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It has been a while now since I properly joined this website, so I decided to finally write something into my profile here. I am not sure what would actually interest someone so I will simply start off by how I ended up here on this website.

I always loved stories and reading. It started with the usual stuff like, asking my mum to read me a bedside story before I went to sleep in my bunk bed. Later I, like every child should, learned to read myself, so I started reading books before going to sleep myself. After some time I discovered that my favourite genre of books was fantasy. I started reading all the stuff I could get like "Eragon" or "Harry Potter". At some point my mother gifted me the first book of the series "Warrior Cats", which became my favourite book series.

So at some point I was out of stuff to read so I started looking up fanfictions, which lead me to a website called Wattpad. There I started by reading stories about "Skyrim" my most favourite video game up until now. Later I ended up at "Warrior Cats" again.

While casually reading there I ended up at a book that was a "Choose your own adventure". On Wattpad that was quite tedious because you had to manually skip all pages not belonging to your path. Another thing I noticed was that most authors there never ended up finishing there stories. At least some of those stories I enjoyed most ended up being never updated. So after some google search I ended up in this place and started reading. I think I was just a Lurker for quite some time before I made an account. But I enjoyed most reads in the fantasy genre.

After I searched through I thought I might just give it a go and try writing my own stuff. I first intended to write a "Warrior Cats" fanfiction, but since those are banned here I decided to settle on the fantasy genre.




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The Riddles of the Guardian

You and your two friends have a streak of bad luck in your adventuring career. You all imagined it differently when you left your hometown Barthville to find excitement. Gossip on the marketplace leads you to your most promising and dangerous adventure yet. You venture into the desert to find what is waiting for you inside that mysterious pyramid.

Experience the dangers of the old ruin with your friends to enter the last chamber and reach your destination. All of this leads to a fateful situation.

A treasure chamber, a mighty guardian and you, the adventurer, bound by a battle of wits and logic that defines whether you live or you die.
Can you beat the three riddles and get to the treasure?

There are 4 Epilogues to be found, depending on how well you do in the riddles.


As some of you might know this is actually the second time I publish this game. I took it down after receiving some critique, but also a lot of helpful advice on how to improve it. So here is the second, and hopefully also improved, version of my very first story game "The Riddles of the Guardian".

Great thanks to AestheticLlama and Shadowdrake27. They both have gone out of their way to proofread my story and make it a whole lot better. It would have not been like it is without them.

Salvatore Academy: Sorting Quiz

This is a sorting quiz for a game on another platform, which I kindly provide for free use on my account.
This is technically only of use to the people of that game, but if you are interested which house you would be sorted into feel free to give it a try.

To make this more clear:
Salvatore Academy is a magical school in an RPG style environment that is influenced a little by Harry Potter to a point where there are four different houses.

House Amare:
Love, passion, and romance are the cornerstones of House Amare. The house was founded on the belief in the absolute power of love to conquer all obstacles. Members of House Amare bring that romanticism and passion to all aspects of their lives - personal relationships, career goals, even hobbies. While this intensity can make them prone to emotionality, they consider this a strength, not a weakness. Wearing one's heart on one's sleeve is a badge of pride in Amare.
House Curat:
The compassionate members of House Curat are unequaled in their empathy and care for others. Their Founder knew well the challenges, and even cruelty, the world has in store for those who suffer illness, injury, and heartbreak, and she was determined to ensure others would not feel needless pain or hardship, instilling that determination into the students of her house. Curat alumni often find fulfillment as healers, caretakers, counselors, and parents. Their boundless empathy tends to draw others to them, seeking the comfort a Curat offers.
House Fidelity:
The stalwart members of House Fidelity place unassailable value on the high ideals of trust, honesty, and loyalty. They are the house most likely to view a given topic or conflict in stark terms, often drawing a firm line between right and wrong, good and evil, acceptable and unacceptable. This outlook can cause them to be stubborn and even zealous. However, there is also no greater ally in a crisis than a Fidelity, no more stalwart a protector. Their commitment to those they love is not only a matter of pride and honor, it is a crucial aspect of who they are.
House Volo:
House Volo places desire on the highest of pedestals. Whether a Volo's desires are fixed on wealth, power, lust, fame, or something less common, they believe strongly in the value of embracing one's desires and the ambition required to achieve them. House Volo does not condone selfish greed at the expense of others, but at the same time teaches that the world has no lasting sympathy for those who do not pursue their dreams with the utmost vigor.


Ways of the Law

After witnessing the death of her parents at the hands of a criminal group in Sandrossa, Keira Eldentale looses everything, her status, her wealth and her comfortable life in the big house. Taken in by her fathers best friend she has to learn how to take care of herself.
Who will be her allies?
Who will be her enemies?
It will all be up to you.

Recent Posts

Proofreading request on 11/18/2020 6:59:34 AM

AestheticLlama is already on it. But thanks for the offer.

Proofreading request on 9/30/2020 6:38:50 AM

It basically is a short riddle solving game I made to test out a few scripts. I have packed it into a short dungeon adventure to give it a bit of story. Since it is my first Storygame I am sure it has quite some flaws, but I want to get some correct grammar before I publish it.

Proofreading request on 9/30/2020 1:48:42 AM

Hey there.

I asked Shadowdrake to do some proofreading for me and he was very helpful so far. Sadly he told me he would not be able to finish due to being busy lately. So I am asking here if someone would be willing to help me out. I am not very good at English grammar (since it is just my second language) and was hoping to find someone to help me.

If you are interested I would appreciate a reply here or a direct private message so we can get into contact. I will also provide you with the exact route Shadowdrake took so you wont have to do that part again.

Fixing an image to a page. on 5/26/2020 1:55:07 AM

Using simply that worked. Thank you Berka.

Fixing an image to a page. on 5/26/2020 1:46:31 AM

On page means I simply have to put that directly onto the page ?

[p style="text-align:center][img src="http://chooseyourstory.com/i/?55003" width = "100%"][/style]

Does not seem to be working though...

Fixing an image to a page. on 5/20/2020 5:22:41 AM

Hey there,

I am here again with a question about images. I do know how to set an image as a background using global page script. Now for my storygame I have the background set so it looks like some old paper. For the first page I want there to be a title image of the city. I have inserted that by simply using the image function in the toolbar above where you can also change the color and size of written words.

The problem with that is I can't manage to fix the position of the image to the page. It is always at the top left corner if I change the size of my viewer window.

Is there any way I can make it a fixed size and position on the page it is on?

Ways of the Law on 5/7/2020 2:27:51 PM

Thanks for taking the time of reading this mizal.

Yes the first page is all for the basic background. The rest of the first chapter will be where the reader establishes the main trait of the personality and which way the protagonist will take through the course of the story. It is basically to split it all into the main branches.

I am not great with grammar so I will do a lot more proofreading aver the course of writing this.

Thanks again for all feedback though.

Ways of the Law on 5/6/2020 5:26:42 AM

The sun rises slowly, bathing the rooftops of Sandrossa in a golden light. The warm sunlight floods through the thin, red, satin curtains of your bedroom. It colors the light inside your room red. You awaken with a yawn and slowly sit up. After a few moments you slowly rise from the bed. Your bare feet touch the slightly cold, wooden floorboards. You walk over to the window and pull aside the curtains. Opening the window, you take in a deep breath of the fresh air outside. The birds are chirping in the flower garden behind your house, and you can hear the bustling sound of the city streets behind the gardens walls. A soft wind is blowing, bringing the smell of the colorful flowers from the garden to your nose. After closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you walk over to the desk with the integrated mirror to get ready for the day.

While you start brushing your hair, you can hear the door to your room opening. "Oh. You are awake already sweety," the soft, warm voice of your mother speaks.

You turn around with a wide smile on your face, "Good morning mommy."

Your mother walks over to you with a smile on her red painted lips. Her hair falling over her shoulders like a waterfall of black. It is the most prominent feature you inherited from her, though your hair is slightly curled. Her soft blue eyes glinting in happiness. She walks up closely behind you and says, "Let me help you sweety." Taking the brush she starts working on your hair, the dark blue sleeves of her dress slightly slipping back along her arms. You start to look into her eyes through the mirror in front of you. Your different colored eyes, one in a soft blue like your mothers and the other the piercing green of your fathers eyes, meeting her gentle gaze. You can hear her starting to hum the calming melody of the lullaby she used to sing to you every evening you could not fall asleep, and you close your eyes listening to it.

"Now you look like my cute little princess again," your mother remarks with a smile, stirring you up from your slight doze. "It's time for breakfast. I'm sure Sophie is already finished preparing it," your mother continues, as she lays the brush to the side. You hop from the chair and head over to your large closet. Opening it some of your dresses nearly fall out, since its filled to the brim. You look around for a while searching for your favorite black dress. "I know what you are looking for, sweety. Don't you want to wear something more colorful today? How about this red one?", pulling out the knee long, light red dress and holding it in front of you. 

"Can't I wear the black one?", you ask while looking back towards the closet.

A cheeky grin appears on your mothers face and she holds the dress closer, "A true lady never wears the same dress every day, sweety. Come on, you know your father likes this one a lot. I'm sure he would be happy if you wore it." After thinking a moment and one look towards the closet again you nod and let your mother help you slip into the dress. You then follow her out of your room and into the hallway. Walking along the thick, green carpet on the wooden floor always reminds you of the walks through the garden you like to take in your spare time. But the grass feels nice and cold against your bare feet, even though your nanny always worries when you walk outside without shoes. The big paintings of your long dead family members seem to always stare at you as you walk past. As you were little that used to scare you but now your already eight years old. You are to old to be scared.

Descending the grand staircase into the entry hall of your families' manor you can already smell the warm milk with honey and cinnamon your nanny Sophie always prepares for your breakfast. It mixes with the scents of fresh bread and cooked eggs. You can also smell the bitter smell of coffee for your parents. As you walk into the dining room Sophie emerges from the kitchen behind it with a large plate laden with scrambled eggs, bacon, and different cheeses. The table already is prepared with plates and silverware. There is also a plate with bread and different kinds of jam from the local farmers. You close your eyes and happily shout, "Good morning nanny Sophie!"

Sophie seems startled a bit and then quickly responds, "Good morning young miss". Without putting down the plate she makes an awkward attempt of a curtsy towards your mother, barely able to balance the plate, "Good morning mistress."

"Ohh Sophie. You know there is no need for that," your mother quickly responds and grabs onto the plate to help her keep it steady.

"I'm sorry," Sophie adds quickly, grabs a hold of the plate fully and maneuvers it to the table. She then pulls your mothers chair for her and does the same for you as soon as she sits. While you start taking some eggs and bacon, and begin preparing a bread with strawberry jam and one with butter and honey, your mother makes some idle conversation with Sophie. Sophie also mentions that your father had to leave early to attend a business meeting with Gustav Powderbeard. Upon hearing that name your  mother frowns almost instantly. You remember meeting this guy when you were in the city with your parents. That dwarv is definitely not a person you like. He seemed scary.

"I have to do some of the bookwork later Sophie. Please play with Keira while I am at that," your mother tells your nanny. Then looking at you she adds, "We both will go into town later, sweety." With those words she stands up and leaves towards her office. Sophie starts cleaning the table where your mother sat and waits for you to finish so you can spend the rest of the morning together.


Ways of the Law on 5/6/2020 5:25:43 AM

Underneath is the first page of the story I started writing. It is mainly to introduce the main character and show how she is living at the beginning of this story. This will change drastically later on, but so far that is all I have.

My idea to let this story proceed is mainly through variables. So you basically develop your Characters Personality and at certain points the story splits of based on the decisions you made.

Please let me know what you think of the first page and tell me what you would make differently. I am always open for helpful feedback.

Unsure about a story idea on 4/14/2020 2:28:15 AM

It is not so much about that. It is just that I wanna ask if that story would be okay. I don't wanna do that in public because I don*t care for unnecessary shitstorms. I was asking which of the mods or admins I would have to ask this.