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An epic story set in a world where both magic is not uncommon. Play as a young mage, and choose your path, and play along.

WW2 Pacific: Midway
In this storygame, you take on the role of Vice Admiral Nagumo, commander of the Kido Butai (Imperial Japan's most destructive offensive force: 4 heavy aircraft carriers) as the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) launches an attack on Midway in an effort to draw out and destroy the American Carriers. Some events of the battle are changed, so that people who have studied the battle of Midway do not have an unfair advantage. Make the correct choices in order to win the battle with as much of your ships intact as possible. Remember one thing, though: Even if it seems like things are NOT going your way, DO NOT just backpedal to a different decision. Follow each choice you make till the end, whether that be the water graves of the Pacific, or a Victory march through the Emperor's complex in Tokyo. Nearly every sane choice can indeed lead to victory. Also, remember: this story is tied to YOU, not the Japanese fleet. Therefore, even if you lose every ship except for a single destroyer escort, as long as your character, Vice Admiral Nagumo, is alive, you can win. Conversely, if a single stray bomb takes out your character, even if every ship in your fleet is completely intact, you still lose. Not discouraged yet? Then click on in!!!! Rated "anything goes" due to excessive gore, but there is no sexual content in this game.