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I'm here to read and make stories That's all you need to know, Currently working on "The Lost Island" and "Not to be Seen"

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FERAL Files Chapter 1: Not to be Seen (Overhaul)

FERAL Files Chapter 2: The Lost Island
After discovering strange energy pulse's emitting from a place off the Alaskan coast a team of scientists set out to investigate. What they discover changes their understanding of the modern world...

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I vote for story 1

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I vote for the 2nd story mainly because it made more sense to me than the 1st

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@Stardust_Crusader how do you crusade stardust?

Thread of my random ideas on 10/20/2021 8:51:24 AM
Oops didn’t see that

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Haiku of a Maple tree In a shaded grove Sat a little pot of dirt With a little Maple

Thread of my random ideas on 10/19/2021 3:43:58 PM
SCP Item# SCP-8765 Clearance level 4 Subject class Euclid ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special containment procedures: SCP-8765 is located at Site-76 and from 11:00 to 6:00 it must be stored inside a lead lined steel box packed with heavy duty steel supports with measurements of 10m x 10m x 10m. During its passive periods it is to be housed inside a 5m x 5m x 5m steel box filled with dirt, grass and areas to hide. Everyday it must be transferred inside a plastic box with steel bars in front and must be transferred no later than 9:00. Testing on the subject during its passive state does not require any guards but a animal holder, the tester may touch the subject only if it is in its passive state and they must touch it with rubber gloves on, These gloves may be reused and are totally safe after touching the subject. Testing on SCP-8765 in its aggressive state must be overseen by a person with level 4 clearance and above any feeding probing must be done in a safe radius of 10 meters. Description: SCP-8765 in its passive state is a white bunny with a love for carrots and rolling around in the grass however discovered by the researcher by the name of Dr.Tress ”Watch” SCP-8765 will open its mouth in a impossible length and will suck anything within 10 meters of it inside from 11:00 to 6:00. Some who have seen the rabbit have called it a black hole due to the fact any movable object near it will simply crunch down and disappear inside of the mouth which has been described as a dark abyss. Others say it is [DATA EXPUNGED] and wonder [DATA EXPUNGED] comes out. Whatever is the case fact has shown that anything that goes in never comes back out even the [DATA EXPUNGED] has been scanned and has shown no evidence of human body parts or DNA from a human body. The discovery of SCP-8765 happened in a lonely town in brimham, Canada where the rabbit (in its aggressive state) swallowed entire buildings and people killing 87 in all. This grabbed the attention of the SCP who spent the later year of 1990 tracking down the rabbit until finally catching the rabbit on 9/16/1991 it was then transferred to a site for studying and testing. Testing has shown the rabbits cells do not age creating the possibility this rabbit is thousands of years old and during a SCP-035 interview, SCP-035 said that SCP-8765 was made by the gods and was older than him. --------------------------------------------------COFINDATAL!---------------------------------------------------- This Document may not be shared with or used by personal below the designated clearance level. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thread of my random ideas on 10/19/2021 3:27:30 PM
The history of a random fictional company I thought up §2.1. JGC Startup: The Jonathan Glaven corporation was founded in 1968 in a corporate alliance between Harry Glaven and George Campbell. The corporation slowly grew throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s but when the donations compound was founded growth increased by a tenfold. During a board meeting in 1983 the successor of Harry Glaven, (Who had died in 1980) Joseph Glaven created the concept of the three big branches. The institute would handle science, the fondation would handle merchandise selling and a branch was also created to handle casinos in two districts, east and west. However relations deteriorated between the Glaven family and Campbell family during the 1980’s due to corporate scandals. §2.2. Weapon Z Creation: The institute branch had been studying nuclear fusion with the idea of creating a machine that could complete the process of nuclear fusion. Eventually a breakthrough happened in 1989 when a test generator successfully completed the process. Due to the ongoing minor company scandals between the Glaven family and Campbell family, Joseph Glaven did not tell Norman Campbell (George Campbell died in 1981). Despite this the Campbell family found out about the breakthrough and began demanding for the Glaven family to hand over all information regarding the now named Weapon Z. The Glaven family, hoping to avoid a court battle, decided to hand over the research papers but they hid the diagrams explaining how to build the machine and information regarding the classified compound branch which the Campbells had no idea had been created (These compounds were created with the sole purpose to research, fund and use Weapon Z). After this the company's scandals calmed down and there was peace for a year, but in 1990 the Business and Funding report (BAF) came in. Due to the fact Norman was a co-ceo he saw the report and was suspicious of the fact that over 5 million dollars were going to an unknown branch. While Joseph had covered his compound's tracks well and had already erased all mentions of the name he couldn’t get rid of the BAF report sheet displaying the funds the compounds were using. The Campbell family quickly began demanding the locations of where the money was going. Naturally the Glaven family denied knowledge of it and instead set up a probe/investigation that stated the Campbells were hiding and protecting soviet spies that had fled to america after the collapse of the soviet union. §2.3. An Interesting Court Battle: The probe was going to last a while 3 years to be exact and while all this was going on Weapon Z was being researched and it paid off since it was discovered that if the weapon was fired in a compressed way length it could be turned into a small handheld “gun”. The first “gun” was completed in 1991 and more testing began soon later. During several human trials it was discovered that if the weapon was fired at a different frequency it could turn human beings into unintelligent, aggressive “Zombies”. Research on these “Zombies” began soon later but the probe was about to end and the company's growth was slowing so no progress was really made in this research for the time being. The probe was finally completed in 1993 and the official report concluded that the Campbell family were guilty of treason, Drug trading, Company espionage, tax fraud and murder counts for several forgien polticains. The Campbells naturally denied all charges and said they were false and that actually the Glavens were guilty of all these charges. In no surprise the case went to court and in trail court the two families battled it out for months over the charges. In the end the families both agreed to drop murder charges and tax fraud but they still pressed the rest of the charges to each other, now it was all down to the jury. In a surprising turn of events the jury made a unanimous decision that the Campbells were guilty of all charges. The verdict? The Campbells must give full control of the company to the Glavens. However evidence later suggested the Glavens bribed the jury members to vote in their favor. Based on this evidence the Campbells appealed to the next court which made things difficult for the Glavens since they knew the court investigators would find the evidence of the bribes, due to this they began making a new plan. §2.4. Bye Bye Campbells: The appeal court review date was set in the year 2000 and in the meantime the company's growth had recovered and was beginning to improve; however, problems were right around the corner. Knowing they would lose the court battle Joseph created the SID, a group that would be made up of agents that would protect the secrecy of Weapon Z and it was split up between the BF(Brute force) and the AF(Assassin force). The AF was assigned the job to kill all the Campbells and they did in December of 1999. The plan was as follows: 30 men would go in and kill the Campbells in their sleep and then light a fire and burn down the house. The day of the attack the men went in and killed each Campbell 5 adults, 2 children and ironically last to die, Norman Campbell. The attackers then lit the fire, stole the money and Campbell copies of the research papers on Weapon Z. Afterwards the incident was framed as an accident with no Campbells surviving. Due to this the Glavens were not forced to go to court. Later in 2005 Joseph Glaven retired and handed control over to Jonathan Glaven. §3.Present Day Jonathan renamed the company the Jonathan Glaven Corporation and also renamed all branches to include the prefix Jonathan Glaven. Under his leadership the company quickly began to prosper and Weapon Z research continued and in 2013 the company even hosted Super Bowl 47. In 2017 building began on a larger model of Weapon Z for testing and eventual use. As of 2021 the Weapon Z large scale model is getting close to completion and the company remains one of the biggest companies in the world.

Thread of my random ideas on 10/19/2021 3:26:16 PM
As the title suggests this thread will contain various ideas (Story's, Pictures, and etc)

Corgi vs Fem - Vote! on 10/12/2021 9:56:23 PM
I vote for the second one