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Currently working on "The Third Princess" 

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FERAL Files Chapter 2: Lost in the Snow


A blizzard has stranded you in the remote Montana wilderness....

Can you survive the storm? Can you survive the creatures that now roam the forest? 

The Forsaken Mountain


The Firsha mountain has long stood as an impenetrable obstacle to the people of Cryli but that is about to change.

When an avalanche reveals a mysterious ancient opening at the foot of the mountain the people of Cryli immediately send an expedition to explore the possibility of a passageway that leads to the eastern lands.

Will that expedition succeed? Well that's up to you...

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Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/17/2024 3:00:54 PM

Bob suddenly remembered his real name was Will much to his surprise.

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/10/2024 6:36:38 PM

"You've been asleep for 400 years and the first thing you want is a dick?" The Ai continued with a strangely human tone, "I've been programmed to fulfill every request of the subject so I will comply to the fullest of my computerized abilities".

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (The movie) on 5/10/2024 3:33:37 PM

I was worried Disney was gonna shit out another crappy reboot in a critically acclaimed franchise as they have done so often lately but somehow they didn't ruin it.



Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/10/2024 3:06:31 AM

Suddenly a bright flash illuminated his surroundings as a meteor fell through the sky.

The CYS Weather Thread!! (2024 Edition) on 5/6/2024 12:39:10 PM



For the first time since March 2023 the SPC has issued a rare high risk for today's severe weather outbreak which will begin in earnest later this evening.
Severe damaging tornadoes are expected

Fallout TV Show on 4/18/2024 12:14:05 PM

I dunno why so many people are getting mad about the Shady Sands thing even though Todd made it very clear a while ago that this show occurs after New Vegas, a game that often made a point about how the NCR was stretched thin and already on the verge of collapse.


Nifty Thing I Discovered for Anime Fans on 3/28/2024 11:39:31 PM

[Reddit Post]
Ah hah! Found a Reddit post on this thing and it is basically just a command that scrapes a giant pirating site to bring you what you want quickly and safely without having to deal with the sites sketchy interface and borderline malware/spyware ads. 
So yea it is basically just easy pirating though to be honest I don't care. At the end of the day I'm just a poor college student who is always welcome to the opportunity of saving a little money I understand the issues with this practice and I respect them but money is well money :/.

Nifty Thing I Discovered for Anime Fans on 3/28/2024 11:17:39 PM

Ok for one thing I agree pirating is bad in most cases with "Oshi No Ko" however the anime I set this thing up for in the first place that one is exclusive to a crappy second rate streaming service called Hidive which I was NOT going to pay for (Their library is pathetic compared to better services like Crunchyroll). Secondly though, my friend got really pissed at me when I was calling this a pirating software because apparently all it does is sort through some company's public database which has all of these animes in it for some reason (I'll admit I did not understand half of the computer shit he was ranting about in this conversation). Thirdly I understand any security concerns after all you always gotta be safe out there kiddos! But with this software I didn't have any problems during the download process (No screaming from my virus protector yet). Basically all we did was use windows Powershell as a terminal, we then copied and pasted the commands from the GitHub page into this terminal which then downloaded the various programs I needed to run this thing.

Nifty Thing I Discovered for Anime Fans on 3/28/2024 7:44:42 PM

Hello again! Came across this neat program/tool (Don't know the technical term for whatever this is) that allows you to browse and play basically any anime directly on your computer with dub or sub available! All without any ads or fishy sites. 

[Link to Github Page]

Download process was a bit complicated and to be honest I don't think I could have gotten this thing working if I wasn't getting some help from my nerdy tech friend who has a computer science major lol.

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Merry Christmas on 12/25/2023 12:00:11 PM

Merry Christmas everybody!