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Hello!! Likes: I love warrior cats, reading, italian food, magic and fantasy annnnnd... DRAGONS!! I think haters are immature jerks who should leave others alone. My OC is Darkwave (tsunami...wave...why do I even try?). I am new, and I am a complete computer geek, Minecraft especially. Looks: Blond hair, green eyes, lightish skin. Random: #GRUMPYMEDCATS. Nuff said there. Most Fave Quote Ever: "Fire will save the Clan." anyone who knows anything about wariors will recognize this. I have recently joined the Waffle Empire. I'm a super advanced speller in school. Okay, I think you've had enough of The World According to DarkTsunami for a while, so bye!










I said bye you stalkers >:( lol 

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Alley Cat

You are a homeless stray cat living in the complicated alleyways of Romaton City. To survive, you must make the correct choices! Can you find a den? What about the hairless creatures...? In these alleyways, it's cat eat cat, so choose your path wisely.

Dragons of Deltron

The dragon clans have been at war for 3 centuries: the clans of Fire, Ice, Water, Sky, Earth, Lightning, Nature, Mage(magical), Lich(undead), Dark and Light. You are the forbidden offspring of a Dark dragon and a Light dragon. You have formed your own clan with 3 other forbidden hybrids: Water-Earth, Lightning-Fire and Sky-Mage. Can you finally stop the war between the dragon worlds? And if so how?

Ten Kingdoms

When you open your eyes, you see more than you could have imagined.

Wolves of FireBlaze: The Finding

A wolf game! This will be made in parts, and it will take a while. Brief summary: You are a young wolf, abandoned by your mother and taken in by the Fire Blaze pack. The other packs are: Ice Claw, Swift Foot and Snake Fang. I promise I will edit so it's not so easy, but this isn't the important part anyway (wink wink). Please check out part 2! My first game that doesn't totally suck-instead it kinda sucks.

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Attention everyone who has a relationship with Warrior Cats, be it good or bad... I am making a game for us to share! You can be either a kittypet OR a cat who lives in a clan(eventually), but both groups will hopefully be satisfied instead of the WC haters making mean parodies. Post if you like this idea! (Ask nicely, Dark.) Fine, please?