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I am all about Interactive stories, but good ones are hard to find you know? But i like watching anime more, more specifically romance genera anime ^-^ i swear, i feel like exploding when i find good romance anime, it makes me whole.Or zombie anime o.0 cuz zombies are fucking awesome.(Hint, hint, "High school of the dead", anyone?) I promise to make a really good interactive novel that will suit your liking.... in some date in time .-. if i follow through with at least one of my stories....



A slice of life interactive story, nothing more nothing less.

A Certain Debt....

Crash Landed

On your flight overseas for a business trip, you experience minor turbulence, that minor turbulence turns into a harsh crash landing into a deserted island in the pacific. 

Fight, survive, and build until someone comes to you're aid.

Dead Rising: Safe Haven #1

[Please note this story is unfinished, and i do not plan on finishing it. The reason for this is because the advanced storygame setting are bugging out on me and making it impossible to finish, if any of you want to finish it (i'll add you as a co-author) please leave a comment reviewing the story so far, why you want to finish it, and what experience you have with writing. thankyou and enjoy.]

You're in the middle of a zombie outbreak, you live in a regular, Run-Of-The-Mill suburban house, you're neighborhood doesn't have a large crime rate so you thought "What's the need for a firearm in this type of environment?" So in the aspect of self-defense, you are lacking.

You live alone, have a nice car, and a decent amount of spending cash that you have been saving up for a vacation...Too bad things can't go that smoothly now.

Depression Quest

"An interactive (non)fiction about living with depression." The player of this multimedia hypertext game is given a series of everyday life events, and has to attempt to manage their illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment.

This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and to illustrate to people who may not understand the illness the depths of what it can do to people.

Eating the Bagel

It's a game where you can do things including, but not limited to, making a bagel.


So you decide to get a Haircut.
It was getting rather long and quite hippy like. So you run downtown to the barber like a cheetah.
Suddenly you stop and think. Do I get a haircut?

[V0.1, There is a total of 8 different endings, from getting it on with opera, to living amongst spacebears.]

Lemon Simulator 2015

You wake up, suddenly aware that you are a lemon. You have to escape and regain your humanity.

Night is Falling

You have strayed off the path. Night is falling. You'd better find your way back to your car before it gets dark. These woods aren't safe at night...

V0.1 [If you run into any broken links, please inform me and i will fix it at once.]

V0.2 [ Fixed 1 broken link]

The Zombie Surivival

In near darkness you stand, pressed against the damp side wall of the cabin. Thin rays of sunlight cut through the planks of the wooden wall. The zombie's low guttural grunts pierce through the closed door nearby. Your hands are empty, and as you feel around for a weapon, any kind of weapon, your fingertips glide through a pool of thin liquid. You raise your hand and smell blood. Outside, the zombie emits a shrill howl.

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Proofreading Helper ^-^ on 11/25/2014 5:05:32 PM

I have just completed the 8th page of my story, but i refuse to go any further without receiving some feedback ^-^ i want to make sure the beginning is good before i waste my time making a worthless tale. i read over it many times, but me being the author will make my opinion a small bit biased so that's why i need another person to do so.

Now, i wont be splitting the points for co-author because all i need is a little proofreading, but i will include you in the story description as a proof reader and even proof read a story of your own as well. The title of it is "Troubled Times" and falls under the 'Love & Dating' catagory, i will paste the story description below.~

Your name is Mitchell, at the age of five your parents divorced and you never seen your dad again.This being, your relationship with your mom is very tough even though she tries very hard to make it work. After a while she gives up and you both go separate ways only time spent together eating, and car rides. Because your quite, all the other kids make fun of you because of your lack of friends, even though you could care less about having friends. Until a new girl transfers to your first grade class, she tries making friends with you but you choose not letting her close, but she says otherwise.

~Now, give me your feedback!laugh