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I have thought days and days over what the meaning of life it is, and I have discovered.

Having an actual life means your dedicated to something in this world, may it be an occupation, a pet, people, anything, blocking any distractions for that one thing.

I am a Warrior Cats Bookworm, a Pokemon Fanatic, and an Adventure Time Clock.

Combination = Go Firestar! Use Dragon Rage on the Ice King! XD

... To be honest, I have a bi-polarish personality, so I can be funny and unfocused, or super strict and very much focused. When I'm focused on something, it will most likely develop great potential.

I am willing to help/co-author any story, just message me first. I also need trustworthy co-authors for my current CYS, Warrior Cats:: Power Of The Lake. If you would like to help, message me. I need All the help. Even if you don't know what warrior cats is, the least you could do is be the editor and proofread for me. =3


A Guardian's Heart

You were born in a land where humans never build-- Not on their own. When humans began the discovery of animals dying everywhere, 1000 years ago in 2999, a decade after that there were only three main species of animals, along with nine mixed species...

The average domestic dog and cat, along with the owl, who is no longer, 'Extremely Rare'.
There are Grizzlies, Sky-Dogs/Runners , and Sky-Cats/Screeches.

They are used to humanities benefit, but soon the competition of, 'Strongest Warriors' appears when aliens begin to appear on Earth. You live in the last country in the world; Japan, and the last settlement, The Village of Mizuki.


A Tribute To 9/11.

The Canid Tribes

You are a kit in Fox Tribe, one of the four tribes of the Canid Land, and your leader is being questioned. Will you stay loyal, or will you find out the truth? Notes: Action-packed, and very entertaining, as well as mystifying. If you love to read books possibly by Kathryn Lasky or Erin Hunter, I dedicate this story to them for you readers and myself. Enjoy the story!

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A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 12/25/2013 4:14:07 AM

Okay, just to be clear, due to so much inactivity, and that I probably have about 1/8 - 1/4 of this game done by now, I need just one or two co-authors to help. If I can't get any help, this is probably going to be done by next year. -_- If I got more help, it'd be done by maybe a month or two I'm guessing, and you guys would be able to see it. I'm thinking about making a demo as well, and then deleting it after the whole project itself is finished. Also, if you'd like to be a co-author, show me an example of your writing style / skills / creativity, and I will choose maybe one or two. Note, for all of you who just want to be co-author so you can delete all the hard work, before I post it I will put up the demo, and I'm sure I can work from there. Thank you all for your support, and have a merry Christmas!

A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 12/15/2013 3:41:39 PM

What. I don't like Earthbound. I just used this name because my best friend likes Earthbound. Though I do like using Lucas in Super Mario Bros... Anyways, I sorta need some co-authors I can trust because at this rate, I'm going to be done with it at the end of time. by next year. Which would suck. And I'd literally hate that.

A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 12/9/2013 4:23:55 AM

Just because of this comment, I'm adding stuff where you learn... And then something happens that can change the story.

A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 12/7/2013 9:51:04 AM

Yeah, that just makes me feel like raging. It literally makes no sense! There are none at all where you're actually born into the Clan! And then usually your mate dies or something. That's why I'm making this one in the first place. I'm not done typing up the nursery pages (Hey, don't blame me, blame the terrors of school) but so far it's turning out pretty good.

You have to read a lot, but if you're a real warrior cats fan or bookworm like me, you'll actually be interested in reading it because I'm trying to use the same writing style as the Erin Hunters. Which is, something tragic / suspenseful happens every time! *Gasp!*

A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 12/7/2013 12:57:10 AM

Yes, it will be after the final book. There will be no cats from the last series of books, meaning it's long after that generation. The new Clans... I'd rather have you guys find it out by yourselves, but why not? A sneak peek, one of the new Clans will be called FireClan. The leader is a descendant of Firestar, but I really don't want to reveal his or her awesome warrior name and clan rules, code, etc. It would spoil it way too much! The new Clans will be based on things the Clans fear, though.

Plus, I actually understood why they did that. Cinderpelt wasn't supposed to become a medicine cat and was supposed to fall in love with Fireheart or something until Tigerclaw interfered. They let her have another chance by becoming Cinderheart, allowing her to become a warrior again.

A Warrior Cats CYS Game! on 11/30/2013 2:30:25 AM

I've been looking around the community lately for animal based CYS games. I'm a warrior cats fan, needless to say, and the games I see lately usually take the plot or structure from previous games, which in my opinion, takes out a lot of thrill in playing out the story.

So, I am currently making a Warriors CYS. Warning: Spoiler Alert in the CYS / Sneak Peek!

It will be called Warrior Cats:: Power Of The Lake. There are eight cats, whom are born with the power to control the Clans fates. In the game, new Clans are formed, and many things roll out to contribute to StarClan's prophecy. Just because I wanted to, the main character's past life is Fluttering Bird (The character the player gets to play through). For those of you that don't know, re-encarnation comes true in warrior cats.

SkyClan also is in this prophecy, as well as rogues and kittypets. Each cat has a special talent; Half have physical talents, useful in Clan life, which in this case is combat. The other half is mental or psychic talents, which many will see with brother-sister bonds, or medicine cats-every cat bonds.

There is going to be so much action in the story, I think it might just take warrior cats to a new level. To me, anyways. If you don't play warrior cats, just look it up on youtube or wikipedia or something. There are books about warrior cats, nevertheless, so many fans who have read them  will just eat this game up like KFC with bacon!

If you have any ideas, questions, or comments about the game, the story, the characters, and etc., feel free to post here! (To Be Honest, it might just make the game even better.)

Creepypasta on 11/4/2013 1:32:31 AM

My favorites would probably be Jeff The Killer and Jane The Killer.

To me, Jeff's story, or the version I read of it, is very sad. He tries to save his brother Liu from being mugged by these kids, and ends up killing one. To me, it's just self-defense, so he could've done it and it would've been legal. He soon goes insane by one of the fewest known instincts of the brain taking over; Kill.

While Jane was just a victim, I don't think she truly or fully knew Jeff's story, only knowing he must be stopped, and eventually ended up trying to kill him whenever she had the chance, not to mention stalking him and playing mind-games with his already broken mental state.

I think in the end they'll both die, knowing that there's no room for these confusing beings of both darkness and bravery. Don't worry; They're fight will always remain with themselves, and if Jeff tries to kill you, you can always count on Jane to eventually avenge your death, or maybe even save your life. Just remember, Jeff does not mean it. Blame the children who started this mess, the three kids who tried to mug Jeff and Liu.