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Welcome to my profile , lurkers welcome but dont expect to see much, im a Video Gamer & Prankster.


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I don't like being a faggot, even though I am on 4/13/2020 7:34:14 PM

this my good people is a prime example of  a message boards version of an angry squeaker

OUTBREAK FEVER! Have a Corona! on 3/22/2020 3:58:52 PM

maybe but they still seem to have a stick up thier ass about a concept that has proven popular enough to be made into a game with several add-ons

OUTBREAK FEVER! Have a Corona! on 3/22/2020 3:46:58 PM

they need to sack up, the game dont sound any worse than Plague Inc, & im pretty sure several people from CoG were beating off to that game with the feeling of world domination 

Happy Christmas on 12/25/2019 8:44:07 PM

Merry Christmas everyone, i hope you all have had a Great Holiday

Black, Female or Gay? on 9/30/2019 12:36:23 AM

Lobo420: Straight White Male - Straight Black Male


might as well throw my hat in also

Hello! on 9/17/2019 4:36:51 PM

hell i dont even remember what my point count is at i know its not that high & a good chunk is the points you get every year on your birthday lol

my newest story game on 9/17/2019 4:31:25 PM

i may not be a fan of mizal but they are a Mod/Admin  & dont have to be nice if they are dealing with trouble, i doubt you will get sympathy from anyone on the site so quit whining & get over a few harsh words

Might as well say hello on 9/16/2019 5:47:53 PM

Good Stories are extremely enjoyable no matter what site they are on. but im glad people are getting a chance to experience the stories from the talented writers here.

Might as well say hello on 9/16/2019 11:11:16 AM

Welcome to CYS, My CoG name is pretty much the same as here

Dark mood on 7/24/2019 4:50:33 AM

i Agree with End, looking forward to reading your stories oracle