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Hello I'm Abgeofriends... I'm 16

Please request movies to do a review on!!! 

Are you a fan of 80's-90's science fiction action movies? If so, you're in luck! I'm your friendly neighborhood Abgeofriends, and I'm here to talk movies with you. Ive watched all the Marvel movies but I will likely not review them here because there are like 30 + that I would have to do in order to do all of them and I will not just do one of them. (Unless you request).

You say you know everything about the 80's and 90's action films, pm me and we can see for sure...

I know this is a reading website, so let's talk about movies.

Last watched Movie: Friday the 13th (The only scary thing about this movie is the amount of sex, one sex scene is scary for me, 10 makes it 10x worse.) 

The next show I'm planning on watching: Band of Brothers

Last movie I watched: John Wick 1 (Rewatch)

Currently watching (tv show): Breaking Bad (rewatch) "Yeah Science!" 

My favorite episode: crawl space "wheres the money skylar!?.. WHERE!" . "I gave it to ted".. "AHHHH."


Abgeofriends Movie Review #13 (Spoilers)

Movie in Review: Friday the 13th

Favorite Quote from Movie in Review: "Friday the 13th is still better than the Monday of whatever."

My Rating: 5.945

Why? (Spoilers): Friday the 13th (1981) is an interesting movie, to say the least. The camera cuts to a young woman hiking, she stumbles into a gas station looking for directions to Camp Crystal Lake. The man working at the counter hesitates before offering to take her parts of the way there. Right before she hopped into the car the neighborhood creepy guy named Ralph came up warning them about how dangerous the camp really is and that many people were murdered there. Ignoring Ralph, the gas station guy takes her halfway there and she is left to walk the remaining few miles on her own. She walks an hour or so before a car comes by, in instinct she thumbs up to the driver signaling that she needs a ride, and reluctantly they agree. A few moments later they sped by the entrance to Camp Crystal Lake, she told the driver, but when he didn't stop she jumped out of the speeding car and ran back to camp. The driver stops the car and starts running after her, and with a knife, in hand he slashes her across the neck in a bloody and brutal fashion signaling the horrors that are about to come. The movie revolves around 6 camp members being picked off one by one until one young lady stands. She is forced to kill the terrorizer of the attacks who claims that she and all the camp members had left her son Jason to drown in Camp Crystal's lake.  After the Terrorizer died (Pamela Vorhees, the mother of Jason), The girl who killed her was hunted down by the once-dead Jason, who rose from the murky waters of Camp Crystal Lake to avenge his mother. Overall this movie is okay, I like the other Friday the 13 movies better because Jason had more screen time. The mother was terrifying, I don't know if it was that vest or not but dang she was scary. The only good parts were when the killing was happening, all the other pieces of the story felt so insignificant. There is too much nudity and sex in the movie, just cool it man. Half the movie is naked people fucking in a canoe. I liked when the mom got her head chopped of though the fight felt a little sissy and anti-climactic.


Abgeofriends Movie Review #12

Movie in Review: Chronicle 

Favorite Quote from Movie in Review: "Andrew, don't fart"

My Personal Rating: 7.8/10

Why?(spoilers): Chronicle (2012) Is a movie about three high school students who find a mysterious crystal in a cave deep in the woods that gives them telekinesis. While this movie sounds painstakingly boring I beg to differ. The lack of a budget led to cool cinematography and a cool perspective. The audience sees the movie through camera clips taken by Andrew, the main character. Andrew is the definition of a loser, he brings his brand-new camera around to school and everywhere he goes filming everyone and everything. His cousin, who picks him up and drives him to school every day realizes this and begs him to go to a highschool rave out in the middle of nowhere to meet some girls. After getting his dreams crushed he cries next to a tree filming himself when his future friend Steve and his cousin approach him saying that they found something cool for him to film. After resisting he finally decides to go with them, this leads to the crystal and after finding it Andrew's camera goes dark. The camera opens back up to Andrew's backyard where the three friends are throwing a baseball at each other it hopes that they can stop it with their newfound power. After Andrew levitates the ball with his mind the three kids get a feel for what they can do, whether that's for the betterment of society. Overall this is a pretty good movie, the story is okay but the best attribute of this movie is how it was filmed. The idea of having a movie almost completely filmed by the character is really cool.


Abgeofriends Movie Review #11

Movie In Review: Deadpool (Requested by Stargirl)

Favorite quote from Movie in Review: "Like a testicle with teeth"

My Personal Rating: 9/10

Stargirl's Rating: 10/10   (Top 3 movies for Stargirl)

Why?(Spoilers):  The world was shaken in 2016, it was not because of the election of Trump or a massive European campaign, it was the release of one of the most beloved action movies of all time. Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds has to be one of my favorite movies of all time, and here is why. The movie opens up to a badass sequence slowed down in a flipping car where the opening credits roll, Deadpool is kicking ass as the bad guys fear for their lives. All of a sudden it cuts to him in a taxi with one of the most beloved characters Dopinder. (sorry if I spelled that wrong) This movie tells Deadpool's sad and very disturbing origin story while also being hilariously awesome. I love how it cuts back and forth from the future and tells his past it really makes the story come together. The action is top-notch, especially for a movie on a budget. When I first saw Wolverine Origins (2009) I was disappointed with how not comic-accurate the character really was (Like all mished mashed, but the blob was amusing at least.) and after I watched Deadpool I was stunned by how accurate it really was. Overall This movie is awesome, and even if you don't follow along with all the marvel movie you will still be able to follow along with this truly captivating and "inspirational" story (Stargirl and my mom don't know anything about Marvel). My favorite scene would have to be Weasel's first impressions of teeth testicle man, or the cool scene in the beginning with the 12 bullets. There is only one weird thing about this movie, how would Vanessa have survived that fall? It's not like rocks are spongy as a cloud. Another thing I would recommend if you were to watch this movie is to not do it with your parents, yeah that shit gets weird, but it's a good movie to watch on the car ride with a friend.


Abgeofriends Movie Review #10 (Spoilers)

Movie In review: Terminator

Favorite quote from Movie in Review: " I'll Be back "

My Personal Rating: 9.2/10

Why? (Spoilers):  Terminator is an awesome Sci-fi action badass 80's classic. in the future robots called terminators take over, and the remaining humans fight for their lives. In present times (1984) Sarah Connor, a single-food waitress, has no idea what's to come. Meanwhile, a Terminator from the future is sent back to the present and its objective is to take Sara Connor out. John Connor, Sara's future son, sends back his friend Reese to keep Sara safe (And so John Connor keeps on existing). The Terminator goes through the phonebook crossing the name Sarah Connor in alphabetical order until he reaches John's Mother Sarah. After many other Sara's were killed the only connection between victims was the phone book order, terrified Sara Connor goes to a heavily populated place hoping that she would be safe, but would it be enough? Overall this movie is awesome, regarding the so-so effects and the low budget assigned to this movie, I think It is one of my favorite movies of all time. Though T2 is better this movie is what started it all. I really like the story, especially how Reese was the father sent back from his future son, that stuff really messed up your brain. 


Abgeofriends Movie Review #9 (Spoilers)

Movie In Review: Shawshank Redemption 

Favorite quote from Movie In Review: "Get Busy living, or get busy dying."

My Personal Rating: 6.4/10

Why?(spoilers): I know this is a classic but it really isn't all that good. (In my opinion) The story follows Andy, a murder suspect who had just "killed" because she was cheating on him. He is guilty in court and is put in prison for a life sentence. In prison, he meets his best friend. ( I forgot his name but I know he's played by Morgan Freeman). He spends the next 18 years planning an escape, he makes up an identity and on one lonely night, he attempts his great escape. Overall this movie is okay, I don't think its really as good as people make it out to be. It's pretty solid when it comes to the story but there are still some negative things I want to talk about. First off This movie is hella predictable, you can predict everything that's going to happen. Second off I hate that that guy let his pet bird go, that was so sad. The best part in the movie was when the bird guy hung himself in his apartment and Morgan Freeman saw the bird man was here sign right where he died, Which was also so predictable. I don't know how I feel about this movie but it is definitely one I wouldn't watch again.


Abgeofriends Movie review #8 (Spoilers)

Movie In Review: The Predator 

Favorite Quote from Movie in review: "Your one ugly mother fucker"... "MOTHER... FUCKER"

My Personal Rating: 9/10

Why?(Spoilers): When a few men try to save hostages taken captive by a base hidden deep in the woods, they discover that they are being hunted by an alien creature that makes men its trophy. (By skinning them and removing their spine, skull, and organs) Using its infrared vision and invisibility it tracks down each man one by one as they attempt to kill the alien creature. In a few gory sequences, most men have died to the alien creature referred to as "The Predator". Overall this movie is very good, there are limitations in CGI and VFX but you can't blame them because it was the 80's. This movie is very suspenseful, you never know when the Predator is going to make its move and turn you into a headless rotisserie trophy. The only problem I have with this movie is the pacing, It starts off very slow I almost had to turn it off because nothing happened in the first 45 minutes. But if you make it past the first 45 minutes you will not be disappointed. 


Abgeofriends Movie Review #7 (Spoilers)

Movie In Review: 57 Seconds (Morgan Freeman)

Favorite quote from movie in review: “They say that when you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes. They never tell you that when you watch someone you once loved dying, hovering between this life and the next, it's twice as painful, because you're reliving two lives that traveled one road together.” 

My Personal Movie Rating: 6.1/10

Why?: Blogger Franklin, thwarts an attack against Anton Burrell, a visionary tech guru he has been given a chance to interview. He finds a ring that Burrell dropped after saving him and discovers that it gives its wearer the ability to travel 57 seconds in the past. This movie is all right, the idea is kind of dumb. I would say it's a badly written story with good actors and a good film crew. The main point of the whole movie is that Franklin is going back in time to give his girlfriend a better time and to win in casinos. And the main moral of the story is to not abuse power. Overall It had its ups and downs (mainly downs) But at least it kept my attention the whole time. They Must have paid Morgan Freeman a shitload of money to perform in this bad of a movie, they did him dirty. One more thing I want to say, How did Franklin survive a plane crash from thousands of miles up in the sky, and why did everyone else on the plane die? I don't know it's so freaking confusing, maybe that explains the 13% rotten tomatoes score. 


Abgeofriends Movie Review #6 (Spoilers)

Movie in Review: Hollow Man

Favorite quote from movie in Review: "It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore."

My Personal Movie Rating: 7.7/10

Why? (Spoilers): This Movie is what I love to see in horror movies, I don't think clowns or ghosts are scary but if you throw the muscular system at me I would be terrified. I don't know if this movie would classify as a horror movie, but I'm not normally scared about things that are supposed to be scary. In Hollow Man, Sebastion, Played by Kevin Bacon, Finds a serum that would turn animals invisible. He and his team make and test the serum on animal test subjects in their secret lab hideout. After success in turning an animal invisible, Sebastion wants to try the serum on himself not knowing the consequences of doing such a thing. He gets prepped on a table and is injected with the serum. At first, nothing seemed to be happening, but in a gory fashion all his skin started to disappear, then his muscles, then his bones. (The CGI in this movie is top-notch for the early 2000's). After Becoming invisible the team tried to turn him back to being visible but it seemed like it wasn't working. After the fact Sebastian starts going mad, he realizes all the things he could get away with now that he is invisible. (Like rape and murdering all of his lab assistants in a gruesome fashion.) Overall this movie is very strange, but wouldn't we all want to do horrible things if we could get away with it? I love this movie so much, though there is a lot of invisible sexual scenes, I would definitely watch it again.


Abgeofriends Movie Review#5 (Spoilers)

Movie in Review: Escape From L.A

Favorite quote from Movie in review: "The name's Plissken." *Pushes button

My personal Movie Rating: 7.8/10

Why?: Th only reason I watched this movie was because I am a sucker for 80's and 90's action films but that wasn't the only reason I watched this movie. The main reason I watched this movie was because I heard it had some pretty bad CJI and I wanted to judge that for myself. I can see what people mean by the bad CJI but it isn't bad enough to take you out of the truly captivating story. Escape from L. A is the sequel to the hit "Escape from New York", which in my opinion is an okay movie but certainly, this one is better. Snake Plissken is a convict and is put in prison (Again) and the only way out is if he does a task for the president by retrieving a black box that contains nuclear codes to destroy all technology. After refusing to do the president's dirty work, Snake is injected with a virus that will cause neurological failure in 10 hours, and the only way to get the antidote is to retrieve the black box to the president. In my unpopular opinion, I think this movie is good (Maybe not that underwater scene with the obviously fake shark and that glider scene). Overall this movie has a very captivating storyline and very good actors. (Maybe I only like this movie because it falls in line with all the genres I like). If you haven't seen this movie I would definitely recommend it.


Abgeofriends Movie Review #4 (Spoilers)

Movie in Review: Divergent 

Favorite quote from the movie in review: "One thing you will learn here is that orders aren't optional."

My personal movie rating: 2.7/10

Why?: I am a movie person myself, but I would rather scratch my eyes out and try to read the Divergent book rather than watch this god-awful movie. I read the book first before I watched the movie, and Iv'e gotta say that the book was okay, but I'm not here to talk about the book. The movie is about how society is driven into groups after the world kinda goes to poo, everyone left in society is left in one city where it's necessary to divide each other. Tris, a young girl lives with her parents, who are in one of the five "Factions" called Abnegation. Everyone takes a test at 16 to decide which faction they should be in. Divergent is a rare mishap that happens when you are eligible to be in multiple factions, this is what happened to Tris. Being a Divergent is very dangerous because, well I don't know the movie doesn't make it very clear even though it says it's dangerous it really isn't too dangerous. Yeah, this movie sucks. It makes no sense, and there are no cool scenes It is kinda just one big glob of nonsense. And with four and Tris there just kissing each other for no reason, "What do you see in him?" Overall this movie is painful to watch, not only is the CGI bad the acting is worse (Like that one weather girl from Twilight). I was forced to watch this movie a second time because apparently, my sister thinks it's so bad it's funny, I don't agree it's just bad and not funny. The only good part is when that guy committed suicide in the chasm, I laughed because his dead body looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. I would recommend that you stay away from this movie. (and its sequels, because this is the best movie compared to them.)


Abgeofriends Movie Review #3 (Spoilers)

Movie In Review: John Wick Chapter 1 

Favorite quote from the movie in review: "In a bar, I once saw him kill three men.... with a pencil, A FKING PENCIL!"

My personal movie rating: 9.3/10

Why? (Spoilers ahead): This is a very good movie, the fight scenes are fricking awesome and the drama is so sad. After his wife dies of cancer John Wick (Played by the one and only Keanu Reaves) flies into a rage. The only thing that helped him calm down was a dog left as a gift from his dead girlfriend named Daisy. He owed the Russians money and when they came to his house and killed the only thing left by his girlfriend we get to see the true rage built behind John Wick as he comes for the people who destroyed his life. Overall this movie is awesome, it is very gory (Which I'm into, but just a fair warning if you were thinking about watching it, even though I spoiled it.) This Gun-fu action movie left me stunned the first time I watched it. The only thing that I didn't like that much was the hotel scene but overall this was a killer movie. 


Abgeofriends Movie Review #2 (Spoilers)

Movie in review: Back to the Future pt 1(Requested by Yo_6)

Favorite quote from the movie in review: "I've never seen purple underwear before."

My personal movie rating: 8/10

Why? (Spoilers Beware): This movie Is a great example of how older movies can still hold a lot of quality, despite the janky effects and cheesy one-liners (To be expected for its time) it's a really good movie. Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox as Marty is a classic 80's movie. I really like how he messes up the timeline by going back and time and accidentally getting his future mom to fall in love with him. The story is based on having to get his future mom and his future dad back together after that tragedy and how Marty has to get Back to the Future. Overall this movie is a pretty flawless movie and I like the overall idea of how they get home. There are some confusing moments, but they ultimately get resolved at the end. (like Doc getting shot, and the plot twist with the letter.) This is a very good movie in technical terms but lacks in making it exciting. (In my opinion, Maybe I just watched too many gory spatter-film movies).


Abgeofriends Movie Review #1 (Spoilers)

Movie in review: Silence of the Lambs 

Favorite quote from the movie in review:  "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

My personal movie rating: 6/10 

Why? (Spoilers beware): I like how Hannibal escapes, the only problem I have with the main character is that there is really no personal growth throughout the whole movie. I hoped that the girl and Hannibal ran away together in the end and not that she was still hunting him. Like come on you two are basically friends and you're still trying to bring him in? Overall not quite the ending I had hoped for, nothing really happened throughout the whole movie. It would have been a better ending if Hannibal ate her liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Because fava beans are soo goooood, I had some with Stargirl at a Chinese restaurant one time. When I watched this movie for the first time I thought it was a 4/10 but It kinda grows on you a little. 

If you're seeing this PM me and tell me your favorite movie, who knows I may cover it on my movie review in the future.


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Digital Consciousness


Beep… The monitor sings.

Tic… Each beat of my heart amplifies

Drip… My skin sizzles 

Unidentifiable voices… Acoustic shouting voices ring

A band of sounds rhythmically melodic. 

            Bang… A new sound makes the plastic sheet covers rustle.

My feet shift and slide, I keep my head still.

Each lead attached to my body ripped by the movement.

The monitor quieted.

The bangs stopped

The sizzling fizzled until it faded away.

Bang… There it was again, eyes blurry with blood stinging my eyes making it hard to see.      A voice, a new voice 

“Come with me I have a cure”

I lay limp. No longer at the hospital

I was taken away 

The sounds had quieted.

Drip, Drip, Drip 


Graveyard of Empires

"Don't be afraid," said your mother. Blood formed beads on her face and her tears formed pools of agony. The image of war, the sudden urge to kill, has never been so potent. This is a story that informs you that not all stories have a happy ending. Based in Afghanistan, a story created for EndMaster's culture clash contest, and we intend to expand the story after that is over.

We apologize for the bad grammar, we ran out of time to proofread. Feel free to tear it apart and we hope you have fun reading it! (For fun you can try to guess which parts stargirl wrote and which parts Abgeofriends wrote)

Edit, I have fixed a few things but mainly want to re-post this because I want to.


     When 23-year-old William Jones crashes his car after a race he is rushed to the hospital, the only thing on his mind is to take care of his dying mother who cannot afford medication.

     When William wakes up 20 years later without limbs or any sense of who he is, he falls into a deep depression. The nurse gave the news that Williams's mother had died 17 years ago after life support failed, even though he had no memory of her existence he still felt like a piece of him was missing.

      Still in the hospital, William gets a mysterious visitor, he claims to have robotic legs and arms that he can surgically attach to improve the state of his life. Without anything to lose William obliges without knowing what horror lay ahead. With many choices he can make along the way, all William hopes is that he makes the right one.

Enjoy this Sci-fi Action thriller written by Abgeofriends


Mushroom Tales part 1

All alone as a spore, you wake up in a world that's too big for you. Grass stretching from below your roots to your bright cap that rests where your head would be. Life was simple, life was peaceful. Everyone lived in a perfect world. But how would you know, you are just small and unimportant in this vast world.

Explore the light and darkness of being a mushroom in this fictional story game written by Abgeofriends

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