. The dialogue is convincing and compelling, the characters are well imagined, and the descriptions bring the scenery alive. Most importantly for this genre as well, the thrills are thrilling and the chills are chilling.
Cheers, Simplesabley, it’s a great story.
-- dueconsideration on 3/20/2016 9:34:41 AM with a score of 1000
It's entertaining, and you need to think with what you do. Not for the Impatient.
-- Scrackles on 3/10/2016 5:14:15 PM with a score of 0
Really good!it was well written and realistic (besides the whole demon thing.) What I mean is the reactions are realistic. I had fun. I wonder, though, is there a use for the origami swan?
-- Ryndragonmaster on 2/23/2016 2:47:45 PM with a score of 1000
Yeess!! I re-played it and saved me plus Synthia (plus my family etc before anything bad happened), and discovered the secret of Daphne! I got the pastor arrested and Kyle etc woooo. Was worth it. I hope I read all the diary extracts cause they are so interesting.. :o
-- SoupLover on 1/30/2016 1:54:04 PM with a score of 0
Holy motherfrucking shlit this is amazing. I don't normally enjoy horror but this mystery has just the right blend of everything I love about horror. Crazy cults, demons, this story is AMAZING
-- Wow on 1/26/2016 2:04:13 PM with a score of 50
Very interesting. Too bad the barn code seems to be wrong a bit, though. The last number is 1 while it should be 9
-- aartbastiaan on 1/12/2016 3:19:13 AM with a score of 1000
-- Dylan on 1/9/2016 5:15:39 PM with a score of 0
Not sure if the ending is meant to be so open-ended and ambiguous, but the story up to that point was quite enthralling. Even though the main plotline is linear, there are many options for exploration and discovery. Quite good.
-- Andor on 12/31/2015 1:24:02 PM with a score of 50
it is scary and interesting
-- anabella on 12/21/2015 9:46:24 AM with a score of 50
Not sure if the number code was right.... the first three were, but the last one apparently wasn't.... anyhow, it was a very intriguing, suspenseful game that got me hooked. Enjoyed it a lot
-- Michael on 12/9/2015 12:20:03 PM with a score of 0
Noooo ;-; Ughhh this is so difficult... I found one of Daphne's secrets and survived it, got Kyle in jail and Cynthia Commited suicide, wrote me a letter etc, but there's still more to find out and it's bugging me so much right nowww aghhh...!
-- SoupLover on 11/29/2015 6:08:37 AM with a score of 50
I like this story immensely and I like all of the mystery that surrounds it. Even after finding an epilogue, there is more to find out. It's great and I hope you write more.
-- corgi213 on 9/19/2015 7:21:43 PM with a score of 50
-- mahboi on 9/1/2015 10:45:33 AM with a score of 0
There's some bugs in the game but it's all fine.
-- Sefiro on 8/21/2015 11:05:06 PM with a score of 25
It's a rare horror story that can give me the creeps. Great Job.
-- Braveheart on 8/1/2015 1:08:35 AM with a score of 1000
please please PLEASE make a walkthrough! I have played countless times trying to discover what i've missed, and yet I always get the murderer ending and never figure it out. I solved the numerology puzzle, and i feel like i found everything, even though i clearly am missing something. I adore this game and its my favorite on the site, i would just love to figure it out and get the best ending. If you are unwilling to post a walkthrough, please someone let me know what im missing! it would be much appreciated.
keep up the good work!
-- malory on 7/8/2015 1:44:15 AM with a score of 50
wow, so this is one of those games you just never want to put down. it's that good. I just got the best ending pretty sure, but that was after playing it twice before I think. worth it!
-- michelement on 7/4/2015 8:40:31 AM with a score of 0
I got the best ending! Although I never did find out what would have happened if I had entered the numbers correctly.
-- AnnaLouise on 5/31/2015 9:56:32 PM with a score of 1000
This was brilliant, the best storygame on this site! :)
-- OliviaAdams on 5/26/2015 6:38:37 AM with a score of 1000
-- Wolfina on 4/27/2015 1:00:41 PM with a score of 50
Loved the writing and the way the story was set up. I usually am a fan of more choices but this was set up just perfectly for this story. I never figured out the number puzzle but on the second run through I at least didnt die :)
-- JinDary on 4/22/2015 10:41:58 AM with a score of 50
Good game.
-- cloisterblack on 4/5/2015 9:19:01 AM with a score of 0
There were several instances where you flopped between past and present tense. Also, you had a few cases where you repeated the same sentence.

That aside, I found the story quite enjoyable. Other than the aforementioned and a few proofing/typo errors, the work was well written, and the scenes were definitely creepy and chilling.
-- Bucky on 3/18/2015 1:41:23 AM with a score of 50
Great game really enjoyed it, you will to really emotional and and at some point gross but a great game 10/10
-- Bompey on 3/4/2015 11:24:17 AM with a score of 50
Great story with an even better ending! Loved it!
-- LexiTheMidnightWolf on 2/21/2015 9:55:38 PM with a score of 50
Its coool ! But somehow the scary stuff didn't get into me at all. It should be very cool if you add more heart attack momment
-- syafsyafsyafqh on 1/21/2015 5:11:25 PM with a score of 50
Really enjoyed it. Can anybody tell me which numbers to write on the paper please?please?
-- gravy on 1/13/2015 9:21:35 PM with a score of 0
That was amazing. At first I really hated Lydia she was such a snot. Then was I discovered the clues and started to live through her nightmares suddenly I didn't hate her anymore. This game is wonderful. The few main characters are well develop ed and the plotline is great real horror movie stuff I enjoyed it all so much. I'll admit reading about edina eating the organs was a bit disturbing but it was still great.
-- mokaevans on 1/6/2015 12:50:31 AM with a score of 0
I just had to play again (too many times to count) to get the "Salvation" ending because the "Proof" ending just wasn't good enough. Happy now :)
-- Wavyhill on 12/19/2014 4:14:42 AM with a score of 1000
I only died once and then restored from a save point to the "murderer" ending, so that was a plus. May replay to see what I missed.
-- Wavyhill on 12/18/2014 6:29:44 AM with a score of 50
Beautiful Story That kept with my head tilted to the side, spoiled by the huge cliché but the author managed to turn what would be just a cliché into an expansive and descriptive piece of writing. Well done, I enjoyed mself
-- Kazahna on 12/17/2014 9:28:09 AM with a score of 50
Great story. Gave me the chills, but well done.
-- Chature on 12/8/2014 5:38:28 PM with a score of 0
Confusing but good
-- Steve jobs on 11/3/2014 5:53:49 PM with a score of 50
Pretty excellent. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
-- DarienSkabarien on 10/21/2014 11:30:50 PM with a score of 50
Absolutely brilliant. 7/8
-- AL1B0 on 10/14/2014 4:50:38 AM with a score of 0
It was great, kept me on the edge of my seat! I wish I could've found out more before the game finished, though.
-- kelly on 9/30/2014 11:36:37 AM with a score of 50
i repeat it again to finish it
-- darrylmontales on 9/16/2014 2:28:12 AM with a score of 1000
Nice and creepy
-- FistOfJustice on 9/15/2014 12:27:46 PM with a score of 0
Pretty Short and kind of a puzzle solving thing, but it was a really good story and very entertaining
-- jas76543 on 8/30/2014 4:14:04 PM with a score of 1000
Fuck your numerology puzzle
-- Joe on 7/21/2014 9:04:46 PM with a score of 0
This was a very good storygame. I was utterly enthralled by the intensity of the story, especially the nightmares, which were quite horrifying. This is a piece of art, and I recommend this to anyone who wants a good horror story to read. 8/8.
-- PortalSpartan on 7/14/2014 1:09:21 AM with a score of 1000
Excellent game. Great blend of good gameplay and good story. Very well told mystery as well as being a creepy horror read. Felt like I was actually the protagonist.
Without revealing too much of the plot, some of the branches for the various endings seemed a little off, but nothing too major.
-- 31TeV on 7/13/2014 9:04:59 AM with a score of 25
I think i probably found the best ending :D This story, yet somewhat creepy at the best of times and downright nightmarish at some of its worst is now one of my favorites. I have to thank you for making such an immense and joyful story come alive.
-- KateAdkins on 7/8/2014 10:07:16 PM with a score of 0
good but very difficult, couldnt finish without help from the forums and trying several times.
-- norton158 on 7/5/2014 4:21:56 AM with a score of 1000
Very good and creepy but at the end it starts to repeat what it just said in the line above.
-- Madbrad200 on 5/27/2014 9:29:16 AM with a score of 50
8/8 I have a love/hate relationship with mysteries. I could see the ending, I connected the dots. I realized the importance of some things and found a bunch of secrets connecting stories i'd found, but i ran out of time and technically only solved a piece of the mystery. Though I suspect I know more.

Great game. I really got into it, and I loved the nightmares. The paranormal aspect is what really dragged me into it. Awesome job, I'll have to try again sometime to see if i can find everything. :)
-- Havoc on 5/21/2014 1:27:38 PM with a score of 50
Very nice, it was a well written horror with allot of puzzles.
-- John on 4/14/2014 10:46:15 AM with a score of 1000
One word: Amazing.
I got the ending where Cynthia and I live, and I discovered all the secrets. Really, perfect. It's like a mystery game but with a perfect touch of horror that leaves the reader wondering more. Wren was also a great character too.
-- Ilove1D on 4/14/2014 12:01:58 AM with a score of 0
Very well written. Couldn't figure out the numbers puzzle, but got a decent ending.
-- Doge on 4/9/2014 11:18:04 PM with a score of 0
Amazing! Good to read the tips before starting; it really keeps you busy thinking!
-- fusquenllo on 4/6/2014 2:51:59 PM with a score of 50
Was really well written. Every time the demon showed up it had me on the edge of my seat! Great story overall!
-- Trent on 3/29/2014 7:19:48 PM with a score of 0
AMAZING!!!!!!! but very hard but I LOVE IT
-- Kaya on 3/25/2014 8:29:46 PM with a score of 50
-- scene kid on 3/7/2014 1:35:31 PM with a score of 50
i really enjoyed it. it was well written and the investigating part was fun. i found it in the highest rated stories section, so i was not prepared for it to be scary and creepy. not nightmarishly scary or anything, but i wouldn't want to read it at night in a house in the woods alone. great job with story line and grammar.
-- RaeShines on 1/24/2014 2:09:55 PM with a score of 50
That was a very fun book. I love how it starts off normal, and as the story goes along, it starts to get scarier and scarier. One of the best Stories I have read on this site yet. 8/8
-- Fanfer_64 on 1/23/2014 2:35:15 PM with a score of 0
This story was amazing.It was the best story I read on and off of this website.You would be a amazing author i think you should keep working at this.Get a book published and ill make sure I read it.Fantastic!!
-- malaxman on 1/16/2014 8:52:52 PM with a score of 50
A very fun storygame. I felt like the puzzle elements sort of fell flat at the end. I would go into detail but I don't want to spoil it for the other potential readers!

The scenes of the demon were very well done, exquisite really. The description of the thing are beautifully disturbing. Keep up the good work!
-- Spellslinger on 1/13/2014 8:54:23 AM with a score of 1000
The plot was nicely developed, and the twists and turns kept the story interesting while ending on an unfulfilled note, which is a refreshing change from the "happily ever after" ending. Overall, this is a great game, and it'd be awesome to see the story continued.
-- Allusional on 1/4/2014 4:06:21 PM with a score of 50
Tremendous tremendous puzzle game! Got stuck hard in a couple spots, but eventually realized that I just had failed to pick up one of the items as I went through.
-- Ian on 12/27/2013 9:08:57 PM with a score of 0
This is one of the first storygames I have checked out on this page, however, in difference to the rest of it (which were quite disappointing), this one was awesome. Great writing style, exciting storyline, sad that it's already over. I can really recommend this to anyone.
-- Yldrania on 12/19/2013 4:39:54 AM with a score of 50
Pretty good, although got stuck in one part.
-- Grev on 10/28/2013 10:28:34 PM with a score of 1000
Everyone always comes here for Necromancer, Death Song, Eternal, Ground Zero, etc. (I believe his name is EndMaster, I can't remember right now), but in my opinion this is the best storygame on this website. Incredible twist, immersing lore, masterful subtleties, but best of all, it is the first game with an item inventory that I've actually considered good! I respect the author so much after seeing how much time and effort was put into this. My only complaint is that the ending seemed rushed. But this pales in comparison to what is otherwise, I believe, a true masterpiece.
-- Hunter10 on 10/18/2013 10:57:54 PM with a score of 0
your story was quite intriguing because not only was the bad guy get caught, but there where still some mystery left unsolved which made want to know what else was going on in that creepy town. good that was indeed scary but entertaining
as well good work.
-- eb2781 on 9/9/2013 10:33:13 AM with a score of 50
Cleared the game on 2nd try. This storyline is interesting,horrifying and mysterious. Just wished that there should be a sequel to this. Doesnt have to be the same character :)
-- kamigreed on 8/29/2013 9:00:17 AM with a score of 0
AWESOME! finally got the best ending. but somehow i still didn't get how i get that.. i just.. literally circling around and voila! the congratulations page came out of nowhere. thank you so much for the story, it's so cool! you have to really get a novel published or something, i'll certainly buy it :)
-- laurentberceau on 7/23/2013 1:50:51 AM with a score of 0
this is the best online story i have ever read. please make a sequel AMAZING!!!!!!!
-- lil on 7/12/2013 8:16:11 PM with a score of 50
What was the right combination of letters? I couldn't get it, was it the numbers at the first part of the story or what?
-- Crystal on 6/22/2013 1:52:08 AM with a score of 0
so good! mysterious, yet beautiful. Great job!
-- HaruhiSuzumiya on 6/17/2013 3:33:50 AM with a score of 0
finally got the best ending :D
-- Vics321 on 5/27/2013 4:49:40 AM with a score of 1000
I got the secret ending yay
-- Vics321 on 5/27/2013 4:06:19 AM with a score of 0
Fantastic—I love the variety of endings and the character development of the girl (she starts as an annoying child, but develops into a detective and mature adult).
-- AspiringAuthorCook on 5/23/2013 12:41:12 PM with a score of 1000
I loved your story, but I had a hard time with the numbers. What did they mean? I tried numerology (or what I knew of it) and I got stuck. Please message me and let me know what it meant! I would love to have some closure after such an interesting work. Thank you!
-- Shelby on 5/20/2013 7:35:48 PM with a score of 50
This game is scary as fuck. I played it through three times though, and still don't know how to win. Excellent game though, and given a high rating,
-- Rossatronix on 5/17/2013 6:04:22 PM with a score of 0
the story was brill. wish i knew the secrets though
-- anon on 4/26/2013 3:03:18 PM with a score of 50
A little personal reply to everyone who has posted comments without an account for me to personally pm a response too.
@ Kim
First of all thank you for the wonderful compliments!
The thing about the friend in this story is first, she is aware of the strange goings on around town, and second, if you were friends with someone messing with stuff you knew ended with strange disappearances and possibly murder, would you go along with their stakeouts? The friend is meant to show how out of her way the heroine goes to find out things in the story. The friend represents the average person. The average person will not brave satanic cults, murder rapists, or demonic entities. While the friend was kept mostly in the dark, there is a scene you can achieve where the friend does witness some of the symptoms of the main character after she becomes possessed by the demon.
For the numbers code, there are many, many references to the numbers and one hidden page within the game that gives explicit directions on how to break it. As a hint, I would suggest googling Numerology. There is a specific formula which has been around for a very long time for it. After you crack the code itself, you will need to match the numbers to their alphabetical equivalent(ie. A=1 B=2. ect) which will reveal the demon's name and give a special item which can be used to reveal a secret message from Cynthia to the player.
As for the update, I am working on that. Shortly after the publishing of this game I joined the U.S. Army and since then I don't have a lot of free time to get on here. When I do I usually see things I want to fix, but then I'll log off and not be able to get back on for a month.
Currently I am working on a prequel to this game titled Secret of Limbo. There is a hidden cameo for this in the current game. It is meant to lay out the origins of the demon and it's nature as well as the cult following it. The characters are different, but the story will really hammer out all of the questions left over from the original Daphne.

I do plan on eventually attempting a novel version. If I do it would most likely be published and updated on FictionPress and I will make the announcement of such a thing if I find the time to work on it. Most games I undertake on this site usually come from the basic idea of a novel I have begun working on in some fashion. The Street Children(which is still unpublished), is an example of that.

@ Toni
If you couldn't figure out to use the ladder in the barn then I am not surprised you found the 'clues' lacking. There are several hidden in there that are pretty vital to the game. The ladder is also the only item in the game where you can find it and use it in the same instance without taking away from the time variable in order to use it.
The game is a giant puzzle in the end, it is meant to be difficult. To get the best endings, you will have to figure out where every single diary entry, clue, and item is in the entire game as well as the exact order in which to find and use them along with the special scenes they each unlock.
In short, it is impossible to get the best ending without running in circles for awhile. This is done on purpose to make the player think and put them in the shoes of the main character and the confusion and mystery she goes through. Granted these events are not realistic, but the emotions the confusion the main character goes through is. And as the player, you are essentially the main character. Realistically, it would not be easy to crack an ancient code which heralds a very old, powerful demonic entity. It would also not be easy to find, understand, and eventually break up a very old and powerful satanic cult. Realistically, you would feel like you are running in circles if you were the main character. The game is designed to create that feeling of confusion, frustration, ect in order to give the player the most realistic and first person experience I can achieve. :)

"Too long", really? You are on a literary site. Having someone tell me my STORY game is "too long" is really nothing more than ignorant comment which I will personally take as an insult gone wrong and is actually an accidental compliment. If you dislike reading and consider this "long" then I strongly suggest you stay away from any and all worth while books, story games, ect. as most quality literary works come with, what you might call, "Too long" executions.

Anyways thanks to everyone who has played this game. I am so happy to see people enjoying it! I will eventually update some of the minor issues I've found in the scripting with repeating scenes and grammatical errors. But, being in the army does keep me busy and away from fun things like this. Hopefully I'll get free time sooner or later. :/
-- simplesabley on 4/15/2013 1:33:27 PM with a score of 50
I really love coming-of-age horror type movies, books, etc. and the atmosphere within the game was great. I was bummed, though, because I actually ended up dying and couldn't figure out the number code I needed to enter (I tried multiple combinations and still haven't figured that out and would love some help or a hint).

I was curious why her friend didn't show up very much in the story? I wouldn't want to do any stakeouts without a buddy personally.

Not sure if you're considering updating the story, but I would love to hear more backstory in the intro page on this game as to why the family moved and maybe some hints for the number code.

I'm going to play through again and try different options. Also, if I'm feeling ambitious I'll try to tag the pages with grammatical errors and send them to you somehow.

All in all, though, I love the storyline and would love to see you write a novel based on this!
-- Kim on 4/14/2013 12:52:56 AM with a score of 0
Don't mean to spam this, but I just found the most complete ending after all-- I was so close! Creepy, but satisfying knowing that I 'discovered' everything.
-- biscuit on 4/13/2013 2:32:18 AM with a score of 1000
Not normally a horror fan, but this touched me in all the right ways. Tingling, creepy, and full of vivid imagery and twists. A bit of a slow start (and I HATED the player's persona at first) but it was very rewarding.

So far, discovered one ending: murderer.
-- biscuit on 4/13/2013 2:24:33 AM with a score of 50
Good story.
The start was a bit slow, but things quickly picked up momentum.
-- Sparrow7 on 4/11/2013 5:04:10 AM with a score of 0
the time factor was great, i love games with those kind of choices, it makes me regret EVERY choice i make (even if it was the right one). overall, an interesting game, nice story, nice background, but i need to try again so as to snoop more info on what happened
-- ultragunner on 3/11/2013 5:32:20 AM with a score of 0
This is AMAZING. Phenomenal really. I loved every second of it.
-- Kiara on 2/22/2013 6:22:58 PM with a score of 0
i was scared and sort of relived when i died
in this story game. well written and what is the best ending?
-- shadowlink on 2/16/2013 10:21:43 PM with a score of 0
I was a little dubious about this at first, since I'm not really a fan of teenagers, and the main character is a good example of a 'typical' teenager as portrayed by most media. However, as it got further in, I found myself being hooked. I also like how, at the ends, there are suggestions of what else to look for in future run through attempts. A good, solid idea.
-- Mynoris on 2/15/2013 2:13:27 PM with a score of 50
I'm going in circles here. I totally forgot where I need the ladder for after getting it. I searched the whole library, home and church yet my "clues" seem lacking.

Story is good but I was just not able to fully go deep into it.
-- toni on 2/11/2013 7:26:20 PM with a score of 0
That was one of the greatest thing I have ever read and I own a lot of books.
-- Darkbound on 2/4/2013 4:19:26 PM with a score of 0
Assuming I didn't get the "complete" story, this story was pretty satisfying.
-- Bluu on 1/23/2013 11:09:33 PM with a score of 50
Fantasic, well-written, and engrossing. However, I did find a handful of bugs. There were a few pages that mentioned things that hadn't happened yet, and there were a few that showed both of two possible pagetexts.
-- Loon on 1/23/2013 7:14:02 PM with a score of 50
Now that I finally got the best ending, I can honestly say that this storygame is incredible!! 8;8
-- Mercedes on 1/21/2013 10:14:57 AM with a score of 0
repeated things a lot, was hard to follow the story, but it was good.
-- carissabutler on 12/28/2012 5:20:21 AM with a score of 50
Easily an 8/8... some repetition on a few pages, but it was an amazing story, very engrossing... I'm actually a little sad that it's over. Please make a sequel, I want to find out what "it" is!!
-- Mercedes on 11/24/2012 8:33:26 PM with a score of 50
finally got the best ending. very, very well written. kudos to you, and I look forward to reading anything else you might publish! :)
-- MagmaArmor0 on 11/19/2012 2:02:59 AM with a score of 1000
I'm playing this at 2:43 A.M. and I can't sleep now. Good story.
-- Ventas98 on 11/4/2012 5:44:30 AM with a score of 50
This gave me goosebumps! Nonetheless, it was a great thriller. ^^
-- Venus O. on 10/29/2012 9:06:14 AM with a score of 0
spooky, creepy, and well written. Thank you!
-- MagmaArmor0 on 10/29/2012 12:24:41 AM with a score of 0
Every word had me on edge, i only figured out half the story, but ill read more eventually! 8/8
-- mr.xcentrix on 10/16/2012 1:12:10 PM with a score of 50
Pretty good, pretty creepy. Some spelling mistakes nothing major though. I enjoyed it.
-- Sevio on 10/11/2012 1:03:07 AM with a score of 1000
Not bad. The cup of tea and a golden nugget for beginners. I got stuck several times, but nonetheless, the plot is intriguing and absorbs me to it. Well done! May you write a sequel again!
-- Bob on 10/8/2012 2:04:34 AM with a score of 0
-- Wanderer on 10/7/2012 4:16:56 PM with a score of 1000
WOW!!! Just WOW!!! Im going back to find the clues I missed. This was an amazing story!!! Thank you..
-- Blackiechan on 10/4/2012 2:29:34 AM with a score of 50
Freaking Great!
-- ThisisBo on 10/3/2012 9:28:53 PM with a score of 0
Nice story and very good puzzles with decent logic. 6/8
-- Beetlejuice on 10/3/2012 1:35:32 PM with a score of 1000
Very impressive story. Nice use of items.
-- Evagirl on 10/2/2012 2:10:00 PM with a score of 0
I need help on the numbers, because I DO know what they represent, but I'm not sure which letters are which. Very creepy indeed.
-- Swiftstryker on 9/30/2012 11:48:14 PM with a score of 50
Great Story! It's atmospheric along with good game and story design. Now I'll try to discover more things, specifically about the numbers.
-- yap1996 on 9/30/2012 1:47:26 AM with a score of 50
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