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Alright since this looks too empty , here let me add some short catchphrases made by me on random occassions , to give you some idea of how my thought process might work ...

"Since we all define our own limits , I simply limit my definations ~"

"Predict your past , and recall your future , thats time travel 101"

For now only these two come to my mind will add more as I recall them ~

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Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 10:13:31 PM

Yep , not American .

So I googled it hmm .... A curious way of making people hurry along , especially when logic tells that in a hurry you would simply use less syllables instead like for example go go go ~ 

Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 10:06:16 PM

A good poem , solidity in your lines 

And the struggle of day and night , hats off  !

Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 9:35:53 PM

Come on cut this noob some slack 
Posion lady ?? , next time I will just conjure
Up some random beauty as sacrifice ?? for your

Furry desires ~

Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 9:23:34 PM

Alright the poem was great ,

cool rhyming with appropriate timing ,

but cant help but ask whats that at the end boogity?

it kinda breaks the whole aftertaste?

Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 9:19:47 PM

....(sweating ) its Lappy as in laptop ......


Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 9:09:01 PM

Well , u surely can churn out words better than me , so +10

A bit darkish , i guess the hospital does that to , the best of us...

hey but on the bright side you  got bitten and now have

the chance of advancing  your class  to a eternal zombie B2 (>_<)  ~

alright enough messing  around i am not a qualified enough expert on poems but  , 

its just that some lines or phrases , just don't roll off all that easily, at times.

though your composition is quite complex not in general story but styling , it  keeps changing

i have no method or techniques just my instincts , that tell me you surely can polish it to the next level ,  

sometimes removing words are more helpfully than adding em .

and this general tip that i read somewhere long long ago and it just got stuck to me ...

"How do you know if what u wrote is correct or proper enough ? just read it once or twice and see if it all feels harmonious , if it isn't u will just know , even if you don't understand the cause , you can sense the disharmony in it" 


Poetry prompt: Narrative poetry on 4/2/2020 8:18:54 PM

Alright i am what u might call an armature at this, so pardon my meagre skills...

All i have is my instinct and intution to guide me through this poetic endavour.


A poem ! she requested ,

thats all ?... I grew intrested~

i thought a while , 

i  rummaged my ol pile ,~

but it was all missing !

thus my reminiscing...

i wonder a awhile...

i  pondered a mile !

sadly, nothing comes to  mind ~

 thus i crashed in blind !

figured it can take a while ,

wondered if it was worthwhile ?

 to look for those fickle words ,

and turn em to mighty birds !

this was no simple task !

but tis was all , she asked !

so i  looked at my trusty mate ,

i said "Lappy" this is our fate !

lets write some tales ~

of fellow scholars and heroic females .  

So , here we are with my idotic smile ,

wondering, pondering & turning senile ~


                                              -   Immortal Beggar    \|0_o| /

 (might as well dedicate to ShoujoAddict , afterall she dragged me in this  ....  )

oh right poems are supposed to have a titlee too right? thats the hardest part ...ummm

alright here goes nothing :   "Tackling Poem at Dawn ."