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Greetings, lovely people of this trash can we call the Internet. And welcome to the even bigger trash can called my profile. As you can probably tell, I am complete Undertale trash.

Well, I hope that's not considered cringey here.

Anywho, a few other fandoms i'm in are FNAF, Pokemon, Warrior Cats (Eh. Not really that into Warriors anymore.), Skyrim, and Fallout.

Sooo.... here's some crap about me.

Name: Just call me Charmeleon, please and thanks.

Gender: Yes

Age: Take a lucky guess~

Have fun looking through most of my crappy stories. I hope they entertain you, even a little.

That's all, friends~!



Have a nice day!



Horrortale: The Storygame

This is based off of an Undertale Alternate Universe, or, as most people call them, AUs.
If you don't at least know Undertale then I highly suggest that you don't play this, as it may contain spoilers.
Also, it's Horrortale. It has gore. Don't like? Don't play. :)

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Upload from URL on 12/22/2016 3:01:34 AM

Okay, so I noticed that when uploading a picture, it has to be downloaded to your computer or whatever device you're using. I think there should be a way where you can copy and paste the URL linking to a picture, if that makes sense..-

I dunno, just a small thing :P

A little help-? on 12/12/2016 12:01:31 AM

Aaaa okay thanks :)

A little help-? on 12/11/2016 11:19:28 PM

Okay, so, i'm making an Undertale storygame. And I want to have multiple choices for names. I know, it's a very minor thing that doesn't matter. But is it possible to kinda code it to where you can choose a name?