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Currently working on "A Tale of 4 Swords" (A book I intend to publish)

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"FERAL Files Chapter 1: Lost in the Snow" (Active) 

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FERAL Files Chapter 1: Lost in the Snow

A blizzard has stranded you in the remote Montana wilderness....

Can you survive the night? Can you survive the creatures that now roam the forest? 

The Forsaken Mountain

The Firsha mountain has long stood as an impenetrable obstacle to the people of Cryli but that is about to change

When an avalanche reveals a mysterious ancient opening at the foot of the mountain the people of Cryli immediately send an expedition to explore the possibility of a passageway that leads to the eastern lands

Will that expedition succeed? Well that's up to you...

The World After You

A stray in a world

A broken, desolate world 

Even strays cause change

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"With great power comes great responsibility."

CYSN world news - 2023 on 3/7/2023 7:34:47 PM

It's official! Cyclone Freddy has just broken 1994 hurricane John's record for longest lived tropical cyclone.

As a weather nerd I have to say that is truly remarkable! 

CYSN world news - 2023 on 3/6/2023 9:35:18 AM

Cyclone Freddy will break hurricane John's record for longest lasting tropical cyclone (31 days) this Wednesday, Freddy could also break hurricane Ioke's record for most ACE generated by a single storm (82) if it rapidly intensifies again this week. 


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What grade are these kids in

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Well at least your not worse than Ford 

CYSN world news - 2023 on 3/2/2023 9:06:39 AM

Well excluding tornado probabilitys for a moment these same areas also have a 45% chance of seeing winds higher than 60MPH and a 10% chance of seeing winds higher than 75MPH


So overall not only will people probably see flying cows they'll also see a lot of other stuff in the air tonight

CYSN world news - 2023 on 3/1/2023 8:48:53 AM

Tornado probability's have also been raised to 15%

CYSN world news - 2023 on 3/1/2023 8:38:57 AM

The NWS has issued a moderate risk for Thursday and Friday

CYSN world news - 2023 on 2/28/2023 10:13:37 AM

Update on Storm 2 and outlook for mid March 

Storm 2 (Cold Sector)


After moving across the west today and tomorrow (Where it will deliver heavy snow to the mountains) the storm will begin dropping snow in southern Michigan Friday (Widespread 3-5 inches). The main low will then decay as it moves east through upper New York which will spur on the development of a second coastal low similar to what happened today with storm 1 (5-8 inches mostly for higher elevations in the NE). 

Storm 2 (Warm Sector) 

South in the warm sector the potent jet stream which is fueling this strong storm will also create a multi day severe weather threat across the southeast. Since this will likely be a very impactful severe weather outbreak especially on Thursday and Friday I highly suggest for those living in the path of this storm's warm sector to stay weather aware with their local NWS office. 

  3/1 - 3/2 Severe weather outlook from the NWS 


  3/2 - 3/3 Severe weather outlook from the NWS 


  3/3 - 3/4 Severe weather outlook from the NWS 


Outlook for mid March 


The MJO (Tropical forcing) is expected to move deep into phase 8 (8 supports cold in the east), this along with the ongoing SSW and Greenland block will create a window after March 9th for someone in the east to receive an impactful winter storm. Regardless of if there will be a storm or not in this time frame, most of the lower 48 can expect to see below average temperatures mid March.