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FERAL Files Chapter 2: Lost in the Snow


A blizzard has stranded you in the remote Montana wilderness....

Can you survive the storm? Can you survive the creatures that now roam the forest? 


The Forsaken Mountain


The Firsha mountain has long stood as an impenetrable obstacle to the people of Cryli but that is about to change.

When an avalanche reveals a mysterious ancient opening at the foot of the mountain the people of Cryli immediately send an expedition to explore the possibility of a passageway that leads to the eastern lands.

Will that expedition succeed? Well that's up to you...

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Merry Christmas everybody!

Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 11/23/2023 1:53:04 PM

Well my Lions are playing like absolute shit on thanksgiving like usual.

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Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 11/22/2023 1:31:58 PM

Could be the greatest thanksgiving since 2016 assuming my Lions don't blow it again.

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The CYS Weather Thread!! (2023 Edition) on 10/27/2023 11:31:09 PM

Just read an article from the LA times that quoted Mexico's president spewing some bullshit about the country being "Lucky" there were "few" deaths. Like anyone with a brain knows 27 is not the real number especially in a big city that had absolutely no time to evacuate from a hurricane packing 165 MPH winds and a storm surge of 20+ feet. However, I do think the government deserves a little slack for their slow response since they had no warning a storm of this magnitude was gonna hit. Just a sad situation all around for an area that I doubt will ever fully recover from this disaster. 

The CYS Weather Thread!! (2023 Edition) on 10/26/2023 10:41:07 AM

Twitter! This guy posts a lot of neat weather statistics and even has his own website.

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The CYS Weather Thread!! (2023 Edition) on 10/25/2023 12:09:30 AM


Hurricane Otis


Yesterday hurricane Otis in the eastern Pacific rapidly intensified from a mid-range tropical storm to a 160 MPH Cat 5 hurricane in less than 24 hours! The storms 12 hour 80 MPH increase from 65 to 145 MPH is now the fastest 12 hour rapid intensification ever recorded in the eastern Pacific. This breaks 2015’s hurricane Patricia’s record of 75 MPH in 12 hours. Otis will also become the first ever hurricane to make landfall as a Cat 5 in the eastern Pacific when it comes ashore in southern Mexico later tonight.


The global intensity models performed absolutely horrendously with this storm (Forecasted strength solid lines, actual strength dotted line).