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Name's James, but you can call me Derek Metaltron. I live in England and have been into CYOA style fiction since I was a kid, alongside my love of fandoms like Marvel, Doctor Who, DC Comics, Star Wars and Star Trek, so chances are high I will be doing around at least one of those at some point in time maybe, lol. I hope you like my attempts at writing interactive fiction!


Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War (Episode 1: Road to War)

You are Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man! When you and your family become caught up in the fallout of a terrible tragedy which affects the superhuman population, you must decide whose side you stand with as hero battles hero! Based on the Civil War comic event and inspired by Telltale Games choice and dialogue mechanics!

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Spider-Man: Civil War - The Telltale Series on 10/7/2016 8:03:46 PM

So just trying to gage feedback for two questions for things I am likely to need some big planning for, though not strictly until Episode 2...

a. So one of the big moments of the Civil War comic is Spider-Man (who was Pro Reg at the time) unmasking at a televised conference, and I want that to be a major part of the game, having the fact people know who you really are. In theory the unmasking is something which will occur at the end of Episode 2 IF you are on the Pro Reg Side. I could make it an option to decline, and debate whether or not that forces you to change sides, or just affects your options/relationships on the Pro team (who know who you are anyway) whilst allowing you to remain unknown (and keeps your loved ones safe). Or maybe in this instance you don't have any choice if you're Pro. I'm just curious what sort of things you guys might want to see on the Pro Reg side in regards to identity. Whether you're known is going to have MAJOR impacts on all parts of Peter's life.

b. The other half of this is that I feel the unmasking makes a great ending to Episode 2, but I'm trying to think of a suitable equal on the anti reg side. I'm toying with the question as to whether Peter's identity can be leaked, depending on whether you have a bad relationship with Tony - remember just because you are Anti Reg doesn't mean he's likely to outright throw you to the wolves - or other factors, since there will be super villains in the story too which has their say in the war, especially in the latter stages. So any anti reg fans who can think of something suitable would be awesome.

Sorry the planning is taking longer than I thought but I want this thing to work well and I want a good battle plan for writing it all in my head. cheeky

Spider-Man: Civil War - The Telltale Series on 10/7/2016 1:09:40 PM

I love that idea and I did love that sequence in the original Civil War comic, so that can definitely be a consideration if you're on the Pro Reg path, and I think there should be some equal on the Anti Reg side with Captain America. I also want to ensure that both sides have issues and the promise to be good or bad, so I know that in the Chemical Plant sequence (which is a major part of Episode 3, regardless of side) I want there to be a number of ways it can go down, not just Thor killing Goliath, but maybe Punisher shooting a Pro Reg Hero instead?

Spider-Man: Civil War - The Telltale Series on 10/7/2016 5:30:56 AM

Quick update, so re-planning the structure of the whole game and that of Episode 1 is just about sorted and the most important thing I've elected to do is change how the Neutral side works. The fact is that of the three sides you're supposed to be able to join near the start, Neutrality is kind of a debatable one and hardest to map out, and more importantly was liable to have its own missions within early episodes, unlike Anti and Pro who are basically missions from opposite angles.

So I'm doing something different with it and removing it... initially. Basically what I mean is you won't be able to pick neutrality straight away, there's going to be an important moment about halfway through the whole game (which should be taking place early in Episode 4) where you get to question your earlier decisions and elect either to stick with your side, switch or choose to join a selection of neutral heroes... and in the case of the latter this allows for a whole different section of game where you operate behind the scenes more. It'll still require some planning on how the neural stance works for the latter part of the game but I think it will work better in the long run, and make Episode 1 and 2 easier to write and plan.

One bit of positive news which this opens up is that Episode 2 will now have two missions instead of just one for you to choose from for your chosen side., both of which see the Anti Reg and Pro Reg sides opposing each other and can be played from both angles, and feature different heroes to team up with or battle! More on this when I get to Episode 2, I think.

Derek's Generic Game Idea/Writing Thread Thingie on 10/6/2016 7:31:01 PM

It's something I occasionally pull out for some fun, but it can take a lot of time for one game, especially when you have to remind yourself of the rules and what cards can and can't do each time. The different factions are fun, mind. Enough scope for a game, assuming I want a change from Civil War.

Favorite video game on 10/6/2016 11:43:42 AM

I have been reading the books, albeit very slowly, so that I've just started the third book of seven after about two years of owning them. I think it's fair that no TV show could match the amount of detail and world building a book series can, although I know that HBO are going on about possible spin offs...

Derek's Generic Game Idea/Writing Thread Thingie on 10/6/2016 10:50:09 AM

I curious whether anyone has heard about the card game Smash Up!, which is a fav of mine. I have given some thoughts about doing a game inspired by it, simply because something with Aliens, Robots, Ninjas, Pirates, Tricksters, Dinosaurs, Wizards and Zombies all trying to destroy each other (nevermind all the insane other guys in the expansions) in something barefly sensical would be amusing. :)

Also work on planning Episode 1 of Civil War proceeds well! I am trying to mentally think of them as Telltale episodes and how to structure them. Episode 6 the final episode is likely to be where all your choices come home to roost, and I also have to decide who you can save or get killed or something.

Favorite video game on 10/6/2016 10:41:42 AM

Arkham City is definitely my favouite of the main Arkham Trilogy, and I'm excited to get to play Return to Arkham when it's out so I can have Asylum and City on my PS4 at last. Mind you I love all the Arkham games, because they actually know how to make a solid super hero gaming experience.

Favorite video game on 10/4/2016 3:05:38 PM

Well technically I already own it since I grabbed the Telltale Collection when it was on sale and it was included, but I'll bear that in mind.

True, they're vey different games, but it it does seem like on the TT forums people bemoan why neither have had sequels so far. I liked how neither required you to be utterly in-depth in the lore of Fables and Borderlands to play them. I agree with the concept of Bigby locking up that power, made it all the more fun when you get to let it out against Bloody Mary and the rest. And it had a great range of characters most would have heard of in fiction. Borderlands had great characters too, and I was surprised how well having two protags worked, though I liked Fiona much more than Rhys.

I think if I had to pick I'd go with Borderlands, since comedy and sci-fi are two of my fav genres. Still think I'll try and grab the Handsome Collection when it's on sale again.

Favorite video game on 10/4/2016 2:47:55 PM

So having replayed both of them on my PS4 I'm torn over whether I think Wolf Among Us or Tales From the Borderlands is the best Telltale game. I certainly enjoy them both more than the Walking Dead seasons, even though I still do enjoy them. But I like the 80's detective noir of Wolf and the humor of Borderlands.

I'm also debating if to play Game of Thrones, since I haven't seen any of the TV show yet and I suspect I will be terribly confused. frown

Mystery Men on 10/4/2016 2:43:56 PM

I feel like it was a movie which was just a little too late to make fun of the 90's comic movies like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, and too early to make fun of those early modern movies like the original X-Men and Spider-Man. Ben Stiller as a weird version of Wolverine was funny though, and I recall William H Macy and a black guy who could turn invisible but only when others weren't looking?