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I'm 15 years old and a professional actor, but I love reading and writing. Let's see if my stories are any good, shall we? Any comments are appreciated!!


First Kiss (and something more...)

I rated it 16+ because there is some descriptive kissing and dirty mentions, but no sex or anything

How To Get The Guy

Everyone thinks your life is so easy... but it's not. Never has been. Never will be. Or will it? You meet Nate/Audrey, a kind, caring, popular boy/girl who moved in from Florida (depending on who's perspective you decide to play from). Can they get together while keeping friends, maintaining a proper status on the social ladder, and getting good grades? It's all up to you... all up to you...

Maddie's Adventure

This game is for Maddie ONLY!!!

Princess Problems

Princess Juliet of Balice doesn't want to be a princess. But she is, thanks to her strict mother marrying the king. And now royal tradition calls for an arranged marriage. BUT! She already has a boyfriend! What to do, what to do...

The Pros And Cons of Almost Dying

You switch back and forth between the perspectives of the guy and the girl. Basically, a girl that a guy has a crush on goes into cardiac arrest, and he (depending on the choices you make) saves her life. Will an unexpected romance come to life...? PLAY TO FIND OUT!!!!

Also, you have to play for a few minutes before you get to the really sexy part ;)

The Pros And Cons of Almost Dying — Again

THE LONG AWAITED PART TWO ARRIVES!! Please don't be mad at me! Here it is! In case you have forgotten, Cooper has, against the odds, caused Brooke to fall for him, and the beginning of a great relationship was cut short when Brooke was shot. TO BE CONTINUED... and now it IS being continued!! Enjoy!!

When The Full Moon Rises

50 years in the future, a secret group meets every full moon and discusses how to foil evil government plans. Everyone swears an oath before they join to keep all information classified. Background checks are issued. If someone is a traitor, they'll know. But when people start to go missing one by one, you must find out who it is before your family becomes a part of them.

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