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Destiny of Two Souls

An epic tale of two souls, featuring: mystery, spirits, love, and astral travel.

Come wake up, you're destinies await.

Doomed Pheonix

You part of the crew of the Phoenix. A rag tag crew of mercs willing to take on any mission for the right fee. Operating near and within the frontier where the pay is high and the risks higher. You are awoken early from Cryo sleep and presented an opportunity of a life time. The only question is who will survive?

Escape from Underhell

You were a mighty Sorceress once. Master of multiple schools of magic. You did many unspeakable things others considered evil all in the name of the movement you loved. You brought down an empire. The empire that destroyed your family and childhood.

At the glorious moment you slayed the king, you were happy for the first time since you were a child. It was then you were stabbed in the back. Right then and there, unable to see your assailant, you died.

You now have awoken in the Underhell. A place of unspeakable horrors and suffering. All to be inflicted on you and others deemed deserving by whatever gods created it.

Little do they know the mistake they made in sending you there. There will be blood, but it wont be yours. You will show them why you were the most feared sorceress of your age.


She fell from the sky

This is the story about a young women who fell out of the sky. You were the only one to witness it. She has no memory of who she is and it is up to you to figure out who she is, understand her mysterious power, and maybe just maybe you will find love.

Temple of Trials

The Final Frontier

In this story you get to choose your destiny. An ex space marine worn down from from years of service. Your luck appears to finally be turning around when a tidy sum of cash lands in your lap.

Awarded a landfall of credits from your now deceased uncles will, you now find yourself rich beyond your wildest dreams and with it freedom. But unbeknownst to you there is more to your Uncles death then realized and it might cost you your life as well.

The Hermit

The Inheritance

Archie was a 17 year old parentless child growing up in the Ambrosia spaceport Orphanage who as long as he could remember had nothing. Until one day he received a rosewood paper letter marked with the royal seal of Yur. Inside that letter was a program that activated the credit chip located underneath his skin. An inheritance from a wealthy Uncle of 1,000,000,000& he did not know he had would set him off a wild journey as he became the target of a vicious group of cutthroat mercenaries that would stop at nothing to capture him.

The Silent Tower

The Silent Tower, people believe that it is a myth and isn't real or so they are led to believe by the politicians that rule them. A cursed tower.... believed to have been built by an Ancient winged Giant with tattered wings that fell out of the sky over 5,000 years ago. The impact was so great that a massive crator is said to still exist to this day at the impact site though no one can find it.

The myth goes on to say that this colossal tower when erected cursed all the land, sucking all of the truth into a spiraling grey vortex swirling at lofty heights. The massive grey mist reached out its icy hands and imposed it's will upon all peoples whom lived in Harmony on mother Gia. War, conflict, racism, division, poverty, and strife the horid result.
Only some children could see the mist. Adults would speak of it in jest, a fairy tail and the kids speaking to imaginary friends. Until one day the memory of the mist consigned to oblivion in their dellicate minds. All thats left jaded adulthood, just another gear in the great metal beast that has become of the Country Marecia. Once a shining beacon of hope in the world now the most feared and hated on Gia.

Uncertain End

You are a member of the adventurers guild like your father before you with a penchant for knowledge and learning. You find out about a new frontier town that has been erected inside of the null field. An invisible wound upon the valley of Carn that nullifies all magic within. No one knows where the field came from, but scholars suspect it had something to do with the fall of an ancient civilization whose ruins litter the continent.

Journey to the valley of Carn and discover the secrets of a past long forgotten.

Be part of an a epic journey, with the potential to make new friends, forge alliances and defend against an unimaginable threat.


Recent Posts

Escape the underhell story idea on 12/8/2022 3:32:12 PM

Yes im planning on focusing on only two stories and finishing them before I work on something else.

Escape the underhell story idea on 12/8/2022 11:55:38 AM


So the idea is the main character was a sorceress in life. She did a blood thirsty conquest against an evil empire that wronged her. Just as she succeeds in her mission she dies, is killed by someone close to her. Betrayed. So she wakes up in basically this worlds version of the underworld. Or one of them. This is an afterlife which is designed around torturing evil people who died. So when she wakes up she is basically a prisoner in hell. But she has this goddess that she befriended before she died. An entity that took an interest in her which helps her escape form her prison and out of the underworld and back into the land of the living. Probably to take revenge on those that betrayed her. The story is dark fantasy with horror elements i'm thinking. Possibly she kills the king of the underhell and becomes its queen. Then uses those trapped there as an army against the living.

Escape the underhell story idea on 12/8/2022 11:47:55 AM

Is there a way to post the beginning of a story I am working on here. It currently has no ending. But I wanted to show what I have so far, which isn't too much and hear your thoughts on my story and suggestions for where I should take the story?

is it against the sites rules to write smut on 7/17/2022 6:39:48 PM

Since the story is choose your own adventure. I was thinking there would only be one scene but it would depend on who you get with based on the choices you make. I am a big fan of romance novels so I like the idea of a novel where two characters fall for eachother and usually they have one in them. Depending on the novel for sure some of them just imply there is sex without going into detail but that is boring to me.

In my story there would be action and adventure and the possibility the relationships go sour or even death based on your choices.

My writing isn't the best so but this is the draft of the scene:

I wake up with the sounds of a throaty purr in my ear "Good morning tiger".
I open my eyes to see an face inches from my own. Pale blue eyes gleaming, long glowy blonde hair resting just bellow delicate pale peach shoulders. Her lips were dangerously close to my own. I found my own lips salivating as I gazed into her eyes holding it for 3 seconds before she leaned in closer pressing her divine lips against mine. They were moist, her own salivia mixed with pink lipstick. When she finally let go I breathed in deeply and let out a relaxing exhaulation. "Hmmmm, you taste as good as ever Rae" I breathed. She giggled at that. Damn she was so sweet. This is why I couldn't get enough of her. Her voice dripped like honey "Same".

Movement stired under the covers. A slender moon like arm wrapped around my stomach "Morning already?" moaned Jessica. She wore a black lacy see through silk top and had short brunete hair, her cute bangs covering her left eye while she rubbed her right eye. She was never a morning person. "Hmmm coffee" she sighed. Rae waved at Jessica "Hey, I made the coffee already, get over here and suck his ***, you can have cofee later".
Jessica looked towards my hips puzzled in a long drown out thought. A shy frown appeared on her face before she bit her lip. "ok" she said.
This was only the begining of what they had in store for me.

That would mostly end the scene leaving the rest up to the imagination. This could be potentially how the story ends after the adventure is over. The happy ending. That is the safe version without going into more detail of the actual act itself.

is it against the sites rules to write smut on 7/17/2022 6:06:47 PM

Yes I plan to write a full story that includes a sex scene here or there but it will mostly be a fleshed out story with romance and action and stuff.

is it against the sites rules to write smut on 7/17/2022 5:49:36 PM

What if I wanted a choose your own adventure story that had explicit sex scenes? There would have to be a warning in the story description I take it if allowed.

Story-game Contest EXTENSION UNTIL MAR 1 2015 on 1/3/2015 9:41:12 PM

Sounds good to me.